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Welcome to Dragons Lair Update. This month
Lacrosse and Track take center stage. Men’s Lacrosse battles Nassau, Track defends their
National Championship, and Coach Carey’s Dragons take on CCBC Essex. We’ll start with Men’s
Lacrosse. Howard hosts an established national contender. Mark Zinno anchors our coverage. Thanks Diane, Lacrosse Analyst Chris Carey
joins me for a classic Maryland-New York battle. Howard takes on 6th ranked Genesee. The Dragons
are an NJCAA D-1 program, they compete in Region 20. The Region 20 Tournament champ
secures an automatic bid to Nationals. In men’s lacrosse there is one at-large selection
up for grabs. Last year that bid went to the Region 20 runner up, a win against Genesee
would look good on Howard’s resume. The Dragons are 2-1, they’re coming off of a
20 goal win against Morris, Chris, what does Howard like to do on offense? Howard likes to work the ball around, creating
situations where the defense is out of place. Then they find the open man for the easy goal. Genesee is an NJCAA D-1 program that competes
in Region 3, they are the defending Region 3 West Champions. The Cougars are one of the
best teams in the country; they’ve earned 3 consecutive trips to the Final Four. Chris,
what do you expect to see from the Genesee? I expect to see Genesee work the ball around,
but try to get it to their main scorers, Nick Grey on the midfield, and Joshua Wester on
attack. Howard and Genesee take the field next; let’s
go to the Dragons Lair. First half, Robert Kitchen goes right, alley dodge. High to low,
Andrew Sileo with the save. Matt Morton loses possession, Jesse Jimerson pushes him down,
a hard slash from Jimerson draws the flag Howard’s man-up unit takes the field, they
work it up top to Tom Klotz, he fires it into the corner Great shot by number one in white. Klotz gets
the ball, see’s the room he has, and lets one rip. Man-up opportunity now for Genesee, Mitchell
Kinney moves it to Quinn Halligan, back up top to Kinney, he changes planes and gets
the goal. Defense needs to slide quicker. If you give
a player that much space he’s usually going to find the back of the net. Matt Gray does
a great job coming from behind, drawing the defenders, and finding an open Dan Kaplan
on the back post. Kaplan gives Howard the lead, off the feed
from Gray. Second quarter, 14 minutes, extra man opportunity for Genesee. The Cougars keep
the ball moving, get it to Tyler Skworonski. Sileo with the save, he hauls in the rebound.
One minute ’till halftime, defensive showdown in Columbia, Maryland. Cody Martin, operating
from behind the cage, feeds it inside. Loose ball, Jimerson wins the ground ball for Genesee,
terrific clear. The pass catches Joshua Wester in stride, sends it ahead to Dana Ray, high
to low, Ray ties the game. These turnovers are turning into goals for Genesee.
Ten seconds till halftime, Cody Martin to Ryan Hudson, sticks it past the keeper. Howard
is fired up. That’s a great skip pass. The defenders have
sunk down leaving Hudson open for the goal. Third quarter, Doug Ellsworth attacks the
short stick, drops it back to Skworonski, and he fires one low. Genesee ties it up.
Hudson, to Gray. The Cougars give him a cushion, Gray scores from long range. 4-3 lead for
the Dragons. Jimmy Smith, up against Geron Brooks. Brooks forces the turnover, Travis
Harrison wins the ground ball for Howard. Terrific passing from Genesee. Wester behind
the cage, looking to feed, quick pass to Dana Ray. High to low, Genesee ties the game. Wester
draws the pole. Howard doesn’t slide, Wester from point blank range finishes with his left
hand. Fourth quarter, the Cougars have it. Skworonski’s pass is deflected. The ground
ball rolls all the way to midfield. Brock Wendt pushes it to Kaplan, here he comes in
transition. Kaplan out runs the long pole, goes airborne. Kaplan with the dive shot,
he ties the game. Tremendous play from the Howard High School grad. Kaplan sees an opening to goal and finishes
the shot with style. Wester, matched up with Harrison, slick move
he gets underneath, Wester fires, Sileo makes the stop and controls the rebound. Six minutes,
we’re tied at five. Genesee puts the pole on Wendt, he passes to Hudson, can’t haul
it in. Ellsworth gets it, Gray knocks it loose. Big hit by Hudson draws the flag.
