Dane Coles in the best form ever – physically and mentally

Dane Coles in the best form ever – physically and mentally

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As the All Blacks prepare for their final home test
of the year against Tonga, one of the veterans is training
like it’s all new to him. That’s because hooker Dane Coles has battled major injuries
in recent years and he’s clearly rapt to be part of another
All Blacks Rugby World Cup campaign. The Ngati Porou man shared
with Irena Smith his passion for his culture and how much competition the All
Blacks face to retain the world cup. His love of rugby carries him
in tough times to come out stronger. Dane Coles says
he is in the best shape physically and mentally
for the challenge ahead. Apart from the performance
on the field, the All Blacks have been trying
to improve on the spiritual strength through the cultural areas
of the side like the haka and all that it means
and brings to the side. The Ngati Porou man says
he is proud of his Maori heritage as he ploughs the way forward for his team
in his key position of hooker, helping the team nail
their game plans. But he knows there are many teams who want to beat
the best team in the world and it will be no easy feat
to retain the hugely celebrated cup. He has been to Japan
a bit playing for the Hurricanes in the super competition. So the question is
if he has any downtime how would he make the most of it? Depending on the results no doubt the whole country will eat,
drink, and sing along with you Dane. Irena Smith, Te Karere.

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