Feeling Fukuoka, Japan: USA vs France Rugby World Cup 2019

Feeling Fukuoka, Japan: USA vs France Rugby World Cup 2019

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so just got my tickets…. my J-rail pass which gives me the opportunity to take any of the Shinkasen’s, aka the Bullet
train, anywhere I want without paying extra As I gotta go to literally the bottom
of the country for this USA vs. France game, in Fukuoka, Japan. So, about to head that direction, now actually Alright, let us go! this is Gift “GiftTime” Egbelu here
on the Gift-Time Rugby Network, here in Fukuoka, Japan in Hakanamori Stadium, getting ready for the USA vs. France game. I want to give you guys a little
bit of what the crowd has been doing so check out this shot of “Man Around Town” Man About Town find out more about the people How are you guys doing today? Okay, you guys coming in strong America STRONG AMERICA. There we go Go ahead Yeah! Lets show some French love! Find out more about the people How are we feeling whats going to happen today? We’re gonna win, man. We’re gonna win Yes, absolutely! Bringing it psuedo-Louisiana style A little Scottish love for who? Scottish love for USA What’s really good? Who are you guys going for? France What do you guys think final score will be? Ah….I’m not saying it You gotta get the full generational family over here How are you guys setting up? What are you guys representing for the kids now? Uh, right now, i think that, he’s setting himself up to be a high speed back She’s a Forward. She’s ready to work up front I see the teeth action What? What do you guys got? Ok, lets repesent Japan Rugby Japan Rugby You getting ready to be dominate? Taking over? Win? Japan Rugby. Powerful Powerful! Yes! Yeah buddy!! Let us know how much of a fan of France you are Yeah boy!!! (Chant) USA I think we got what we want. Great “Man About Town”. We got some great crowds, great fun. Gonna be some good energy coming out here. I’m excited. So let’s go. Let’s go Well, alright. So we had a good game out of the USA/France We did for awhile It was good times. I enjoyed some solid rugby out here Good night, good times. Ready for the next one. Gotta a lot left to do

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