Girl Makes Racist Comment to Footballer; He Calls Her Out

Girl Makes Racist Comment to Footballer; He Calls Her Out

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uh… here’s another interesting piece
and a m the king year old girl went to an australian rules football
game okay and during the game ski uh… teaching basically yelled adam goods who is an indigenous astra an
indigenous player uh… was was an eight yelled out that he’s in a band as the
playwright walk by ran by he heard the little girl and he pointed her out and said this
girl just made this comment and the grow was kicked out this actually happened
it’s caught on video take a look at this i would see if we can get them so this is the building spoken to and then she’s getting up she seems
visibly upset and that is of seattle go back to the
video of adam goods walking kind of running by her and then
hearing the comment been called in eight and then coming back over to our figures out of goods and here’s the replay he’s going he runs
right by her she clearly l something he turns around he points at ur battelle
security you’ve got to get this little girl added here thirteen-year-old girl
calling the indigenous player and eight so afterwards this goal
actually call to apologize and the called uh… adam goods to
apologize in the interesting thing is that number one adam goods kind of
understands what what going on here right he says to come to the boundary line in here a
thirteen-year-old girl call me an eight and it’s not the first time on a forty
feel that i’ve been referred to as a monkey earn eight it was shattering however he said unfortunately is what she hears in the environment
she’s grown up in that is made i think it’s okay to call people names it’s not
her fault she’s thirteen she still so innocent i don’t put any blame on her by thirteen year old can if a thirteen-year-old thinks it’s
okay to yell racist stuff add a australian rules football game are they at all to blame bread that age
is it clearly the result of their environment uh… no i would say it’s still clearly the result of their
environment uh… and at that age you can still snap-on that easily by the
time what we refer to as an adult bright in the town what do you think about that
i needed to do is the at what point can we say that if we if there’s a five year old is very
clear right that if they repeat if they saw where in the same way that
they repeat racist term is because they heard it from someone else they don’t
even understand what it means thirteen the line is a little more
blurry twenty-two we could say well this person
has the capability to decide for themselves what doesn’t doesn’t make
sense where’s the line for you what ages
valign the truth is that uh… even uh… a fifty-year-old can change the
way they think uh… both these matters uh… i’d i
think that this it was good to throw this personnel because now it’s inmates
made international news and people are talking about it and i
will make it less likely to be acceptable at games but now i don’t
think that there’s any age were you stop being able to change your friends
imagine a parent sox yankees game everybody who yelled something racist
big air homophobic was thrown out we all the sudden had a lot of n_b_c_’s
woodman i think so yet let’s take a break dennis campbell will
be with us next and then a lot more stuff to talk about glad you’re with us
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100 thoughts on “Girl Makes Racist Comment to Footballer; He Calls Her Out”

  1. Stole their country then insults him. White people have no shame anywhere apparently, must be the perk of conquering the world. If China really takes over white people better hope their better overlords than the where because there's a lot people around the world who have issues with them

  2. Good lesson for this 13 year old. She’ll remember this always. I’m glad he called her out. That’s fucking bullshit to have someone taunting you while you’re out there playing in front of thousands of people.

  3. 12 is the age when the brain is set for life.
    Anyone can choose not to change their set ways. It is extremely diffucult to arrive at new conclusions once the brain is set.

  4. 13 year old is the age where you are learning right from wrong, but if she said that it's obviously the result of her environment. It's clear in education books.

  5. At 13 you are old enough to know right from wrong. She knew she was wrong. If she felt that what she did was ok she would not have called and apologized. She may be 13 but she is not stupid and she is old enough to know that saying those things in public is not acceptable. Even if she hears it in her home she is old enough to notice that her family members don't go out in public and say these things. Don't make excuses for bad behavior from a kid old enough to know better. That is the problem with today's kids. They need to learn accountability for their actions. Does she say these things walking down the street? Does she say these things at school? I'm thinking not. If she knows not to do it in those places then she knows not to do it at all. I'm sure she hears these kinds of comments at home but she wanted to illicit a response she just didn't get the one she wanted.


