Flats & Shank: Georgia Rugby & Six Nations Promotion/Relegation (სუბტიტრებით)


did you um do you see we’ve just retweeted actually do you see there we’ve been out in Georgia and they scored a hell of a try against Canada but anyone see that there try that something Josh Vili scored Matty – Matty – Billy – Billy who’s a scrum off and I remember I was I’m a little chat with him in the in the gym because we went into gym we went to the Georgia camp and we were trying to have a bit of a conversation with the players I mean everyone just want to talk the flats thought I spoke the language which is weird very agretti yeah in a very aggressive accent but I never having to chat with him and we’re talking and I said to him I said look make you know just never never ever ever give up you know just keep running all the way to never give up and you saw that with the Tri scored is amazing if you up if you haven’t seen it we’ve retweeted it on our Twitter page have a look it is actually a classic and they come into Wales next week and actually Warby we actually surprised if you look at their past results pretty pretty decent you know they beat Canada they beat us a notice you’re not a huge opposition but they’re beating them regularly they’re being Romania who else they’d beaten Canadia and aid yeah so they’re decent and an absolutely massive huge huge unit are so in like 40 pro players in the top 14 alone in France you know so those lows of pro fours and for them like coming to the stadium is gonna be like for them that’s the shop-window fanboys where they can they know clubs are watching them a lot about battling for contracts they got the World Cup within our group in two years times there was gonna want to point to proof and they want to get in the Six Nations of course so it’s a massive sort of audition for them as a team and individuals I reckon I’ll be a lot tougher than people think you know people think they’ll tell me the town and the Welsh boys are roll over and that’s gonna be a hard game so I’m gonna go for that should be pretty good one to watch now they’re not playing in that one that’s sort of ones maybe you might get a tight car from the Monday after the Saturday before but ya know they’ll be up they’ll be a bruiser yeah I’ll be good your corner apart from the fact you can actually win a game like that you can’t actually win in a game like that because everyone expects you to win and you’re probably will go and win but you will you will get the kicked out of you for an hour and a half because this whole thing around you know how people like 10 years ago or 15 years go used to talk about Argentina as this massive set of blokes and they weren’t particular you know they’re the property they played wasn’t particularly nuance or anything like that but it was brutal really really brutal so getting them off the ball was super hard the scrums armoire was super hard every tackle was a chop tackle and now like Argentina still retained that to a point but that’s kind of the new Georgia in it and it’s it’s one of those games where you know these guys are pros they’re all huge they’re all in great shape but you do come out and games against players teams like Georgia and you are absolutely battered on you I reckon nowadays yeah I played a game like in the 60s recently and it wasn’t until the Friday we paid Ireland on the Saturday and it wasn’t to the fry the after I could actually line up lift and not be in pain I mean it take I thinking on the average it takes about three days for these to properly get over a Test match but you’re real big one sometimes once in a blue moon you get one game which knocks you for six and you know you won’t you can’t do much for six days you obviously do train but you just want to contact specially your back row boys your centers and our inner shanks and always putting our bodies on the line for their team weak the weak the weak ones often the weak ones often can’t train to the Friday how you doing alright thanks how are you I’m good thanks yeah no you guys better have been at work you guys very gratefully answering a similar question back in the Six Nations and I just got back from Georgia how would you all three of you feel about a four year rugby calendar where you had a Six Nations a euro star competition as six nations then it woke up over a four year period so you have six nations one year Eurostar yep Six Nations World II yeah what’s the Eurostar all right so rather just having six nations there you’d have you won’t just have six teams you’d maybe have more of the second-tier nations because surely the gap between the first here in the second tier is it getting closer is he getting and if they get even closer surely you need to encompass them into a more of a professional tournament yeah I think I was actually chatting to a few people about this like what the situation was who I think they’re quite influential within the Six Nations and stuff I just think the hard thing you’re gonna get is you need to get obviously all six unions to agree to say for example like a two-tier European competition where you can have promotion/relegation which probably would be the best thing for the game probably would be to have that fear of relegation in the Six Nations I think would be great but you know that means and if I don’t think the reasons unions have agreed to it because you can like Wales this year we like lost or was it we lost two or three three games we were nearly on the bottom the table you know where I think you’d the money they would lose the next year to play in a second tier obviously like the gates and the commercial