From Refugees to Rugby League – Heartache Behind New International Teams

From Refugees to Rugby League – Heartache Behind New International Teams

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this civil war going on at the time now 85 or seven years old dad was dropping me off for my first day of school and there hijacked my dad in the van that he had told him to drive around the corner and pretty much they’re all gonna go kill him my dad gave him some money to let me free let him free they actually came to his work after that and he came home and he was scared for his life so he made a choice to flee also a little to Mexico and he told us to sell our belongings saw the house that he had that he built and pretty much where to leave also had all six luggages meeting in Mexico later September 11 1975 Chile came under dictatorship but you know sure dad was accused of blowing up half a military base to this day we don’t know whether or not he did it or not so he was captured they tortured him and they wanted to execute him so we all lived separately so I lived in fine family my brother lived with Juan my sister live with mom and we never really lived together as a family until we had the opportunity to flee Chile and come to Australia we applied for refugee visas to come to Australia we waited six months and Australia accepted us coming to Australia I wasn’t that good at school I was only good at sport so I took up rugby league and I used to play soccer too so but I love playing rugby lai because that’s what the teachers liked at the time so being good at Rugby leave a used to high file you give you merits and that’s what I loved you know so that’s how I got involved it wasn’t until about the high school and I moved to mascot when I discovered Raja League and I just fell in love of it it’s really weird because being Latino and growing up in an area where if you’re not white you know you’re kind of looked down upon as soon as I stayed decided playing rugby league it may be a part of something and mainly feeding the Chile and El Salvador the first two nations to stop the plane a13 aside like the lead match international rules is phenomenal I mean Latin hero you started a couple of years ago now it’s just about every Latin nations going to have enough players to fill their own teams and hopefully cheese going to start a domestic competition that’ll get us into the war cup there’s a great opportunity for me and my family my nephews to actually play this game Rugby League together as a family again and I feel so proud that they can play alongside me

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