How to Beat a Lobber | Tennis Lessons

How to Beat a Lobber | Tennis Lessons

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Joe: How to beat a lobber in tennis. A lobber in tennis is someone
who, every time you come to the net, they consistently try to hit it
over your head with a lob or when you’re at the baseline, you’ll hit a
hard shot and the only way they can defend against that hard shot is to
send up a lob. How do you beat that? If you’re at the baseline, and
you hit a hard shot and they just lob it back hoping to restart the
point, you can come in and take the ball out of the air with what I call
a swinging volley. Don’t let that lob bounce because you’re just
going to have to restart the point back up and restart
that point. Come in,
as the ball is dropping, catch it at about eye level to chest level and
take a swinging volley out of the air and put it away. The other thing
is if you come up on an approach shot, a lobber will always choose to
lob over your head. So, know thy opponent. Don’t come in too far. Stay somewhat near the service line expecting
the lob, which you’ll probably get, and execute an overhead smash. Put the ball away. The
key to beating a lobber is to not let that lob take effect. Take it out
of the air from the baseline. You’re going to come up to the net and
hit an overhead smash. What do you think Kurt? Kurt: I like it and sometimes you play somebody
who’s going to just try even when you’re on the baseline to lob it
back. Lob it back. With that
player, every once in a while, you will back up a little bit and you
have to feel a little proficient at sending a good lob. This is the one
time, you can probably hit a good lob, let’s say, to his back end, maybe
even with a little top spin and that height gives you time to come in
and like Joe said, don’t come too close to the net. Stop around the
service line. Chances are, a lob this coming. He’s not going to beat
you with a lob if you’re only on the service line when he hits it. Joe: That’s right and I have gone to a lot
of junior tournaments and at the young age, the lob is a very effective
shot because the players don’t have enough power to come in and take
it out of the air often because they’re young and the ball tends to
bounce over their heads a lot. I am teaching my younger students as they
get older, maybe 13 or 14, to try to take that swinging volley and
try to work on their overhead smash. How to beat a lobber -take it out of the air,
get up to the service line and hit some overhead smashes. ?

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  1. i just lost a match 3-8 because i''m not good at rallying for a while but every single time i went to the net he would lob it to the baseline

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