Extra man opportunity for Genesee, Mitchell Kinney doesn’t waste any time, he winds up
and fires a haymaker. Cougars regain the lead late in the fourth. No one goes to pressure the ball, allowing
number six in gold to score the potential game winner. Last chance for Howard, Wendt draws the pole
behind the goal, goes to Gray. Gray to Kaplan. Cougars slide, feeds it to Morton! the shot
is high. Genesee comes back to win, let’s send it down to Matt Stovall Tom, almost pulled this one out. What are
your thoughts after this game? Actually, believe it or not it’s really positive.
This is the first time we’ve faced competition, other than Army Prep, that’s really brought
it to us, and we got kinds of guys that really rise against, to the occasion, and I think
that’s what we saw today. And it’s just a matter of making sure our offense, and trusting
our offense, and when they bury it we’ll wipe teams, we’ll wipe teams. How did it feel to see your goalkeeper stand
up to some tough shots today? Oh it was incredible. We knew 23 had a great
shot, and we knew we were gonna put a lot of pressure on them, and that would open up
looks for other guys, and but that’s just a matter of trust. We trusted our goalkeeper-
we don’t even slide. We trust that our defensemen will have their matchups and if we don’t our
goalie’s gonna stuff it. Andrew, how did it feel playing top competition
out there today? It felt great, like he said. Our only competition
was Army Prep and so we were just pumped up from the get-go getting ready for this game,
cause we knew that they were gonna bring it and I think as a team we did very well today. How were you able to control some of your
rebounds? Just how it happened I guess. I was just able
to put my stick where the ball was coming and to control it. So Tom, playing a good team like Genesee,
how do feel going into a Region competition coming up here? Oh I think this is the greatest thing for
us, you know, the season is very long and we really have to value the teams that are
gonna make sure our region’s standing strong. So today it hurts to lose, but go to sleep
tonight, wake up in the morning, forget about it. Keep investing every day, we’ve got a
great trip to New York to play against Suffolk and I mean, we’re going to go to their house
and just steal it from them, and then hopefully peak at the right time, and really bring it
to the region. Great effort out there today gentlemen, good
luck going forward. For Dragons Lair Update, I’m Matt Stovall. Next up for the Dragons, arguably the toughest
opponent on their schedule. Howard takes on Nassau. Coach Foust’s Dragons are coming off
an overtime win against Suffolk. That win ended Howard’s four game losing streak to
Suffolk dating back to 2008. Dragons have lost seven straight to Nassau, they’ve only
beaten Nassau twice, and current Major League Lacrosse All-Star Peet Poillon suited up for
Howard in both of those wins. Chris, how can the Dragons score the upset? Howard can win this game if they keep the
ball in their offensive end, slow down Nassau’s high powered offense, and take good shots.
The more time Howard has the ball, the better their chance at winning this game.
Nassau has won 21 National Championships. The Lions have reached the National Championship
in each of the past two seasons, losing twice to Onondaga.
Nassau enters the game with a 5-1 record, they’re ranked number 3 in the nation. Chris,
please describe the Lions’ offense. Nassau’s biggest strength is how well balanced
its offense is. They have multiple players on the team that have multiple goals and several
players who have over ten goals this season Howard and Nassau face-off next, let’s go
to the Dragons Lair. First half, Tom Klotz attacks the shorty,
blows by him. Great goal by Tom Klotz. He takes the defender
up top, does a simple dodge, and puts it away. Nassau sends another short stick at Klotz.
Different shorty, same result, Klotz goes to Ryan Hudson, he scores. Howard comes out
swinging. Brock Wendt draws the pole, goes to Cody Martin, pass is off the mark. Ground
ball. Martin and Alec Salvadori battle it out for possession. Corbin Schmucker gets
in the mix. Joseph Catalanotti goes to pick it up, he’s hammered by Prosper Odilatu, what
a hit. Martin knows he’s gonna get hit, and sticks in the back of the net. Sticking with the ball helps turn this broken
play into a goal. Second quarter, extra man offense is on the
field for Nassau. Lions swing it to Eric Marzocca, gets his hands free and cuts the lead to one.
