Hampden-Sydney Lacrosse vs. Ohio Northern, 3/5/17


And we’ve had we have scored 13, 14, 12, 13. Shaheen again he scores. They’re moving it around. It’s Hunter Brown with the goal. There we go, now the game has restarted. And look at this, all alone. Ian with a goal. Back over and now it’s Hunter Brown racing
in. Four on three. In front, Levin, back scored it’s too easy. That was beautiful team work. We’ll see what we can do, reaching the final
stages of the first half. Hunter Brown catches it, he’s going to wind
up, shoot, Hunter scores. This is Hunter Brown looking to make something
happen. Back up top, shot, goal. There we go, final half minute of play. And a goal. Hunter Brown, how did he get that in? That’s a hat trick. Spins around he’s got a shot, shoots, nope. Passes in front, scores. In front, shot, save again. The rebound is pushed back in. How about that, it’s good. I’m going to have to take credit on that,
I’ll fall on the sword. Meanwhile, Shaheen whips one in. On a restart here after the Tigers scored
a goal. Arntzen picks it up, he’s running down the
alley and gives it to Levin. And Levin scores. It’s been five unanswered goals from Ohio
Northern so far and that stems back from the late stages of the third quarter. Jack Hayden. Doetzer, shot, what save by Pizarro. It’s picked up again. Goal. Shaheen, I believe. And that’ll do it. What a great game, what a great day for lacrosse
here despite the cold temperatures. It’s uh, it’s been a fun one. The Tigers take home another victory, 13 to
8. So they’re back on par for their goals per
game average.

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