Downhill Skiing | A Pure Michigan Winter

Downhill Skiing | A Pure Michigan Winter

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[music] You get on the chairlift, your muscles are
aching already as you’re halfway up then you start thinking,
ok, wheres the best snow, what run do I want to go down what run did I just go down, you’re thinking
about the rush, the wind hitting your face you’re thinking about the tree branches, you’re
thinking about yes I’m wearing goggles today and then as you’re getting off the lift, lets
not stand around at the top, we’ve already made up our mind where we’re going to head, lets go everything here encourages you to explore,
everyone here is on the same page, and everyone is here for the same reason theres very diverse terrain for all different
types of skiiers up here, no two turns are ever the same we’re always smiling here in the wintertime
and we love it cold here in Michigan I plan my year around this, I really do we plan when we’re going to come and we set
the time aside and it doesn’t matter what comes up, we’re going to come up here and
ski its living on the edge, its jumping off cliffs
and you really don’t know what you’re going I fell in love with the snow up here we’ve got terrain park, half-pipe, just about
virtually anything you’d like to do on skis, you can do it at a Northern Michigan ski resort

12 thoughts on “Downhill Skiing | A Pure Michigan Winter”

  1. Mt Bohemia in upper Michigan, all expert 900 ft vert, never groomed, season snow 275+ inches, serious backcountry, Cat skiing too. Mid Jan to mid Feb best time. 2013 has been the best year in a very long time with lots of pow. So its not the Rockies or the Tetons but its what we got and we love it!

  2. Thats Mt. Bohemia in the UP not far from Houghton Mi. Mt. Bohemia is an ancient volcano which there are many in the UP, the Volcano Institute is in Houghton Mi. Look at their website.

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