ETV to go and play the other nations no disrespect they would never get the money so I don’t think any of the unions will agree to it so sadly I actually can’t see it happening at all a relegation approach and I don’t think it’ll happen the best thing they can do was expand it but then there’s already this talk about expanding leagues and you know that that’s a bit of a no-go area the minute there’s literally not a weekend in the rugby candle you can have the fixture at the minute so I think the best thing to do is probably most sensible thing to do is expand it but you can’t I’d like to see a pro’s and relegation but I just don’t think it’s feasible you could I said I’m quite up for it really and also their promotion and relegation but you could all eat I’m every team could have a bad every team could have a bad Six Nations but that doesn’t automatically mean they’re going to go down I think they could be a playoff between the top of the second tier and the bottom of the of the first here I don’t think it’s Alicia being Six Nations I know everything everything barring them that consistently year in year out they do not offer enough surgery Priya is going to go soon and then you know he’s been there their star player for years and years they joined in 2000 I don’t think they’ve done enough to warrant a place Jorge era two spaces higher rank than him in the IRB rankings as well yeah really yeah I’m full of facts me don’t waste your evenings yeah square at squirrels are responsible for planting thousands of trees every year because they forget where they buried their nuts use that if you want but but flats what do you think cuz you’re obviously probably better answering this and me cuz you’re quite bright we’re of a line in all calendars wrote be wise on the facts thing do you know how hippos spread their scent you know how they do that they have quite liquid poo and when it comes out the back they literally whip their little tail into a turbine and it spreads it out literally like muck spreaders that’s how they spread their scent like dogs do wheeze [Music] we just give Sam permission if we do get a really question can we just ignore it yeah I said it that is it’s a again it’s not going to happen and basically what you’re talking about is what we all really agree is I think I hope I’m speaking for everyone here is that we all quite like the idea of promotion/relegation because realistically as long as it’s only ever Italy or Scotland right that’s the truth it would be if France dropped out they’d probably never get back because we play we will played against French sides and they potentially incredibly powerful and intimidating and potentially really really weak and uninterested and easily beaten so that says to me and I mean it’s that says to me as a you know as a sporting nation a sporting rugby nation incredibly mentally weak and if you can be really strong sometimes sometimes isn’t enough so you know Thierry Dusautoir actually said the same before he retired before one of his last games didn’t interview on the TV and said they said why is it sometimes you turn up sometimes you don’t and he said we don’t know we don’t have some reason we don’t have the capacity to do well repeatedly when things are against us if things are against us we just keep losing and once we’ve bad we stay bad and we don’t know why and he kind of laughed about it and thinking well you know if he doesn’t know how the rest of us know so I think if they went down they probably never get back in England you know it would it would be kind of funny for me if wells were at the bottom for a couple of weeks but I wouldn’t want him to go ultimately and so I like the idea but again you it’s it’s so much harder and so much more convoluted than you think to just been off Italy big apart from anything else the PR of it all PR of it all is absolutely terrible it’s like you’re not elitist you’re gone and of course it is elitist six days only six of them right but it’s we gave you a chance and you haven’t you know you haven’t taken it so you’re gone and we’re gonna cast you away I just don’t think that’ll happen and then you start looking at promotion/relegation and you have to be prepared for the most valuable union which is England the most valuable the one that brings in the most money to them and for others you’ve got to be prepared for them to disappear from the Six Nations and then everybody loses so to say it’s not you shouldn’t all be about money nice thing to say it’s naive that’s the game now okay it’s a job now so it’s like saying headphones shouldn’t all be about money because we like music that’s not how it works it’s about money so it’s you know for the players it’s not all about money when they’re out there doing it but that’s that’s 30 lads that’s all here that’s just 30 lads the rest of it these these corporations are enormous so the truth I don’t think anyone’s got an answer and lots of people are quite bold with what they suggest but when it comes down to it also you’re never ever going to have a year or you skip us that you’re never going to get into a cycle you skip Six Nations it’s the best it’s the best annual tournament in rugby by a long way you know it’s got far more sort of of course it’s been around longer but it’s got far more prestigious even than a rugby championship even though you might argue you know with New Zealand they’ve got the number one team in the world it might have more but gives them kudos but the Six Nations is unrivaled internationally so rude I’ll never go that’ll never go so as for answers

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