Marzocca, working behind the cage, excellent move, gets above goal line extended and puts
it away. Nassau scores four unanswered and takes the lead. Extra man opportunity now
for Howard. Matt Morton inside to Dan Kaplan. Passionate first half display from Howard,
8-7 lead for the Dragons. That is some great ball movement to find the
open man for the shot. Third quarter, Nassau’s extra man unit takes
the field. Lions work it behind the cage, here come the cutters, Travis Wahl cuts to
the crease and scores.  
Shane DeBoer does a great job of keeping his eyes open to find Wahl for the goal. Nassau once again scores four unanswered,
10-8 Lions. Kaplan escapes two poles, connects with Wendt, overhand rip and he buries it.
What a shot from the sophomore out of Ellicott City. Tim Graff draws the slide, excellent
ball movement from Nassau, Marzocca does the honors. Three goal lead for the Lions. Goalkeeper
Jake Siciliano vacates the crease, passes to Daniel Cecere, looking to clear it. Kaplan
with the hit, ball is loose, empty net and Kaplan takes advantage A great defensive play leads to one of the
easiest goals you’ll ever see. Fourth quarter, nine minutes, Tom Klotz makes
short work of the defender, draws two poles, finds Morton on the weak side. He shoots,
it’s in. We have a one point game. DeBoer takes it into the box, long stick middie Zach
McElroy stays with him. Travis Harrison blocks the shot and delivers the hit. Big time defensive
stand from Howard. Five minutes, 12-11 Nassau, Graff, up against Ricky DuBois. McElroy is
there for backup, he strips him, ground ball. Rolls to Marzocca, but Sileo dives on it.
Here comes the clear, Sileo goes to Harrison. One man ride, he goes right by Wahl. Harrison’s
all alone, he changes planes, high to low, Harrison ties the game. Great recognition by Harrison. Seeing that
no one is coming to pick him up, he goes right in for the goal. On the other end of the field, Brandon Watson
draws the pole, gets above goal line extended, and finishes with his left. Nassau reclaims
the lead. Four goal performance from the freshman out of Wantagh High School.
Went up against Patrick Ryan, gives it Martin, Salvadori’s all over him, he knocks it loose.
Gray wins the ground ball for Howard, Nassau’s defense closes in on him. Gray shoots, takes
the hit. Swarming D from the Lions. Two minutes, Howard needs a stop on defense,
Watson draws the pole behind the cage. Terrific dodge, slick pass to Marzocca, moves it to
Wahl, what a play from Nassau’s offense. The Lions hold off Howard, Matt Stovall is with
Tom Klotz and Geron Brooks. Alright Tom, this was a heck of a game, what
are your thoughts? This game is just really about putting a complete
game together, so here comes Nassau, I think they’re second or third in JUCO right now
and we’re ninth, and no one expected us to bring the game, and the score doesn’t really
represent the kind of game it was, because they got a nice couple goals there at the
end, but the reality is is we’re going to see them. We’re going to see them. And I told
that to them as I was shaking their hands, I was like “great game, I’ll see you later
this year.” And they know that. They know that walking out of here. Geron, what are your thoughts after this battle
out here? Physical game, very physical. We like to push
the tempo, and today we had to slow it down because it’s a very physical game, and I think
we played well in the beginning, just let it slip away at the end, but we’ll see ’em
again. So… So Tom, this was a very close game. I know
last year your team lost a couple close one-goal games. What’s it going to take to get over
that hump when the region play hits? It’s gonna take every day in practice. It’s
gonna take every day in practice looking at your teammate that you respect and you admire
and saying the only way that I can respect you is by giving it to you every day, and
that’s one thing that we haven’t been doing enough in practices is just getting really
competitive, and that kind of style to practice, if we really begin to bring that, will prepare
us for this. None of this will be a surprise. Today was a little bit of a surprise for some
of our younger guys, they’ve never seen a battle like this, because the battle was not
only physical, but it was mental, and that’s something something that a lot of guys don’t
have the experience with, but we’re tested now. We’re tried now, and we’re going to bring
that to every game we play. Geron, talk about the mental aspect of this
game. How will this game help you mentally going forward? Nassau, they talked a lot of trash out on
the field. They were very live and into the game, and I think that helped us stay cool,
and I think it’s going to help us when we play teams like Essex and Harford and Anne
Arudnel in the Region. I think that’s really going to make- make the difference in the
wins we’re going to get in those games. Well great effort out there today gentlemen.
