Giant Soccer Ball (football)

Giant Soccer Ball (football)

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“Guys” Alright, Niko is outside right now with the Node Crew, we’re gonna go kick the soccerball at them. Blowing up the beach ball, that already makes me light headed: So giant soccerball. I almost passed out Mmm I can’t open the door any further. “Ouuughgghg” We needed Spencer super-strength Just like when a man conquers Mt. Everest, we ask him “Why?”. I think that’s why we got that soccer ball out that day. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Brandons like: “Is this the giant soccer ball?” and the door came up you can see it like rolling down the stairs. and just like this huuuge ball Gotta keep my Pokemon kicking in there, while we’re playing. make sure we get all these steps, don’t wanna waste ’em Node v Corridor First of all Those guys Making all those videos over there Talking about us Taking Sam and Niko from us I’ve had it. But other than that generally it was, I thought it was very important that the guys just stay fit, ya know? They’ve gone. THEY WERE GONE! *Weak battlecry* When I first kicked that ball, I was not expecting it to feel like I was kicking an elephant Playing normal soccer, it hurts my body. Don’t exercise enough. GIANT soccer hurts way more. Yeah, if they act like a team and like pass to eachother, but they’re literally just headbutting back and forth. It’s like: No, like propel it down the field. Like us girls trying to showcase. Yeah, its just like “Who’s stronger?”, it’s like come on. “Who is smarter?” Is the question. Come on guys, we’re team players. That’s why they date us. *Grunt* So Pokemon GO came out like 4 days ago, on friday. Sam was in Iceland. When it came out Now he’s back. Sam came back to all of us being like level 10’s, 11’s and we’re like “Sam, you’ve gotta get this game ASAP” And he’s like: “You guys are crazy” And then he played the game and he’s like “Yup, nope just kidding, we’re all crazy, crazy about Pokemon” And uh… I’m already crazy about Pokemon I mean, we just ran a friggin 3 month long D&D Pokemon game. Yeah. Soo… We’re coming up with idea about a Pokemon GO video Like I don’t want to be this into a game that everyone else is into Just like the hipster inside of me Dude, I’ve played so much. *Laughter* *Strong Battlecry* Carmicheal, he uhhh…. You know…. was getting into the game He got a little bit too into it. The Sound of Silence (1964 Original Version) – Simon and Garfunkel ♪♪♪ Hello Darkness my old friend…. ♪♪♪ He flew over, and I was the closest teammate. ♪♪♪ I’ve come to talk to you again… ♪♪♪ I definitely thought Carmicheal was dead. ♪♪♪ Because a vision softly creeping… ♪♪♪ I was really hoping we could just get his body over to the sideline, so it would’t get trampeled. So the organs are still you know all intact and so we can harvest those, sell them, uhm. And keep playing the game, most importantly. I’m glad he was alright ya know, that was a nice suprise. *Celebratory screams* *Jake gets overzealous* I may have gotten a little bit overzealous when the goal happened. *Jake still overzealous* *Carmichael joins in* I think the fact that Carmicheal jumped in with me during that time really made it. Carmichael has to go to a dinner and now he’s all covered in schmut. So that’s great. It’s so big you can’t see if somebody’s on the other side of it. You go to kick it but there is this hesitation that at any second it could just like explode into your face cause somebody else might kick it right there. One, one. Come on you guys! Come on! Next one wins. Alright. Woop woop I was hoping that it was caught on camera so it would make a good highlight Next time, first person to get a goal wins! Because other than that, I would have no No justification for taking a hit like that. *Weakly* I want… I want to *mumble* If they took the goal posts and they opened them up so that it was just like if you get past the line, someone would score a point. The goal is now: The entire line. Scary voice: Trench Warfare! Come on! You know, I’m glad I got wrecked once. There we go! Lost with the height advantage! Node wins. Well I guess we need to work on our soccer skills. God damn I missed everything Turns out it’s really, really exhausting. I was not expecting the game to be that exhausting. Phhh I think it was all the jumping. Oh, so exhausting. *Heavy breathing* My lungs… I… I will avenge this!!! *Weakly* I will avenge this…. Bloody mess, man… War, war never changes… Huuhh I guess that shows you how much we want to play Giant Soccer again. It’s kinda sad. But not as sad as not subscribing to Samandniko That’s right. We put our necks on the line playing Giant Soccer for you, for your enjoyment. I think the least you can do is subscribe. I’ll wait. The rest of you guys who are subscribed you are cool, you can go But I want you, you unsubscriber right there watching this right now. Click that subscribe button… Aaaah 😀 Yeeahh>:) Ah, if we play Giant Soccer against Rocketjump, we would just slaughter them.

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  1. +samandniko For the kind of job that you do, do you need very good monitors like gaming monitors or just some simple HD monitor work fine?

  2. I've been wondering. With all the people working for corridor digital and all the money they put into props, do they even make a profit?

  3. you guys should partially fill up the soccer ball with helium next time to make it a little lighter and help it get more air time.

  4. I would love to see a Pokémon go video but I feel like a lot of stupid people would be like "you guys are sell outs" or something stupid along those lines.

  5. The music by andrei shulgach that they played sounded like a mix between The Hunger Games and Fallout New Vegas

  6. Am I the only one who thought of the pokemon stadium 2 furret minigame when watching this giant soccer game?

  7. I have a feeling that D doesn't know you're not supposed to use your hands in football (or as you call it – soccer)…

    EDIT: And it's not only him, it seems. It hurts my eyes to watch that much of a hand work ;_;

  8. Is D like the Ninja of Node XD always seems to wear dark colors and then is good at almost everything ? Also yay dark colors my outfits are the same ??

  9. I like these videos so, so much. Between the music, the content, the approach, the graphics… it's just really well done.

  10. So, I'm guessing Brandon and D have nothing to do with Corridor? For some reason I really like the fact the NODE guys all do different things but came together for NODE.

  11. Well the last part were you waited for me to push the subscribe button worked.
    been watching you guys for quite some time now and you never once waited for me to push the button.

  12. I was already subbed on my main account but forgot about this one….until Niko at the end reminded me, I was like "What chu mean fam I am subbed?" then I looked down like OH SHIT and subbed again but right as I looked up Niko went "yeahhh"

  13. I was drinking milk… n then i saw carmichael running around with no shirt n my god.. i am so happy that i can brag about almost drowning by milk.???

  14. the second i seen the title of this video i thought of the easter egg in Halo 2 where u find a giant soccer ball and a scarab gun on one of the Earth levels. Take forever to get through that tunnel tho.

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