How Boxing Transformed My Outlook On Life | Refinery29

How Boxing Transformed My Outlook On Life | Refinery29

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I couldn’t remember a time when I looked
in the mirror and actually liked what I saw. I was living in New York City and excelling
as a signed working model, but inside I was incredibly unhappy. After being asked to fast for ten days for
a shoot, I’d had enough and asked for a vacation. I went to Thailand, and after passing a local Muay Thai gym, I asked if I could give it a try. I immediately became obsessed. I stayed for nine months and learned not only physical, but mental strength. Before I started boxing, I had no respect
for my body. I thought that it had to look a certain way
because everybody told me that it had to look a certain way. Now that I’ve started boxing, I have the
utmost respect for my body. I completely let go of any standards held
above me by the modeling world and gave my body to the sport. I eventually came back to New York City with this newfound strength and demanded to my clients and agents that this new mindset and body was just as beautiful, if not more beautiful, because the woman that returned now had something to say. I’m not the typical fighter, and often I’m
not taken seriously. I first considered myself a professional athlete, when I realized I was training on the same level as a professional athlete. For me there’s no typical training day,
no two days of training are the same. I try to mix it up everyday. The amount of time I have, I give, whether
it be 20 minutes or 4 hours. Fighting in martial arts is a male dominated sport. In order to be treated equally I have to earned it. I have to show people that I could not only do what the man do but I can do what they do an succeed at it. Being a body advocate is a responsibility
and a duty that I have as being a part of this industry and representing women. Being a body advocate means that I fight for diversity, and representation. My name is Mia Kang, I’m a fighter and a
model. I’m fearless every time I step into a fight. And I urge women to step outside of their
comfort zones. That’s where the best stuff lives.

74 thoughts on “How Boxing Transformed My Outlook On Life | Refinery29”

  1. This is super interesting and inspirational!!! Refinery29 has so many interesting and inspiring videos!! ??

  2. This video is inspirational i’m obsessed with my weight though I weigh only 104 lbs and I feel so conscious about my body all the time this video has waked me up

  3. This was incredibly inspiring, and it conveyed such a good message to women everywhere: don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. I've never loved a video so much!

  4. I do not think I can be a professional fighter. I can take a class. I can cheer you on, tournament. Shout out the dates well in advance.

  5. My father used to be a coach in Thailand, he trained my big bro. When I wanted to start boxing he refused, saying it was for delinquent not appropriate for good girl . My brother teached me anyway lol

  6. this is crazy! For the past six months this is the type of body that I've been dreaming about. I want to have a Fighter's body

  7. I just want to feel empowered in a way that will affect me in numerous ways. Maybe this is a good direction

  8. Wow this is my first time seeing her and now I'm in love w her ? her confidence inspires the hell out of me omgfgg I love her already ???❤

  9. Thank you Mia! For being yourself in this video. More girls need someone to look up to like you 🙂 So that they respect their body and cherish their health over what other people think about them. I loved this video. ❤️ Your voice sounds on point too btw ?

  10. mia is such an inspiration. i'm recovering from an ED and her story encourages and reminds me that there's more to me than just my appearance. thanks for sharing this.

  11. I feel like you're just talking about me, one year ago I didn't have self confidence because I was strong and everyone was just like you hands are really hard, your not a girl and they would make fun of me and they made me cry all the time and I never saw that having strong arms and hard hands is a good thing until I started kickboxing everyone there was amazed with how strong I am and how hard my hands are and how strong my body is and everyone there is trying to be like me now and I am really proud of myself now and really confident about my body and how strong it is. I understand every single thing she's saying cause I used to hate how strong I am I thought I wasn't normal but now I knew I was special but everyone was trying to pull me down.

  12. She is a person who one day I would love to meet although I have already spoken to her but sadly I couldn’t go to her retreat in Thailand but I wish I could have. #badasswomen

  13. This is the kind of content I need more of. I’m over here by myself cheering for her. I love seeing strong women be bad ass! She makes me want to get back into kickboxing style workouts.

  14. I just wanted to thank you. This was really inspiring for me and I can't wait to start this new mindset!

  15. I have been wanting to do boxing for so long. I feel like I've lost control of my body and I want to be strong and confident. So inspiring. I want to definitely find a coach and gym

  16. I love that there is movement in her stomach. She's real af. She's motivated and she is strong. This is inspiring !

  17. anyone who is on the fence about muay thai, go ahead and do it because it will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself! i started muay thai when I was 13 years old and had major anxiety and body issues, within a year and a bit i had lost 25 kilos as well as having 6 sparring matches and one official fight – never sit on the fence about something that is so beneficial to not only your physical health but also your mental health 🙂

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