For Dragons Lair Update, I’m Matt Stovall. It’s a pleasure to welcome two-time US Lacrosse
High School Coach of the Year, and former team captain at Western Michigan University,
Head Coach Erik Foust. Welcome Coach. Thank you. Howa do you think your team did against Nassau? I think we played well. I think my coaching
staff and players and um, you know, I think as a whole, looking at the whole game, all
four quarters, everyone did their job. I was very happy with our preparation, the guys
followed our plan, we had a good scout, and you know, unfortunately, being tied at five,
or being tied at 12 with five minutes left, and then giving up five goals in a row, it
kind of put us in a tough position to come back. But we’re leading at the half, and we
played hard throughout so I’m very proud of my team. Now what are some of the characteristics that
you like about this year’s team? Very, very good leadership, and then the bench,
just everyone is involved. It’s almost a family-like atmosphere. This is my second spring with
HCC, and the dynamic of this team is a lot different from last, but not to take anything
away from last year, but these guys seem to all get along very well, they spend time together
outside of lacrosse and it’s a good group of young men. Talk to me about your coaching philosophy.
You’re a new head coach here at HCC, what’s your philosophy? Well, in terms of um, strategy, fundamentals
first. I think if you look at any sport, the team that demonstrates the greatest mastery
of fundamentals generally wins. So I really preach fundamentals and that’s a big part
of every practice plan. A lot of the guys don’t like it because they want to play, but
um, you know there’s an easy answer to that. If you can’t pick up a ground ball, you can’t
throw or catch, you can’t score. And then you know, really opening up the opportunity
for everyone to get better, and every day being a competition. Eventually I’d like Howard
Community College to attract student athletes where there is literally a battle every single
practice for every place on the field, and there’s always somebody nipping at somebody
else’s heels to get playing time. So, you know, thriving in a competitive environment,
but doing so with the right morals, and just the right approach. So you’re the kind of coach that you’re going
to take it one game at a time, and at the end of the day, or the end of the week, or
two weeks from now, you’re going to take a look at what you’ve done and say “wow, we’re
a contender for the Nationals.” Hopefully. Well I hope so too coach. Good luck the rest
of your season. Thank you very much. It’s time for Women’s Lacrosse. Howard faces-off
against Region 20 rival CCBC Essex. Mark Zinno anchors our coverage. Thanks Diane, Lacrosse Analyst Chris Carey
is back to break down this pivotal in-state matchup. Howard and Essex are D-1 Region 20
rivals. In May Region 20 and Region 15 schools will compete in the District B Tournament.
The champion and runner-up advance to the Final Four. Howard and Essex finished third
and fourth in last year’s District tournament, both schools looking to take the next step
this season. Howard is 0-1, Chris, what do you expect to see from the Dragons?
I expect to see Howard having good passes and trying to maintain possession of the ball.
They are good on the draw this year, which is huge boost to the team. Essex is also 0-1, they’re ranked fifth in
the nation, Chris, how can the Dragons shut down Essex? If the Dragons play good defense, keep the
ball on the offensive end, and wait to take good shots, they should be able to beat Essex.
Also, they need to watch out for number two, Carly Grudzien, who leads Essex with nine
goals and nine assists this year. Howard and Essex renew their rivalry, let’s
go to the Dragons Lair. First half, here’s Lisa Bianchini. A great move by Bianchini to get around the
defender and score the goal Sophia Bavaro operating from behind the cage
for Essex. Howard’s defense needs to tighten up. They
are going too far outside and getting beat on the inside 1:42 till halftime, we’re tied at five. Charlotte
Wilkinson takes the draw for Howard, she’s up against Payton Liberto. Erica Heaphy wins
the ground ball for Howard. A textbook example of sticking with the ball,
keeping your eyes down field, and finding the open player for the goal. 12 seconds left in the half, Carly Grudzien,
nice open field dodge, sends it ahead to Cammy Justice, tie game. Second half, Quinta Collins
keeps it herself, improves her angle, and she buries it low. 7-6 Dragons. Liberto great
pass ahead to Justice, she scores The slides have to come from high to low in
order to avoid a one one one with the goalie. Free position shot for Essex, big time save
from LeNyia Preston. It stays with Essex, Olivia Bowman dodges the alley, Lisa Donn
is there defensively for Howard, Preston with another save. Taylor Villarreal connects with
Bavaro on the doorstep, she converts the overhand shot. 9-8 Essex, Twardowicz is operating from
behind the cage, looking to distribute, nice move by Charlotte Wilkinson, she creates separation,
calls for the ball, and gets it done on the offensive end. Tie ballgame. Wilkinson, up
against Liberto, left handed finish from the freshman out of Howard High School. Back and
forth we go, McBee sidearms it in and ties it up. Extra man opportunity for Essex, Villarreal
gets above goal line extended, the aggressive move results in a free position for the Knights.
