Even this is happening. There is a player, the keeper and both want to play and improve their skills. But ordinary shots are not so much interesting after a while. There is nothing so special in it. So I prepared for you a few exercises which you can do in two and at the same time have a great training time. What did I want to tell you in the beginning? I wanted to… yes! Hello, how are you? There is Charlie Greenberg from Floorball Challenge. And we start! Do not let your self be confused, training with one goalkeeper and one player can be interesting and funny. I bring you those exercises which are perfect for this matter. I have invited my teammates Martin and Marek so they can help me with this and they both will change here on this video. But they are a bit shy, so they do not want to talk on camera. So we will not force them to do this. Ok? The first exercise is called the False Shooter. The player takes a ball somewhere to the middle of the playground. He begins with a penalty shot. But at the end, he doesn’t shoot. The player stars to move around the cage to find the best angle for a shot or for finishing to the empty net. Keeper is pushed to cover the space so the player cannot score. The point is that the player doesn’t shoot. It is very useful for both of you. It is very useful for the player to learn how to find the best angle for scoring and for the goalkeeper to cover all empty spaces behind his back. Important for the keeper is not to jump and hold the basic position. If he jumps, he will be easily beaten by the player. So it is all about the ability to hold basic position and cover the cage and for the player to find the place to score at the match. Do this exercise for a minute at full power and then two minutes for a break. Repeat this cycle at least three times. That exercise will drain you quickly. The second exercise is called Score. Can the goalkeeper not play? This is not a truth. He’s got throws. So you can play with player private little game. It works like this. Player scores when he shoots a goal. Goalkeeper, for example, catches the shot and then throws the ball into the cage. There is the second cage on the other side of the playground. If there is no second cage, you can use something else to mark the cage. Beware, this is not everything. You play until one of you reaches five goals. The one who scores the fifth goal is the winner. It is very useful because you are under pressure. You don’t want to make a mistake because you lose the match. So you try to do your best. Do not take the risk, cover the cage as best as you can. Or contrary, try to risk and win. Remeber that you are under pressure, you want to win at any cost and do your best. Of course, it depends on the player if he runs close to the cage of the keeper or rather will try to shoot from the distance. It gives him a better chance to defend. This all is up to you. You can play this ten times in a row because to score five goals is pretty quick. Then take a short break. You can do this almost infinitely. Great about this exercise is that you simulate all the tension and stress that comes with a real match. Imagine that there are only five minutes left of the match and you lose one goal and you have to score. Or contrary defend the final pressure of an opponent. It is great for work with you psychic state to be concentrated and hold your nerves. With this exercise, you can try it with your friend and find it useful in the real match. The third exercise is called Breaks. I have played handball for a long time and there is a fast solo escape is called Break. I got used to this word so it’s fine for me. This exercise is very easy. The goalkeeper takes balls and places them at the top of his cage. The player is ready at the corner where are crosses for play after a game interruption. The keeper takes a ball and throws it far forward of the cage. The player starts in full sprint and takes the ball under his control. It this moment he turns back to the cage and tries to score. Right after the shot goes the player to the other corner. Goalkeeper takes another ball and throws it to the front again. That is for the players. And for the goalkeepers? There is one more thing to do. Right after he throws comes slide to the corner of his crease, then to the other corner and back to the basic position for keeping the shot that comes from the player. This situation is very close to the moment when the keeper put the ball into the game. The team loses the ball and the opponent starts to attack quickly. It is a simulation of the game situation under the pressure that can happen many times during the game. For the players is this exercise useful because they will learn how to score after a long sprint, after a big exhaustion. Hands are shaking and precision is not that good. This exercise is very good for important and tense moments in the game. Stay calm and even after a full sprint to score. For the keeper is this exercise useful because these situations are happening in the match and the movement before keeping the cage helps to exhaust him a bit. It is all about to simulate the real conditions that can happen at the game. Do three to four sprints and then take a break. After that do more sprints from the opposite corner. This is no to make a hundred sprints. Do twelve to fifteen sprints. Important is to do it in the highest possible quality. And as a bonus perform some penalty shots. There are new rules for penalty shots that differs them very much. So, goalkeepers need to practise this ability so they can help you in the match as best as they can. Make ten, fifteen or thirty penalty shots and try these new rules when you can make a move back with a ball. Your goalkeeper needs to develop a new style to catch it. For goalies is this exercise clear. We need to have a ton of experience to develop new ways of how to catch it. At this point, no one knows how to, so we need to try, try and try again. We will find it out, I’m pretty sure! Do not forget that there is 10% discount at the e-shop jednadvacitka.cz if you apply coupon code FCH21. Which is on the screen right now. Like this video, subscribe to the channel Floorball Challenge and I will see you early in the next video. I’m looking forward to seeing you. Have a great time and practice.

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