Footy WA – Jeremy McGovern and 360 Aware

Footy WA – Jeremy McGovern and 360 Aware

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The thing I like most about playing for
the West Coast Eagles is my teammates playing with them every week and
playing the sport that I love that I’ve always loved as a young fella
growing up so, they’re the two things I love the most. My first memory of football was in Warburton, in the middle of the desert where I was living for four years. I remember just being a
stepladder most of the time. Getting big marks taken on me. That’s my first
memory it wasn’t a fond memory but I just remember having fun. My dad was the
biggest influence on my football career obviously I grew up watching him and he
taught me all the basic skills and encouraged me the whole time took me to trainings, helped me out. I didn’t listen early days but to the back end
the older I got the more I listened and realised how much of an influence he did have on on me. My plumbing business on the side is my business outside of footy. Which is good for a mental side of things, it’s a switch off from from the
AFL you can overthink things I think too much when you don’t have any focuses outside of footy. The plumbing business is definitely a release for
myself and it’s something else I have to worry about which is good in a way and
that’s it main reason and reason I’ve started the company.
One of the things that we do obviously we can’t locate our services
with the gas and electrical side of things we call Dial Before You Dig or Western Power
To get a cable locator just to make sure everything’s safe before we
commence work. When we’re on site before anything risky we look 360. The feeling is great when you win a game. It’s a lot better
than losing I think it’s just like that in life in general winning’s always
better than losing. It’s just exciting to see everyone happy and everything sort
of pays off I guess for all the hard work you do. It finishes off with a with a
win you know is always rewarding. I was a bit disappointed
my brother didn’t want to come join me at West Coast over here in WA, obviously
everyone wants to play with their siblings. I’m no different but on the flip side
it’s Mitch’s journey he wants to play over in Adelaide that’s
his path that he’s chosen and hopefully one day I’d love to play with him. I sort of
treat the plumbing company as a booty club as well, I love rocking up to footy and
playing with my teammates, so I’d like to do the same thing with the plumbing
company. I love the boys to rock up and love working here at West End and
enjoying it. No I probably wouldn’t take my plumbing
business out of WA and we’re pretty comfortable here we’ve got a lot of good
relationships here with local builders. At this stage nah I
wouldn’t take it out of WA.

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