Villarreal, high to low, and it’s in. Essex regains the lead. Other end of the field,
Twardowicz, up against Villarreal. Liberto picks it off. Huge defensive stand for the
Knights. That is a great example of the slides being
where they needed to be, preventing what would have been an easy goal. Officials called it a foul, free position
for Villarreal, fires a bouncer, denied by LeNyia Preston. 11 minutes, McBee fires, Preston
with another save, keeps it a one goal game. Here comes Bavaro in transition, unsettled
opportunity, she takes her time, overhand rip, she finds the back of the net. Essex
scores three unanswered and takes control of the game. Six minutes, Michelle Sparling,
one on one with Villarreal, she gets inside, Sparling brings Howard back within one. What
a play from the freshman out of Jessup. Four minutes, here’s Carly Grudzien, there’s contact,
she’s gonna get a free position shot. Grudzien goes high, she puts it away, Howard is in
trouble. Ensuing draw, Wilkinson vs Grudzien. Wilkinson comes up with her 11th draw control
of the game, here she comes in transition, Wilkinson shoots, perfectly timed check from
Paige Mason seals it for Essex. The Knights hold on to win, let’s send it
down to Matt Stovall. LeNyia, you had some great saves. Unfortunately
the game didn’t go your way in the end. What are your thoughts after this one? That we played hard, and it was just sad how
we couldn’t bring it together at the end. But, It think next game we can do a lot better,
and we know what we’re going to work on and what to do. So LeNyia, what do you plan to work on for
the next game? Definitely I want to work on my clearing and
being more pumped and reacting faster to the ball next time. It’s definitely something
that was a little hard because it was so cold out here today. Alright, Charlotte, how were you able to battle
the elements out here? It feels like it’s 20 degrees, pouring rain, how’d you deal with
it? I just fought through it, I mean, you just
gotta keep moving, especially off ball, to kind of like get it going, but it was freezing
and it was hard, but you just gotta keep moving. So how do you plan to use this game, you know
Essex, they’re in the region, what can you learn from this game that will help you the
next time you play them? I mean, no matter what the weather condition
is you just gotta play like every other game, as hard as possible. I mean, we were all pretty
lazy going to ball, we only played 50% so, I mean like I said off ball you just gotta
keep moving, don’t let this ruin everything, have like, keep your heads up, just go with
the positive mindset but it was tough. Alright ladies, great luck going forward.
For Dragons Lair Update, I’m Matt Stovall. My next guest has posted back-to-back winning
seasons for the first time in the history of our Women’s Lacrosse program. She’s also
a licensed official for high school and club lacrosse in Howard County and Carroll County.
It’s a pleasure to welcome Head Coach Diana Carey. Welcome coach. Thank you very much Diane. How do you think our team did against CCBC
Essex? Well we struggled a bit. I think that overall
I would say some good things as far as the fact that we had possession. We have a very
good player who takes the draw and we do get possession. I think she won the majority of
the draws. The problem is though is that we haven’t been out in the field much, the weather’s
really hampered us, and so we’ve been sort of stuck either in the gym or on the blacktop,
and therefore there was a lot of elements to our game that just weren’t there. Clearing
was a huge issue with us. We just really struggled with it. It’s something that we haven’t been
practicing a lot because of our limitations due to the weather, but I think overall I
think we learned a lot from it, I think we have some firepower which is really good.
