Deji VS. Jake Paul  – FULL FIGHT #KSIvsLogan

Deji VS. Jake Paul – FULL FIGHT #KSIvsLogan

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like a monster now they can see me coming and I only came to crush them, yeah I can see them running get ready for the main destruction so I’ve got an easy target when I aim I’ve got one but its still stampede regardless get ready for the main top-ups, ready steady aim your looking at the best of the game, give it another ready game ready to patrol like a pop star and go around in a cop car gotta stand the pain looking at a monstar

100 thoughts on “Deji VS. Jake Paul – FULL FIGHT #KSIvsLogan”

  1. dam if deji took the loss well and kept training the rematch woulda been gas I rlly would've liked to see deji win and have the belt as his bro

  2. Even tho you lost man at least we got to see Jake bleed and get punched in the face, thank you Deji for fulfilling that wish for us. You’re the real winner in our eyes ❤️

  3. Kinda funny how it seemed like more people still cheered for Deji even though he lost.. how many people would have been cheering for Jake if HE lost? They both fought the good fight but you gotta give it to Jake, love him or hate him. 👍

  4. Compared to the horrible Fousey and Slim fight, Jake and Deji aren’t too bad at boxing at all….fukin Fousey was terrible….Slim sucked too but he beat the balls off of Fousey lol

  5. jake deserved to win, he was brave enough to fight outside of his own country and didn't let the crowd's boos and negativity phase him. he stayed composed and spoke with his fists, gg

  6. Jake isn't bad for being a new boxer..he's good at ducking punches too…I give him credit..him and Logan..It takes balls to go into a career like this..I have to say

  7. Guys who’s here after watching Deji’s reaction to the 2nd UK press conference when he said jake barely beat him

  8. I KNEW LOGAN WHOUD WIN!!!! (it was karma for Deji cuz he tried attacking logan by words and his fans but logan didnt did anyting, he let carma take the critical hit annnd so it is!!!)

  9. I swear to God if these YouTube boxers don't start holding up their hands imma lose it. Ksi and Logan are the only two people that seem pretty good

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