62 thoughts on “Dream Match Tennis VR – Online Multiplayer Reveal Trailer | PS VR”

  1. We want Blood And Truth 2!!!!!! In the Credits Of the Game I saw,
    THE END!?!?!? Please Sony And London Studios!!! ❤️

  2. Хорошая игра, как в реальности ощющения. Не зря купил по скидке. Кайф.

  3. The only models that move in this game is your camera, two rackets and the cilinder body of your robot enemy, literally everyone else is just a model placed there with no animation

  4. I got the game .. Lovely but .. but .. but you must make your character moving automatically .. if your make it manual your head will be cracked so much 😩🤕 if online you can't change your moving your head will shutdown like windows XP 😄

    🎾 R⚾️GER THAT 🎾

    note : i miss Top Spin 4 online 😫 .. goodbye Top Spin 5 😭

  5. WHAT???? i bought this not long ago on sale, as its been out a while and really enjoyed it. I never thought that add multi, but bought the extra dlc anyway. Thats even better news 😉👍

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