How Good is Google Translate in Japanese?

How Good is Google Translate in Japanese?

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What’s the premise? What’s the point of this video? Well, Google translate is… (Translate)(Japanese)What’s the premise? What’s the point of this video? Well, Google translate sucks (Translate)(Japanese)Google translate sucks Aiko, I’m going to go to work today, so please go to your auntie’s house (Translate)^@$%&@#$% Oh, it thought I was talking Japanese Haha, that’s so wierd (Translate)(Japanese)Oh, I thought I was talking Japanese (Japanese)What did you do at school today? (Translate)What did you do at school today? I played and ran around the school. (Translate)I pray band score (Japanese)One more time please (Translate)#*%%$^!#& (Japanese)One more time please (Translate)One more time please Today I run around in school (Translate)@&$^!#$^&! (Japanese)What did you do? (Translate)What did you do? I played at school today (Translate)(Japanese)I played at school today. Okay, I think Google it doesn’t necessarily know what language you’re speaking Maybe you have a huge accent. I don’t know. so let’s just press the language button before you speak Do you have any cats (Translate)(Japanese)Do you have any cats (Japanese)Yes, I have (Translate)Is (Japanese)I have (Translate)Is I think you have to use fuller sentences (Japanese) I have two cats (Translate) I have two cats My name is Aiko. (Translate)(Japanese)My name is ACO (Japanese)Ahh, my name is Greg, nice to meet you. (Translate) I’m gorgeous. Thank you So we have this instant mode where it automatically and instantly translates whatever you see with the camera into Japanese or into English. How was it? It’s bad. Really bad. I’m going to put Google in stone here, and you’re gonna going to tell me if it’s right, okay? So this says the owner’s note What does that mean It means be careful with it. Okay, let’s check the spread out It’s like this Ingredients whale. There’s a whale in here? in the bread? Yeah, like you should take a picture and then like there’s gonna be lines so you put… like thing on the line Ahh, I think it’s got all right Handle with care. (Japanese) Speed shipment -Oh, I forgot the “do” oh… -No, the “do” was here I am gonna put the “do” here Where’s the “do”, speed Here we go (Translate)speed shipment All right so the last mode you have here is where you can actually just draw with your finger, right? Ok let’s see if I have to write this, what would I do? I’m do this, this… Then I would do… Don’t eat the bread. I gotta look at it and you just drag it. Erase all this stuff this is flour Yeah Come here, you silly kitty. Okay, so what do you think about the one where you can draw? That’s good, too, but sometimes. I think it’s a different kanji -Okay, so you’re trying to draw the kanji, but picks the wrong kanji? -Yes Yeah, so this one says “saiko” and says the best which is true? Yeah But depends on the context, so “saiko in the context of this -Means it’s maximum or the highest, right? -Yeah. so you really have to know what the word means in context So, do you have any tips for people who are trying to use this Well, learn Japanese. Learn Japanese, okay My tip would be try to use simple sentences And less words the better. so for example I’m going to do one right now. I want the chocolate chip cookies (Translate) I want the chocolate chip cookies That’s right -And all people understand? -yeah Now how would you actually say that in Japanese like if you’re talking to like the restaurant… the waitress so the waiter? Well first you say “sumimasen” and then you call him. I’m call the guy And then say *Japanese*, So I means one chocolate chip cookie please. Yeah, but it’s like if you say *Japanese* that means I wanna chop um chocolate Chip cookie so like it’s not polite Ahh, okay okay so that’s the subtlety right? so it’s not polite so I guess the thing is is that this translate will work But it’s just not hundred percent accurate all the time and sometimes and it doesn’t read the situation and doesn’t know when to be polite or when to be casual or uses words that umm…people living in Japan would never use Yeah Thanks watching, see you next time, bye! Does Google Translate work in your language? Talk something (Translate)Many pens This doesn’t make any sense (Translate) I am making Baystars Meriken What’s Baystars Meriken? (Translate)#%^$ When I say stuff, this guy goes weird (Translate)#%^&@^!#$ (Japanese) My name is Aiko (Translate)My name is Aiko

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  1. japanese and korean seem to translate word for word… im a chinese american and i seem to get by ok in tokyo reading only the kanji and speaking english… and those cats are funny

  2. one time it translated edamame into "Woman's cookie"…I was so thrown off but ordered it anyway to see what it was. So happy it was not a woman's "Cookie"

  3. Question to all. Should language teachers encourage learners to make use of Google translate in homework or in foreign language class? I know it is inevitable that it will be used, but for what it's worth – I'm just asking if we should encourage it.

  4. I'm not really that interested in Japanese i just watched this to see how accurate google translate is, but if you're just typing it in, not relying on voice recognition, how reliable would you say it is? is it good if you need to quickly speak to someone who doesnt understand english?

  5. was the grammar in google translate alright for japanese? it seems only echo's speech recognition that's not too great.

  6. I (Swiss German) tried it with my husband (Serbian). It translates things very literally, e.g. in Serbian, "the sun is shining" is said like "the sun is warming itself". Also, the Serbian voice is very robotic (worse than Speak&Spell) whereas German, Italian, Chinese and French seem very clean like the Japanese and English in the video. Also, the politeness mentioned isn't translated either, the German "toilet" won't be translated to "bathroom" for Americans. I'll definitely bring it up at my multinational workplace to have a laugh.