I think we have a lot of players stepping up, and so I think that next time I think
we’ll be able to get them. So what is the characteristics of this team
this year? Well, I’m very lucky. Every year I’ve been
here I’d say the girls that come out to play lacrosse are just a great group. There’s a
wonderful bond that goes on between all of them, they all get along very, very well.
They do a lot of fun things together outside of lacrosse, outside of school, they help
each other in school, um, so it’s a really, really nice group. They’re, they have a really
nice bond and I’m really fortunate to be able to have them. Now tell me who’s stepping up in the program
this year for your players. Well I have an amazing freshman class. One
of my leaders on the freshman class also, she is a captain. She was nominated as captain
by her teammates. Her name is Charlotte Wilkinson. And Charlotte has uncanny ability to take
the draw. She was ranked third in the county last year for all of high schools, um, for
draw possession. So that really is incredible, and I have to say so far she’s really lived
up to it, because possession is the name of the game. If you don’t have the ball you’re
not going to win. Now if we could just not throw the ball away that would be really good.
And then I have a couple of other players, a young lady who is a stellar athlete, Lisa
Bianchini, we call her LB. She is a fabulous athlete, she is a sponge. Everything we say
to her she soaks right in and she does it automatically and you don’t have to correct
her again for the same thing. She is definitely, definitely going to be a big impact for our
team. What do you think this potential is for your
team this year? Well, if we can correct some of our errors
and fix some of our problems and um, you know I think we could do very well. I’d like to
see us go to Nationals. Will we win it all? I’m not sure, but we certainly have the potential. Thank you coach, good luck the rest of your
season. Thank you Diane. Up next, we’ll hear from Steve Musselman.
Dragons Lair Update will return after a short beak. Summer’s for everyone at Howard Community
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Classes fill fast so register today. Go to howardcc.edu/summer. Summer’s for everyone
at Howard Community College. Welcome back, my next guest brought home Howard
Community College’s first National Championship. Co-Head Coach Steve Musselman joins me now,
welcome Coach. Thank you Diane. So how excited are you about this year’s team? We’re very excited. We think we have potential.
It’s so funny, we just had the first stats go into the national database, and Monday
morning Errick and I were both looking at the performance list and seeing who put in,
who ranked what, and we feel we have the ability to do this again. It will definitely be a
lot tighter and will be a bigger effort on our part, because we lost some athletes, but
we gained some in other events, but we’re very excited about the possibility. So tell us about your standout athletes. For the women we have Ashley Dolgoff. She’s
a transfer. She went to Glenelg Country School, and then tried to walk on basketball Old Dominion,
and she ended up here, great kid, just was trying to figure things out, and Errick found
her in the weight room. They started training this fall and already she’s unbeaten in the
400 meters, and we’re competing against four year schools at this time. So she’s right
now, of course top of the performance list and she’ll run the 200 at UMBC this week,
and Gabrielle Petty has been doing well. She’s from Buffalo and she had a great cross-country
season before us. And Alexandra Kennedy, another transfer a local girl. Went to James Madison,
fell out of place, came back, and she’s already leading performance list in the 1500 and 800.
Now, for the men we have Ian Woods from Mount Saint Joe. Again, premiere hurler, and also
Chuckie Fisher from Mount Saint Joe. For some reason we’re getting a lot of local kids from
the private schools now, which is a good thing. They’re doing well. Gary Smolyak who won cross-country
nationals is leading the 5000 list, and Alex Warfield is also in the rankings for the 800
and the 1500. So we’re looking good. We’re missing some field events people, we still
have some throwers, but if anything we’re hurting on jumpers, but last year we didn’t
have the two hurlers, so it’s going to be a little trade off right now. So last year you won the nationals for the
men’s program. Yes. This year, how have the women been performing
for you as a whole? The women have been doing quite well. Tamarra
Okoya, again, solid sprinter, working very hard every day. The women’s distance will
make an impact this year. There’s the team that did very well at Nationals cross-country,
and they made a commitment for the track program this year. I think last year, I think we can
be in the top five for the women this year. We’re very excited about the possibilities. Good luck coach with the rest of your season. Thank you Diane. You can watch highlights on game-day. Go to
youtube.com/HCCDragonSports for the latest HCC highlights. Tune in Friday, May 9th for
an all new Dragons Lair Update. Thanks for watching, and remember, Go Dragons!

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