Hitting The Ball Before It Bounces | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Hitting The Ball Before It Bounces | Table Tennis | PingSkills

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What happens if you hit the ball before it
bounces? As soon as you hit the ball before it bounces
that is the end of the point. Now whose point is it? This is the critical part. Was the
ball still over the table or was it past the table? If the ball is coming at me and it’s
still over the table and I hit it before it bounces that is my opponent’s point but if
the ball is coming at me and it goes out past the end line and then I hit the ball on the
full then it’s still my point because the first mistake was that the ball went out of
bounds on the full. But you might ask what happens if the ball
is travelling at 100 kilometres per hour, it’s never going to hit the table but I hit
the ball over the table. Whose point? It’s still my opponents point because it is still
over the table. Was that my point? Let’s go to the video replay. Was that my point? What’s your decision? Let’s
go to the video replay.

47 thoughts on “Hitting The Ball Before It Bounces | Table Tennis | PingSkills”

  1. who's point is it if the ball bounces back to me when it hit their side and without the opponent touching the ball

  2. Interesting, I'd always thought it was that way. Now I got something new to teach my playmates, thanks PingSkills! Greetings from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

  3. One question I had was if my opponent shoots the ball too far to the side so that it goes past the "sideline" or whatever but not past the endline of the table, whose point is it?

  4. Perhaps the rule can be changed if the HawkEye system from cricket, tennis, badminton, etc. is deployed here to project the ball.

  5. hey guys,
    In an actual tournament match if a player serves but ends up missing the ball entirely and the ball falls straight onto the ground does that player lose the point or can they serve the point again?

  6. On high lobs with lots of spin, the ball could theoretically go past the end-line and then come back and hit the table. Could I hit the ball away if it were past the end-line but coming back towards the table. Also, what if the ball is off the side of the table but you contact it with your paddle in front of the end-line?

  7. Thanks for the video! I always hit the ball before it bounces only when I am sure that the ball is never going to hit the table! Greetings from Bulgaria!

  8. Just an interesting thought in regards to this… so let's say if my opponent is standing very close to the table with the paddle over the table, in theory I can aim for his paddle to get the point? (Not that I would ever actually do that, but just random thoughts)

  9. I ALWAYS THOUGHT you could "charge the net" so to speak, and I've used it in the past. Thanks for the info!

  10. Hi, I was wondering what rule this is. I want to be able to tell my friends about the rule that states this and not just "It's true because this video says so". I understand that this is correct, but I still want to know where it's written officially so that I can show that to them.

  11. Wow that’s interesting I’ve always thought that if my opponent would play the ball back to me and I hit that ball before it bounces, I would be given the point if The ball would have gone over the table, but I guess I’m wrong so thanks for pointing that out, knowing the rules is very important

  12. This is the most essential video that every TT player at beginning stage should see, my friends used to stop the ball inside the table saying "it was already going outside, so i stop it otherwise i have to pickup the ball from the ground, such an inconvenience". LOL

  13. What if the players disagree if the paddle was over the table or not. If we let the one closest to the action call it then he could simply stop ever ball and call it his point. If there is a ref then no problem but most matches are refed by the two players. I say the paddle should be CLEARLY behind the table but what does the rule say?

  14. thanks PingSkills i really thought that whenever you hit the ball before it bounces the table, your opponent will have the point

  15. Sir, I am a beginner and sometimes I end up missing and messing the ball that drop at the end or at the last of the table.What shall I do?
    I started playing my 1st game yesterday only and this Sunday I have my tournament. Is there any tip for me ? Please help.

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