Corner Ball


[MUSIC PLAYING] Corner ball is a great game
to work on evasion, catch and pass, and communication
between players in a chaotic setting. Set up a 10 meter by 10
meter grid with two teams. One team has
possession of the ball and passes the ball
amongst themselves so a player can tag one
of the opposition players with the ball. Tagging team, good coms. Good, come stand with me. Once a player is
tagged with the ball, they’re out and must
leave the playing area. Players can move anywhere
within the space. But once they’re holding the
ball, they cannot run with it. Yes, out. Come stand with me. Well done, good coms. Nice [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHS] Keep going, guys. Keep going. Keep going. Watch for players catching
the ball in two hands, passing the ball using both left
and right hand, and make sure the players are communicating
with each other.

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