Frisbee Ping Pong

Frisbee Ping Pong

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What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And today we won’t be needing these Because we are playing with other sports equipment. Let’s find out which one is best for table
tennis! I’ve been preparing for the big fight Against the extremely lightweight champion. Skiing is not my strong point But I’m sure that I can play table tennis
with this ski. We are going to play a match to 5 points I’m going to be using the badminton racket And I’m going to be using the tennis racket. But first, we are going to need some practice. Okay I think next we’ll have to play with
a frisbee. But since we only have one frisbee That means me and Miikka will have to share
it. This should be fun! Here is a challenge to all you football players
out there I’m gonna see if it’s possible to play While bouncing the ball. Now that we are warmed up, it’s time for the
big match. He is going to have no chance. We’ll see that! We had a lot of fun filming this episode Let us know in the comments below Which one was your favorite item! If you enjoyed this episode make sure to leave
it a thumbs up! Subscribe right here And watch our previous episodes here. Until next time!

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  1. JACKPOT! ? Share this video around with your friends and give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed! Which sports item was your favorite? ?

  2. Everytime emil causes a mess, he tries to get out of the crime scene and pretend nothing happened by trying not to laugh.

  3. ボクシンググローブvsボクシンググローブ見たかった。。

  4. my request- play one match with your cell phones and do your introduction in a swimming playing table tennis ! plz it would be fun watching you guys

  5. Emil: "Skiing is not my strong point but I'm sure that I can play table tennis with this ski"

    1:25: Hold your racket

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