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  1. I never had Prague at the top of my travel list. I'd have to say, your videos have completely changed my mind and opened my eyes to how beautiful the country is with awesome people to top it off. Looking forward to someday adding it to my European itinerary.

  2. Thanks so much for this! I’ve been wanting to go play in some snowy mountains since I’ve been in Berlin but the alps are way out of my price range. I’ll def be checking this place out. 🙂

  3. Great great Chanel! Just got back from Prague with friends and we did all the things you suggested from getting to and from the airport. Watching out for tourist traps and had a fantastic time! Our top tip is head down the side streets for authentic and cheaper food and drink! Wonderful city! 😁🍺👌

  4. I would like to know the price for private/group lessons.Any czech locals here can help me out? It seems that Czech is freaking cheap compared to switz/france/austria 🙁

  5. Love your videos! Great timing for this one, we're headed to Prague later this year. Great stuff! Maybe we'll hit the slopes.

  6. hello from Canada,my family left in 68,.I v been watching how you save the visitors money and point them in the right direction.Good on you, the world needs more people like you guys, and I m proud your Czech. I wish I could have lived my life there but it was not possible for me, but it warms my heart to see the goodness you are doing in my family homeland.Thank you, God bless you and keep you safe.

  7. Love it in Liberec! Went during the summer but would be great to hit the slopes. Would love to meet up for a beer with you guys! Love your show.

  8. Perfektní nápad díky hodí se pro mě a meho muže který nikdy nebyl na horách a nevidel snih 😁 zijem v zahraničí tak až prijedem bude se nám toto hodit ! 👍

  9. Hi,Do you know where can I storage my luggage in old square, I know one is main strain, but it’s not the right one for me. I will come to Prague in February. Thank you. By the way, your videos help me a lot, it’s so useful.

  10. First I would like to thank you for all those great information, you have the best Channel on YouTube for Prague dude!!
    But can you please tell us what is the best places for selling Bohemia crystal and souvenirs here in Czech Republic 🇨🇿
    Keep it up man 👊🏻👏🏻👏🏻💪🏻

  11. Amazing. I moved to NYC years ago. I went once skiing in CT. You need a car in the USA, then renting gear and ski pass was about – if not more – than 100 USD. There are some private buses that take you to skiing places, but it is not the same.

  12. been there a few times for skiing..seriously a must visit place though there are very few people know about it..however love to see the kids reaction seeing a guy like me skiing in a place liberec..

  13. To samé co vy na začátku jsi řekl před 3 lety i můj otec. Od Té doby nehybe ani jednou koncetinou.
    Video super hory a výhled na Ještěd je super, ale tuhle sjezdovku prostě nemám úplně v lásce. 😂

  14. Janku, jak jste, prosím, napočítal 10 sjezdovek? To jste je musel kombinovat mezi sebou a počítat snad i tzv. rukávy, ne? To, že je uvádí skiareál Ještěd je jedna věc, ale opravdu jste je všechny projel, že to říkáte s takovým entuziasmem. Jsou tam uvedené i školičky apod. Také tu byla celkem slušná aféra ohledně klamání spotřebitelů při koupi celosezónní permice, ale to byste jistě zjistil, kdybyste se trochu zajímal, ale s prominutím Vám šlo jen o to areál co nejvíce vychválit. Docela by mě zajímalo, kolik Vám za to Igor nasypal, ještě když si do názvu pořadu dáte slovíčko "honest".

  15. First at all, i would like to say : Thanks, for all you great video !!! That is verry helpfull 🙂 u save my last 2 day in Prague, I was go to Liberec, is so pretty and I was verry enjoy this, so thx for that 😛

  16. I am lucky to live in austria
    I mean this skiing place doesnt´t look bad at all but compared to our skiing places it´s very small and there´s not a real feeling coming up

  17. amazing host, amazing content (even thou i am not from CZ) and very very lovely style of presentation. keep it up GJ! <3

  18. Díky, byl jsem zkusit v sobotu, Alpy to nejsou, ale poměr vzdálenost / zábava supr. Dokonce tam nebylo přehnaně lidí na sobotu, fronty tak na minutu.

  19. Yeee,caption author is lithuanian ;))) we are also now in Prague and be till july, just bcz of your guide we will make our erasmus studies amazing <3 thank you!!! Greetings from Lithuania! You inspire to do Honest Guide: Lithuania edition <3

  20. The skiing, the food looks amazing, I have been to Slovakia but never to the Czech Republic, and I think the cuisine i pretty much similar (correct me if I am wrong) I am Polish and I think your food is kind of my cup of tea.

  21. Can you help me?
    I have never skied in my life. We are going to Prague this weekend. Do they have ski for? Maybe someone can show us too?

  22. Im planning on going to Jested on April 9 or 10….any ideas on how would the snow be? would i be able to sky as you guys did?

  23. Hope we can visit this city when we travel to Prague in December. Is it ok to go there even if I have no clue about skiing or snowboarding?

  24. Wow I’m so glad I randomly stumbled on your channel. I love all your videos and both your camera guy and you are doing a great job. Keep spreading the good news

  25. I heard that the prices at the Jested tower per meal is pretty overpriced compared to dining in the square.

  26. OMG, I was in Liberec as an Erasmus student and this video gave goose bums. Liberec is such a cool city!! Worth visiting.
    The restaurant under the town Hall is also very good. And you should also get a walk around the lake 👌🏼👌🏼

  27. Been to Prague last week for the first time and I'm already planning our second trip to the Czech Republic for this winter season. Thanks for the guide!

  28. Visited a week ago!
    View from Jested was fantastic, and I loved the lanovka uphill and the hike (blue route) downhill. Thanks for the suggestion to go there on a day trip from Prague!

  29. That is absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone tell me please if there is an area where winter trekking with snowshoes is allowed? Thank you

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