How to Adjust a Sliding Door. Repair a Sliding Door

How to Adjust a Sliding Door. Repair a Sliding Door

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[music] 00:13 Shane Conlan: Open up you mongrel of
a door! How did I finish up in here? Woo, what a rippin’ party! How’s the hair? Gidday,
knuckleheads. That door, that sliding door, has been giving me the irrits for weeks. I’ll
show you how to fix it. But first, I’ve gotta get some Panadol. My head is throbbing. 00:44 SC: Ooh-ee! Two Panadol later and I’m
feeling much better. Thank God! Now this is the door, the sliding door, that’s been giving
me so much grief. And there’s two issues that need to be sorted out with it. The first issue
is the gap between the door and the door jamb. This door, currently, is in the fully closed
position. And you can see here that we’ve got a fairly large gap at the very top. And
if you go down to the bottom of the door, you’ll see that the door is touching the door
jamb. So, there’s quite a big difference between the bottom and the top of the door. 01:26 SC: And the second problem is that the
back of the door here is dragging along the track, making the door hard to open and close.
So that needs to be attended to also. And the really good thing is that it can be fixed
really, really easily just by adjusting the rollers on the bottom of the door. I’m gonna
show you how to do that right now. Let’s do it. 01:56 SC: As I mentioned before, one of the
big issues with this door is that the back of the door is rubbing on the track, making
the door hard to open and close. Now that problem can be easily alleviated simply by
raising the back of this door up. Now, assuming that your track’s in good condition, and that
the wheels inside the door haven’t got any lumps or bumps in them and the bearings aren’t
shot, this is a simple matter of grabbing your Phillips-head screwdriver, which is that
one there. My glasses keep falling off. That’s your Phillips-head screwdriver there. Locating
the hole at the back of the door, which houses your adjusting screw. 02:40 SC: Now, using the principle of righty-tighty,
which is clockwise, we put the screwdriver inside that hole, locate the screw. There
you go, I’ve got it. And now turning clockwise, you’ll raise that wheel which, in turn, will
lift the door off that track. Now, as a tip, I always find it easier, if possible, to grab
the door with your hand and lift it up a little bit, which takes pressure off the wheel. So
we’ll do that, lift the door up, and turn the screwdriver clockwise like that. And there
you have it. The back of the door is now clear of the track, which makes the door easy to
open and close. Problem one fixed. 03:38 SC: Now let’s sort out problem two,
which is the gap between the door jamb and the door itself. Let’s do that. Okay, so I’ve
adjusted that side there and I’ve raised the door off the track. Now, you can see here
how just by doing that, it has lessened the gap between the door and the jamb. We just
wanna lessen that even more by adjusting this roller here. Now, if we go lefty-loosey, that
will drop the door down there which will, in turn, close that gap up off the top. So
let’s do that. 04:22 SC: Okay, let’s just open this door
a little bit so I can access the adjusting hole. Put my screwdriver in, find the spot,
go lefty-loosey, anticlockwise. And I reckon that’ll be
just about right. Let’s check it out. Okay,
we’ll give her a close and it is touching at the bottom and touching at the top. Beautiful!
A bit of a gap in the middle, but that’ll be from a bend in the door jamb itself. 05:04 SC: And now it’s time for the slide
test. Let’s give it a whirl. Ooh, that’s nice. Absolutely beautiful! Great tip, knackers!
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  1. Another great tip knackers!! How much shandy did you have to end up spending the night in the wardrobe!! You know what the Doctor told you son; never drink on an empty head!!
    One question; where did you get your Laurel & Hardy bib'n'brace mate??
    Keep up the good work in the Colonies my good man, jolly good show………..Cheerio!!!
    Kindest regards
    Sir Richard Puller

  2. Ahhh Sir Richard, so nice to hear from you. The Laurel and Hardy comparison has been noted. Tooshay old bean!
    Must get back, afternoon tea is being served.

    All the best,
    Lord Uncle Knackers

  3. Thanks for the comment and the thumbs up stevie old son. Much appreciated. Mate l've just spent the last half hour checking out your other vids. Very good l have to say. Any one who's reading this comment go and check out steviejacko's channel. Be prepared for a good laugh. Cheers

  4. I had to go through 4 pages of search results and FINALLY I found this video addressing my problem. Thank you!! … However, my droors dont have.thqt hole on the side.. Any other suggestions? 🙂

  5. Hi cmscrapbok, that's a bit unfortunate. Some doors have fixed wheels that are unable to be adjusted. Have you had a look up above your door. Some sliding doors have their wheel mechanism on top of the door. This type of mechanism requires a totally different method of adjustment which l don't have the space here to describe. Try YouTubing "how to fix an internal sliding door" The channel name that has made the video is ProfessorPatPending. Hope this helps. Cheers.

  6. After watching a bunch of other videos on this problem, ran across yours, & you showed your problem, which was exactly what was going on with our sliding glass patio door. Changed out both rollers & kept trying to make the adjustments as shown, no luck ,then ran across your funny vid & unbelievable !!!!!! Son & I were getting very frustrated..Thanks a whole lot..

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