Goal Keeping Tips & Moves in Soccer : Throwing the Ball: Soccer Goalie Tips

Goal Keeping Tips & Moves in Soccer : Throwing the Ball: Soccer Goalie Tips

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Hi! I’m Mark Wilson from United Soccer Academy.
We are here today with Expert Village, and we are working with goalkeepers in soccer.
We are going to take a look at how the goalkeeper distributes the ball using the throw. The
goalkeeper’s end, his or her goal area, will sometimes have to distribute the ball throwing
it out to do this; this usually happens after they made a save. So let’s assume that I have
made a save that is coming from this side here. Their shot comes in, I make the catch
and immediately I turn to try to distribute the opposite side. I have to get the ball
down low here, my other arm is outstretched, I’m pulling my arm the direction where I want
the throw to go, and then I come over the top and release. By doing so I get the power
that I need, I rotate my shoulder over the top, and sometimes I can step through to get
a little bit more power if I’m looking for the distance for someone who is making a run
on the opposite side.

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  1. even though in order to play soccer, u have to be born with it, there are some skils that need to be polish in order to become an excellent player..

  2. yea americans do suck at keeping im a keeper ive met many americans they play like brazilan style, most of the shots that come at them are simple n straigt forward

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  4. I might have done, and I'm sorry.
    And Brave and complete idiots go hand in hand, when you are a goalie.

  5. Forgot about using the box, 6 second rule, players being there??? What if the save was on the goal line, would you throw it from there??

  6. what idiot would call i sport football that you use your hands with… Only the yank cunts can coz you guys no nothing about football

  7. You have to throw from y7our ear(get your arm as far you can backwards and then you've to throw it in the line from your ear ;), and don't forget to point)

  8. @HeelHatur Last season Burnley beat Manchester United 2-0, that does not mean Burnley are better than Man Utd. To suggest you are of equal quality is ridiculous. England have a good squad, but everyone knows they can not play together, they just don't gel… Much like your MLS XI when Man Utd rolled them over the other week. When you say 'your a dumb fuck'… I must inform you, it's you're not your. 'Soccer' is the biggest sport played worldwide, catch up America!

  9. I am about to start being a goal keeper at my school but I never was 1..does anyone got tips about diving for the ball??

  10. @bigwil311 just don't land with your elbows. your arms hit the ground but don't land on your elbow. alot of keepers get injured like that. good luck!

  11. @bigwil311 look up St. Louis Goalkeeping Academy on youtube and they have SUPERB tips!!! or go to my channel and look at my playlists one should say St. Louis Goalkeeping Academy training and it will have all there helpful videos.

  12. You need the perfect amount of power and accuracy to successfully throw a ball as a keeper in soccer. Those who seem to disagree obviously haven't played the position long enough, if at all.

  13. I came here to read some creative comments about how soccer isn't called soccer but football, but no name nazi's here 🙁

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