GoPro: “Two Roads” – Rugby with Carlin Isles (Ep. 4)

GoPro: “Two Roads” – Rugby with Carlin Isles (Ep. 4)

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there’s always people that doubted me in my life I use that as fire it’s another motivation and keep your grinding somebody always out there trying to take your spot all grinding harder than you that’s what jolt me to keep working harder I was like I ain’t gonna never let the happens on the state grinding I want to be the best I know how to give so I just had to stay on it just I work everybody it’s 5:00 a.m. we go again gotta get it gotta be the best man well they’re sleeping you’re training you want it sleeping we work early in my life my childhood was kind of hello little messed up you know we jump from foster home to foster home it was kind of rough for me got adopted when I wake I just wanted more of my life so I just practiced there’s snow running up hills whatever I couldn’t get better and I’m Italian they’re stuck with me for the rest of my life okay not a different mentality I would say from a lot of kids because I was so dedicated I want to be the fastest wherever I went going on you know middle school I wanted to be one of the you know best running backs high school I want to be the fastest in the state I wanted to prove a point like you can do anything you put your Monte and I was getting recruited d1 schools but football track I just felt like my path was different up from the outside looking in people say ah stay in school don’t do this on earth and on Amanda know just like for me I had a different vision I was incredible I was like you know I want better for my life and came across rugby I wanted to take advantage of my gifts and my talents I know I wanted my gift is shining in the world stage and I knew I’ll do it whatever it takes and at that time I probably had maybe like five hundred dollars in my name four days later I packed all my stuff on Austin Texas bounced I left start trending to Aspen Colorado and I put all my eggs in one basket I was basically alone and I felt like people didn’t understand my goals and my dreams you know school is important for my family I knew in my heart hey I can always go back and do the education it was just like I knew what my heart was that and I knew what God had for me so what if I became America’s fastest will repair like what if I want inspired millions of people wait if I became one of the best rugby players in the world everything I visually wanted to start happening from that I knew that anything was possible I had to work my way in there I worked my butt off I’m talking about day in and day out but I was so hungry I was so hungry I was named the world’s fastest bug repair oh my final goal came true it’s been a crazy journey um but everything about our vision and wanted you know happen great job team this isn’t fun oh yeah well that’s why I wanted to just show to people because so many people are scared I let life what a mind um get the better of them I wanted to shine that I can cuz in this world you gotta be a warrior I wasn’t gonna let the devil on nobody nobody take whores at the mouth for me I was gonna gimme and I’m continued kidding if I don’t win I don’t provide for my family it’s very cut and dried as an athlete I wasn’t very explosive I wasn’t very quick I just kind of grinded it away and made it happen

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  2. They should clarify he plays 7's rugby, not the main form of rugby (rugby union). Yeah they're similar but it's like the difference between ice hockey and field hockey you need completely different skill sets

  3. If you're gonna play Union, you better appreciate some 'accidental' boot spikes to the face. 😉 If you're tackled they get into a bunch and try for possession of a loose ball, and that's where the careless boots come in.

  4. Brilliant – great to see a young man achieving greatness in the face significant hurdles. Congratulations and all the best for your future success.

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