How to Care for Your Soccer Jersey

How to Care for Your Soccer Jersey

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Hey guys, this is Mason from
and I have a couple tips for you to help you keep your jersey looking fresh
and clean just like the day you bought it. Alright, so the first thing you’re going to want to do is
presoak the jersey. What you can do is if your washer has
the option for presoak you can do that otherwise, you can just put it in a pool
of cool water and just let it sit there for about twenty minutes before you put it in the
washer. Now, after you’ve soaked up the jersey, what you’re
going to want to do is turn the jersey the inside out. Now, this is going to protect from any name, number
sets, patches you have on the jersey from falling off. It’s just going to help ensure that that
stays on there for a long time. Now when you’re ready to put the jersey in the wash
make sure you use a coldwater setting. This is going to make sure that the jersey
doesn’t bleed and that the adhesive on the name and number sets won’t peel off. Also, don’t use fabric softener. This can
actually make the name and number sets wrinkle up. Once the jersey’s done in the wash, you’re
going to want to take the jersey out, lay flat or hang dry. Make sure you do not put it in the
dryer. This can make the name and number sets peel
off and actually the logo on the front as well, as you can see. By utilizing the tips we’ve given you today,
your jersey should last a lot longer. This Real Madrid jersey we have here was
taken care of. The name and number sets still look great, the logo on the
front still intact. As you see on this other jersey, it wasn’t taken care of,
it was thrown through the dryer and the logo on the front is starting to peel off. At SoccerPro, we include one of these jersey
care cards with each of our new jerseys we send out with name sets. Now, this has all the tips we talked
about today to help you take care of your jersey. Make sure you do that and get the longest life
possible out of your kit.

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  1. @EpiKProphecy09 Yes, an additional charge would apply…and if you order already shipped it would be too late…please contact [email protected](dot)com with your order details and they will sort it out for you

  2. Licensed replicas are manufacturer by Nike, Adidas, Puma, or other officially club licensed manufacturers and generally cost between $75-$100…unlicensed replicas are fake jerseys and will cost far below that, but are made of inferior material…often with child labor

  3. Thanks so mich i wish i watched early
    But bought a A.C Milan white jerset and i has a lot of brown stains on it and i couldnt wash it off. What should i do thanks

  4. Some stains can't be removed, but for the most part, if you get the jersey in the wash quickly they with lift off the fabric.

  5. ive got a 2010-11 white liverpool away jersey and my mom has wrecked the name and number by washing it in hot water and god knows what else. so i decied to take the name and number off by hand and ive discovered when ive peeled them off it has left behind a outline around the number and names i belive its residue from the glue . some people have mentioned alachol and someone mentioned peanut butter but ive tryed none of them because im to scared if i wreck it. what should i do??

  6. Your best bet is to take it in to a local shop that does heat-pressing or customizes apparel. They'll be able to help you or recommend a product that can work. Without actually seeing its hard for us to be able to tell you what to do.

  7. Its best try and pull at base of either end of the snag, but not on the snag itself to get it go back into the fabric as much as possible first. You should be able to fix it that way

  8. It will mess up the jersey. Well that's the video says. I wouldn't risk it especially if you paid good money for an official jersey.

  9. The easiest way would be to wash the jersey like we state in the video and then hang it on a hanger and let it dry. If you must iron it make sure you are using a polyester setting on the iron and put a cotton sheet or white t-shirt over the top of it to avoid melting the jersey because it is very easy to do which is why we recommend never ironing one, just to be safe.

  10. hi i just got the new toronto fc authentic black jersey and ir has a small snag in it any tips of getting rid of it?

  11. I got this Nike Brazil jersey and to wash it I did exactly what you said except for the pre soak. Now the next day I put it on and it was charged with static electricity and I've been having to deal with it a while. Can you help me out with this?

  12. What kind of soap would be best to use to wash the jersey? and is it safe to put one shirt by itself to wash or should I put several?

  13. After Pre-Soaking, do we have to dry the shirt before putting to the washing machine?? Do we require a Washing powder?? SoccerProVideo.

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