David Mitchell’s jet ski – Would I Lie to You? [HD][CC]

David Mitchell’s jet ski – Would I Lie to You? [HD][CC]

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I once hired a jet ski… – LAUGHING:
– Lie. Forget it. We need to hear no more, David. I once hired a jet ski, but couldn’t work out how to stop it, so I had to buzz around the bay for 50 minutes until it ran out of petrol. I take it back, you did it. I can so imagine you doing that. Absolutely. – Where was this?
– It was in Antigua.
– In Antigua? – Was this in your single lads’ days?
– He never had those days. – It’s your first time on the show, isn’t it?
– It is. – Why were you in Antigua?
– On holiday. Was the Winchester Steam Museum shut? Yes, I arrived at the Winchester Steam Museum and it was shut and so I went straight to Antigua. – When was this?
– Er… I think about two years ago. – And who were you with?
– My, er, wife.
– And what got into your head? I could imagine you renting a sun lounge and opening up a weighty tome. I could imagine that. But I can’t see you saying… MIMICS DAVID: “Now, you relax here. I’m just going to go… LAUGHTER “..and bomb around the bay for a while.” APPLAUSE Were you with your wife on the jet ski or did she stay on dry land? Er, she stayed on dry land. – So you were on your own, going around?
– Yeah. – And it was your idea?
– I just… Look, I thought I’d have a bit of a go. – What were you wearing, David?
– Er…sort of, swimming…shorts. What length were the shorts? Were they sort of Daniel Craig, or…? They weren’t as long as Daniel Craig. – What do you wear?
– Shorts! I said, swimming shorts! They’ve got a pocket. – Wow!
– They’ve got a pocket. They’ve got a pocket and they’ve got netting on the inside to keep everything in order. All right. You jump on, you’re looking back at your wife, “Ha-ha” Look at me!” And then what happens? Well, to be honest, I’m not like, “Ha-ha, look at me” at all, because I must say, as soon as I get going, it becomes immediately apparent to me that I don’t like it. Oh, no! Hang on, hang on. Here’s a big question, then. – You did it until the petrol ran out, you say?
– Yeah. So did you manage to time perfectly that the petrol would run out just as you got back to the jetty? – No.
– So you’re stuck in the middle of the sea?
– Yes. Well, what I didn’t do is head straight out away from the… The point where my plan formed, I thought I’d just go up and down quite near the jetty, thinking I’d be able to swim to the jetty if worst comes to the worst. So what happened? You just kept going, kept going, and then eventually it coughed and spluttered…? – Yeah.
– Talk us through. Well, I kept going and kept going and then eventually, it coughed and spluttered… ..to a halt. – All right. Lee, what are you going to say?
– What do we think?
– I… – You have a great physique.
– LAUGHTER Yeah. You’ve got to warn me before you say things like this! A great physique for what? For maybe, I don’t know, – a game of billiards…or Cluedo…
– Yeah. And I don’t quite think that’s jet skiing is completely your thing. I agree. I don’t think he’s ever even been to Antigua. – So you’re saying lie, you’re saying lie…
– Yes. – I’m going to say that’s a lie.
– You’re saying it’s a lie? – I’ll go with the team.
– David, truth or lie? It is… a lie.

44 thoughts on “David Mitchell’s jet ski – Would I Lie to You? [HD][CC]”

  1. Doesn't it just piss you off when these strangers come on the show and are like about David 'oh haha i can so imagine him doing that' and take the piss out of him like they know him. I feel like if David wanted he could destroy them in a heartbeat, but he's too classy

  2. I can't get over how ridiculous this lie is. Jetskis are incredibly easy to work you literally just let go of the throttle to stop. Theres no gear shifting, hell most don't even have a proper key

  3. can i just say this is one of the best maintained channels i have ever come across. your content is so good and you are so sweet making playlists for people and taking clip requests 🙂 thankyou ☺

  4. I'm surprised Lee didn't follow Henning's comment at 3:28 with something among the lines of "I can't believe he's ever been married"

  5. Do Antiguans actually pronounce the name of their island like that? It is weird from a Spanish-speaking point of view. Henning's got it.

  6. Hey..I just noticed something at 2:30
    His hairdo and the fact that Henning was on, didn't make it much better.
    Or was this just a joke that I missed?

  7. The guys that make these cards are really good. The first part makes you think that's certainly not true, and the second makes you think it's typical David!

  8. The writers messed this one up, it just doesn't make any sense. If you let go of the throttle on a jetski it'll stop pretty quickly; you have to actively keep it moving.

  9. Is no one gonna mention the fact the jet skis tend to have a sort of pull-stop, where if you fall off, a magnet attached to your vest falls with you, STOPPING the jet ski completely.

  10. i have been to antigua and the same rule applies almost anywhere. You pay for the lentgh of time before you take the jetski out, so for him to run out of petrol was always a lie.

  11. Useless fact: The Winchester Steam Museum actually exists but it has been renamed Hollycombe Working Steam Museum.

  12. Jet skis have a throttle that you have to twist and hold for the jet ski to go forward. It's actually really easy to stop them.

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