  7. My 8 yr old knows better. Thirteen Year olds know better. Learned behaviour. Note: her parents or no adults accompanied her with security. They don't seem to care.

  8. True: anyone can change for the better, but in order to do so, that person has to first recognize the flaw in their character, otherwise there’s no understanding.

  9. These crazies took the piss with their penile colony shit in the first place.. let sleeping dogs lye but in this day and age when people get caught out there hasto be some retribution

  10. Wtf at 13 I already knew what racist terms are smh what kids dont have fucking internet that's where they learn it from smh

  11. 03:15 interesting enough, that's why I avoid baseball games.

    interestingly enough, Baseball game attendance is tanking.

  12. was she drinking? these racist people keep digging their own graves. She can get it too. Throw that bitch out. You want to act grown, you get treated like you're grown.

  13. ALWAYS an EXCUSE? FUNNY how children of color have to AUTOMATICALLY know right from wrong and be 13 going on 30 but "other" children get to be "children"?. While I DO agree that she learned it at home/environment I'm quite she goes to school or some other public setting that has people of color there. I also ALWAYS find it FASCINATING that these people forget who was there FIRST and if THEY don't like it (like they so quick to tell poc)why don't THEY leave and go back to where they will be comfortable. Seems to me if I didn't want to be somewhere and think the people are awful and subhuman I personally wouldn't go. Not like you were kidnapped and forced on a boat to a land that you didn't ask to be in the first place. Same for the Americans. I've ALWAYS found that argument more hilarious than something to rage about. People apparently LOVE their selective memory ?

  14. If I was there I would have given her mother and father a beat down before giving her a parental beating she so deserves

  15. Holly shit. I cried for 3 days! Boo…hoo…hoo!
    How many Palestinians will be shot dead in Israel this year, David? Why do I have this guy feeling that you are a Jew?

  16. Blacks love, and I do mean LOVE to hear that they are victims. So here is my question to you people, if this is true, how come Africans are trying to flood Europe and America?
    Africans have over 50 countries, yet cry, lie and do what ever they can to live among whites, and when they rape and murder our white women, David Pakman refuses to point out race

  17. Charming let’s talk about how they treat black players didn’t they even make monkey calls and hang black dolls

  18. Well she just called him a human. What is a human except a fairly naked ape. Sure it was meant in a derogatory way, but he should have just called her a fellow ape and been done with it.

  19. I'm assuming the person sitting beside her was her parent,if so it was a good chance to let it know that it has failed miserably as a parent and it should look into some sort of sterilization

  20. The presenter just accused most of red sox fans are racist and homophobic … dont think the age is a issue its the principle.

  21. The arguments between the brainwashed left and brainwashed right on this comments sections is endorsed by the jews

  22. Oh, boo…hoo….hoo….!
    That 13 year old girl hurt a grown man.
    Hey, David the anit-white Jew. What did you think about the black man at the shopping mall that grabbed a 5 year old white boy and threw him over the railing 40 feet below as his mother watched screaming.
    You are not anti-racist, you are anti white.

  23. 0:40, look at her throw that jacket on that woman's face with so much arrogance, must be her mother. I pity her.

  24. Her parents should be charged with child abuse. Do a home safety check. Make decision about removal and care plan for regaining custody

  25. It's up to everybody to do what they can to make those Nazi's lives a living hell. They have to be pointed out anywhere they show their nasty faces, and punished hard.

  26. I think they should not take the little Girl outside, she had payed and have Right to watch the Game, the Player should be mature and ignore it, because she is a Teenager .

  27. I'm Australian, thanks for covering this! 
    I'm not sure if you're aware but Goodes was relentlessly booed at every game for the remainder of his career by mostly racist spectators and is now retired and wants nothing to do with the sport. Awful.

  28. I've said it before I'll say it again, Australia is the Rascist Capital of the World,
    Watch Sky Channel, Disrespect, an insult the Prime Minister of N.Z. in so doing that, Country, also.
    These ppl incite Rascism, an their to ignorant, stupid, an couldn't careless, because their totally, an absolutely Rascist THEMSELVES.

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