David Kidwell scrambling after top players turn their backs on Kiwis

David Kidwell scrambling after top players turn their backs on Kiwis

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To sports now. The Kiwis have named their squad for the upcoming
Rugby League World Cup. Sports reporter Tamati Rimene-Sproat
join us now to dissect the team. Tamati a crazy 24 hours
for the Kiwis, who is in, but more importantly,
who is out? Yes you’re right Harata. The biggest news for today is about the players
who aren’t going to be on the team, and those who don’t want
to be on the team. It seems who made the team
is a distant second in priority. So let’s carefully break down
the situation. There are six gun players
in the spotlight including Jason Taumalolo,
Jesse Bromwich, Kieran Foran and Kevin Proctor who has been banned from playing
in the world cup. And let’s not forget Issac Luke
who has been overlooked, who is one of the best league
players in the world and who has long held a leading role
within the team and representing the team as well. All of this has taken David Kidwell
and Kiwis management by shock. Walking into the line of fire. Jason Taumalolo, David Fusitua
and Manu Ma’u have all turned their backs
on the Kiwis. Something that took coach
David Kidwell and Kiwis management by surprise. The team naming was held
at the Museum at NZRLU headquarters, where the history and mana of what the Kiwis pride
themselves on was evident. Kidwell found himself defending
the culture of the squad and the loss
of that pride and prestige, which may be what led to the exodus. Kidwell says it might
well be for the best as it opens the doors for those who
really want to play for the jersey. He believes his team will still move
forward without those players. The team gather in Turangawaewae
in the coming weeks. Not much time the Kiwis to sort out
the disarray in their camp; they play a strong Samoa side
loaded with NRL players at the end of the month, and in their final pool match
of the world cup – you guessed it they face
the now formidable Mate Ma’a Tonga. Tamati Rimene-Sproat, thank you.

12 thoughts on “David Kidwell scrambling after top players turn their backs on Kiwis”

  1. The Tongan players played for Tonga in the last World Cup/played for them first. So they didn't "turn their back" they just stuck to the same nation lol

  2. Bro Jessie Bromich and Procter have already been punished , in Australia ..those two boys are NZ hard and deserve a second chance ,and I'm pretty certain that you got that second chance Bro ,you just have think a about it

  3. I am glad that in spite of all the disappointments over the returning of some of the best players to play for Tonga from New Zealand and Australia, I think we should thank the Rugby league world for allowing that to happen. And I hope that the Rugby union would learn from that, not to block players who wish to represent their countries in Rugby Union World cup. It may be the way they did it, not professional enough as some have commented on other news. But it is good for the rugby world. It is making the teams much more balance. Thanks for the Rugby League world for allowing that. Hope the Rugby Union especially New Zealand would learn from that. They tend to use the current restricting rules to block any Tongans from coming back and play for Tonga. They do that all the time. They include many Tongan players in the All Black squad and play them once or twice or none at all, so they are blocked completely. So New Zealand will continue to dominate the Rugby world. I am sure the Rugby union world can do better than that. When are we going stop this manipulation and colonial mentality

  4. Namu Ta'e! fix your afi before you talk. mata hipa! Tonga first always, You will never understand the pride and dignity that goes into representing our heritage and most important our families. It runs far deeper then the Kiwis jersey mate. Truth be told, ask those players, it will come from the Horse powers mouth. Tongatapu for life!!!


  6. Auckland Airport turns Tongan fans away: 'It's almost like it's a racial thing' – I'm a kiwi Tongan and I am very disappointed in the Auckland Airport's decision to deny fans welcoming Mate Ma'a Tonga Team. This isn't right and I'm disgusted by that poor decision. However, stand up Mate Ma'a Tonga and win this thing. 'Ofa atu from a Kiwi.

  7. A good coach won't cry about why they left to play for there heritage. it don't matter who play in the team as long as they play as a team , tbh kiwis can make the finals with that squad, but the players weren't playing there best , we know what these players in the kiwis team can do , but they never show it. Imagine if Shaun Johnson went to play for storm , man he will learn one thing or two with the best . and it will bring his A game out of him. But atm for the warriors he's not bringing his best like he used to.

  8. Just imagine what will happen to the all blacks and the wallabies if the Pacific players turn their back to them. The islanders will become a brutal force and the so called rugby super powers will become minnows

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