How to Bake & Shape Your Lacrosse Head

How to Bake & Shape Your Lacrosse Head

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Welcome to week 2 of my MLL vlog. This week has been horrible weather. Question, Paul, why do you like to do this weekly MLL vlog? Answer: There’s two of them. One: I like to keep everyone updated with the New York Lizards and Major League Lacrosse. It’s important and my teammates, and I think it should be to you – professional lacrosse that is. Two: I like to share with you some of the best highlights of the summer, so here’s how week one went against the Chesapeake Bay hawks in Annapolis. First game of the year in this league is always important and always up in the air because you know guys are coming from all over. We’ve only had three weeks of practice together, so anytime you can get a win week one, it’s great. Yeah. What he said. For today, many of you pointed out in last week’s vlog, week one, that I forgot to give away the Rabil 2 that I promised to give away from #AskPaul the previous Friday, so we’re going to do that right now And here’s the winner: Boom, right there Congrats George, way to go. This is now yours. Contract Andrew, he’ll get it to you somehow. For those of you guys out there wondering how George won, well there are three reasons. One: He answered my question, he subscribed and he said that the lizards were going to win the MLL championship, so good on you George! Number two: George managed to get nine likes on his post. That’s more than most people usually get sometimes you get none and occasionally you get one but nine. Number three: In his comment, George said that he’s the only player in Georgia that he knows the plays lacrosse, so hopefully George, you can now give your old stick to one of your friends when you use the Rabil 2, so you now have a second player in Georgia to play with. So there’s George’s and if you guys tune in to my Comment page last week you notice that I said because I forgot to give away that one, I was going to give away a second but, the only way you can win is by watching the end of the video. So we’ll be back. So, speaking of lacrosse heads. You guys know I use Rabil 2’s, What type of head do you use and moreover What head do you want? I remember when all plastic heads were shaped like boxes. They were wide and tall and we would take them [in] and mold them on our own. How would we do that? We would throw them in the oven and cook them. Yeah, we’d bake our own heads. Actually. Yeah, I think that might be a pretty good idea for this vlog. I’m gonna go bake a lacrosse head and teach you guys how to do it. Here we go. Before Chef Boyarabil gets started, I think it’s important to educate you folks out there the difference between, say, a Rabil 2 high school spec, ala. Beautiful head shape. And… What we used to use. Which isn’t necessarily an ugly head shape, just a wider one. So here we go. I want to get this head, to look like this one. Ahh, that was tough. Of course, kids, before we get this oven fired up make sure you consult your doctors and or parents or guardians at home plastic and heat, it’s umm… yeah, just do it. So step one: set the oven to 300. As we wait for the oven to heat, Brad, we haven’t had a Rabil’s Kitchen in a while And while we’re not going to eat the Edge Rabil 2 Cue the intro. Ingredients: Unstrung plastic head ready to be molded. Then, you need either shooters or nylons, some people use rubber bands. What are these for? When the head comes out of the oven, nice and hot and moldy you, that’s not moldy is it? it’s just like flexible, you need something to tie around the plastic so you can shape that head And finally a good pair of cooking mits, oven gloves and in the spirit of doing what we’re doing here. These are my custom Breaking Bads. Now Say my name. Alright, we’re on at 300 Let’s get this thing going here. Throw it on in there. Five minutes. Actually three minutes. *Ding* Time is up. We grab onto the head. Here’s where the magic happens. We’re going to start in the back. You’re going to lace through the sidewalls here, starting at the top. We’ll try to get a little bit of a narrower channel. There’s part 1. Part 2 Here you go. That’s a little bit of a different shape. Push it here.Figure out if that’s how we like it. Going to compare these two next This needs to come like that. And we’re close. Now the easy part. You take this product and you throw it in your freezer. Five minutes, or seven minutes. Time is up, and yes, the head should feel slightly chilled. That means it’s ready. And boom! You know, you’ve got a pretty good shape of an edge. It’s not quite a Rabil 2 but, I bet you it’s got some g’s in it. Smart. You stuck around and I’m giving away this second Rabil 2. Here’s how you can win. One: subscribe to this channel. Two: comment below what head you use. I’ll announce the winner by commenting on your comment. Then giving you Andrews email, or he’ll reach out to you one of the two.

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  1. Dear Paul Rabil,

    I am a 11 year old boy who lives in a small town in Massachusetts. I saw your "Do One More" video on Youtube where it was in my suggested box. The video stuck out to me . After the video ended, I begged my mom to buy be one of your lacrosse sticks. She said that she wouldthink about it. A couple days later I went up to my grandmother's house and watched the video over and over till my grandmother's phone died. Minutes later she came down stairs and said to me ,"I have good news and bad news." I wanted the bad news first. The look on her face showed sorrow and joy at the same time. I have never seen her like this ever before. She said to me,"I have been diagnosted with breast cancer." then she said, "stay here to think about it. I would be down stairs in a minute." She came back down stairs with a promise to contribute towards a maverick starter set of pads and a stick that came with the set. I huged her immediately and ran out side . I quickly grabed any gear i could find fast as I could. i found a tennis ball andplayed off the wall. "Do one more" is what ran though the back of my mind. i was joyed and still suprised of what has happened that day. i want a Rabil 2 head because I have gear that is litterly falling apart. Like the gear so is my lacrosse future. I recently got my 3rd concusion. one that has left me from playing any lacrosse so far. i need help bringing my lacrosse life back into my life. before i saw your "Do One More" video, i saw liam D. if you know his dad you must know his family. his dad is a coach at brown lacrosse.The whole family intruduced me to you and you introduced me to the buety of lacrosse.I am going to both NCAA semifinal games at gelite. I hope I can see you there.

    From, Nate S. A proud lacrosse player.


  2. I use a stringking head with 2 shooters and 1 nylon, I love the lizards and this channel
    Lizards winning it all, Paul with the last second goal, keep up the good work brotha

  3. Hey Paul I feel like I should win this head not only because I have an old head but because I am subscribed, have the post notifications on, and because tour my inspiration in lacrosse! Love your visa!

  4. Hi Paul, I am a 6th grade boy who lives in MI, and I use a rail 1.
    Go lizards and PLL. PS. I want an evo 5

  5. Dear paul
    I am 11 and I love to play lacrosse I look up to you and want to be like you so here is the stick I use I use a stx stick.

  6. i use the maverick kinetik on a hyper lite i also have a command 2 on a vandal and i am already subscribed

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