  7. I found this to be very educational Thank you.
    I will be ranking the kid's final advice! 😀
    Learn Japanese!

    Also does anybody know if the japanese google translate speaks back in the Tokyo accent. I have noticed some difference in pronaunciation compared with other translators.

  8. I was watching Berserk and the one more step, but I could hear Guts saying "one step" (sounded like ipu?) in japanese which to me sounded similar to "one step" (yibu) in mandarin chinese. I was just curious if the japanese used the same written character as chinese, so i tried google translate "one step" from english to japanese to see if it was "one step" and it turns into this mess. ワンステップ Wansuteppu. THAT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT GUTS SAID. I had to translate one, and manually select 一, then translate step and select 歩. so japanese characters for one step should be 一歩 not ワンステップ. I copied and pasted from google translate so forgive me if its not the correct characters. and google translate "one step" from english to chinese takes 1 second and its 一步 which looks almost the same as the japanese characters. so cool. I just wanted to rant there because that pissed me off so much lol.

  9. I would say Google translate is not accurate when it comes to the exact words… Yeah, I should learn Japanese lol

  10. I think google translate will only work for formal sentences, for casual conversation, you usually omit the subject so google translate won’t understand

  11. it's so so great to see a father hanging out with his daughter. Great job, man! She's going to take great care of you when you're elderly.

  12. It is my impression that Google is satisfied that it has made a translator. Whether it is actually functional or not does not appear to be of any importance to Google. It made a translator. Job done. Right?

  13. I think I'm only person who thought, when 'saiko' came up, that it was the same as 'psycho' said with a Japanese accent?

  14. Aiko is so kawaii! I love her nekos too. The one she's holding is so good natured and she reminds me of my calico, Raggedy, that passed a couple months ago. Sh!t, now I'm gonna cry… 🙁

  15. There's also a lot of misinformation about A.I.'s current abilities. The more something can be translated into numbers, the better current A.I. is, the more it involves nuance, novelty, subjectivity and/or is experiential, then A.I. has a looong way to go. I've read the complexity of how the human brain works, is on the same level as Quantum Mechanics, DNA or cellular biology.

  16. Please answer this question for me please what are the kanji symbols that are on the Kunai that Minato Namikaze has in the anime naruto please please please answer it for me

  17. It works better when you individually select languages each time you talk so it doesn't have to automatically figure out the language

  18. I use Google Translate to turn the romaji in my book to its proper characters. The book usually gives romaji, so I use Google Translate because I can't know when to use what Kanji, and the like.

  19. Google translate doesn’t work well a lot of the time, but it can be useful (at least for me) with simple sentences and practice. When I’m doing Japanese homework and I’m asked something like: “What are three things you did yesterday?” Or something, I’ll try to say it out loud as many times as possible first and see if google understands me. If not, I know I’ve done something wrong. And because it’s timed, it also forces me to think and speak quickly as opposed to translating it in my head and then saying it. It’s also good for learning/reminding me of kanji. When I’m lazy and don’t want to open my textbook to find kanji, I just say a word and it comes up lol.

  20. It would be great to see a video on LINE messenger. How it's used in Japan. How deeply integrated it is in people's lives etc.

  21. I'll be over there next year as a student of the language ~ (Started applying in mid-June, and I'm still partaking in the application process. -.-;).

  22. Geez, it's not doing too bad these days! Sure, if you fluently said 何々が欲しい in a perfect Japanese accent, that would be quite rude, but in terms of using this app in a store I think it relays the message, any Japanese person will understand you weren't being rude, you just can't speak their language, especially if you don't look Japanese. Having watched loads of gaikokujin attempt to communicate with dictionaries, I'm so impressed we're finally so much closer to something useful.

  23. I use Google Translate for English and Japanese on a daily basis. Your daughter is 100% correct; I have to learn more Japanese!

  24. So where is a good place to to translate Japanese to English? I have a phrase I really want tattooed on me in Japanese characters

  25. Well if it's politeness and casualness, select your English sentences carefully so you know it translates it better.

  26. Well the gaijin grammar makes me laugh when google was speaking japanese I'm confused what is the translator talking about…

  27. Kitty is helping. Also, when I was there in 2016, I used the live camera mode to translate basic stuff that I didn't know, and it was usually done reasonably well. If the lighting was good, and the font wasn't weird looking, it could translate basic stuff. Helped me out in Conbinis when I was confused what I was looking at, or I didn't know the kanji, or forgot a katakana symbol or something.

  28. So as far as the actual translation goes, it's seems pretty solid, but the instant/speaking was hard for it to pick up.

    It's also good to know my cat isn't the only one obsessed with bread.

  29. Lol this was really funny! It seems like Google Translate only works when you speak really clear and grammatically correct. Maybe one day it will finally work for how people normally speak.

  30. and then there's slang form "Sumna, Nda" results in "Are you speaking in Indonesian?" because it has absolutely no idea where to even begin.

  31. I plug a microphone into my phone and it works way better the microphone in the phone sucks it's probably the cheapest thing on your phone just try a microphone and you'll see how much better you'd be amazed

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