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  1. Love the videos coach. When I watch Messi videos, I notice that most of the time, he's dribbling with his dominant left foot. Very rarely does he switch and uses his right to dribble. Although I believe you must be confident with both feet at passing, dribbling, and many more things, Messi is very very impressive with his left foot.

  2. Its actually theoretically impossible to dribble like messi because think of it u cant just dribble like messi right away it takes practice u need to train lots and others out there like CR7 And ibra and neymar u cant just get the dribble part right away

  3. +OnlineSoccerAcademy.com no one can dribble like Messi just Messi. You can train yourself to be a good player but not as good as Messi…. Maybe later

  4. I just love your videos…i am from india. Sometimes please visit india…i am 24 i want to be a football coach/manger and i watch videos just to be a better coach…thanks a lot..and personally i love ur simple way of teaching…

  5. the best and different thing u do is tht u tell about wht can be gng wrng…tht no other video tells us….Nd ur way of telling us to be confident by believing in urself is amazing….keep it up⚽⚽✌👌

  6. Is the ball over inflated when played during a professional match or what? Can we press it a bit?
    There is no definite information available on the net, so that's why..
    thanks in advance

  7. i wish i could meet you

  8. I really like your on point direction.  Great for use in soccer coaching preparation–simple and to the point.  Good job.  Keep going.  You have it!

  9. Great channel. Shame I have two left feet and both of them like to give away penalties!

  10. Bro, I've just started following you and i must say your videos are helping me a lot. I can't wait to test it all out on the pitch. but training where you construct yourself. Thank you 🙂

  11. Your advice sound great! But it would be better if each tactics will be clarified by clips of Messi doing so in each one of them. Imitation is always a great way of learning.

  12. Hello guys , I'm a small youtuber from Ireland , I appreciate the support , blow off the hate 😉 I hope you can support me by subcribing to me and telling your friends to 💗

  13. I'm at a young age and doing really well, however I am suffering when it comes to studying when the defender tries to win it… any tips?

  14. realy good at teaching but instead of dribbling like messi dribble like your self and make your own name

  15. Great videos man. I like how you give a lot of practical advice, its not only technique, you give insight on how those things apply on the pitch. Keep it up!

  16. Well… I can run at about 32-35km/h by keeping the ball under 1 feet of my contact and change direction ,pace any time but here in India there are no scouts for us to promote our game :'( please help if somebody could….

  17. Dropping the shoulder to the opposite direction before running is important to trick the defender, otherwise is just a race with the ball between the defender and the attacker. Anyway, the video has very good points too. Thanks.

  18. You cant play like messi because messi is magician you are not magician first learn how to become magician then you become better

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