13 thoughts on “How To Hit A Serve – Tennis Fundamentals for Beginners”

  1. Love your videos! Video idea: when to change baseline rally direction (ball is short/high). I see too many players trying to switch down the line from 5 feet behind the baseline 🙂

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  3. Great video! I’m from Brazil. I’ve struggled to add spin on my serve. Can you guys talk about it?

  4. I want to show this video to my Wife who is a 2.5-3.0 needs to build some confidence in her serve. Even good for more advanced players that wants to make sure on the fundamentals.
    Nice job! Thanks!

  5. This was an amazing tutorial. Very helpful. Please keep putting out great detailed step-by-step content. Thank you!!!!

  6. Really nice Job – excactly what i need at the Moment Cuz in Badminton serve was way different 🤙🏻

  7. This is great guys, both of you. But I prefer it when one of you guys talk! It makes the video more compact, to the point and easier to keep attention. It also gives you guys a bit more flow in your way of explaining.

  8. Excellent use of the curtain (fence) to learn the basic serve technique. I would add tucking the tossing arm into the chest as a way to initiate the upward motion of the racket. The tucking motion helps keep the racket arm from coming around too quickly (stay sideways as long as possible). I agree it is better to start serving toward the add court but for true beginners I would also suggest starting to serve from the service line and then gradually move back to the base line. Great job gentleman.

  9. Great video. Too many coaches let beginner start with a pancake grip. Just doesn't make sense. I actually like to teach beginners to start with a spin serve. That way their forced to learn pronation.

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