How to Hit The Tweener (between-the-legs shot ) | On Court Tennis Lesson


Ok Karla I’m gonna teach you how to do the legger but
first I want to show you. So can you feed me a couple balls? So the key on the legger is you number one
have to be really close to the ball so if the lob is really good you have to
sprint fast to stay close to it and on the other hand if it’s a bad lob you
have to kind of slow down hit the brakes and the key is leaving the ball very
close to you and then once you’re once you ready to strike you actually have to
let the ball drop below your knee level and then you’re gonna do a shot we go
basically high to low like this. Okay so first what I want you to do is
face the back fence like this all right and now I want you to basically go like
this with your racket go behind the back like that I’m going to drop the ball
you’re gonna get used to swinging high to low and you can actually start a
little bit higher and your’re gonna hit it down here and just gonna
continue like this and you can actually use your wrist a little bit as you
finish like this you can bend the wrist forward a little bit okay. Take
your racket up and hit behind the back. There you go. Another one. Good. Okay now
you have to do this on the run so I’m gonna feed the ball backwards you’re
gonna stay close to it and then do one of those behind the back shots. Okay here
we go okay wait longer. You’re taking it too
high. Remember you have to let that ball drop all the way down to the ground. All
right here we go come on wait for it wait for it wait longer you.
Much longer. You have to let that ball look you have to let the ball drop all the
way to the ground before you hit it okay this is the key to being able to learn
the legger. You have to wait to hit the ball. Good try. Try again,
wait longer you’re taking it too high like exaggerate make the ball almost drop to
the ground before you hit it yes that’s it getting a little better
Come come come you’re rushing you’re rushing let it come down
all the way don’t rush here watch me you’re gonna wait for it to come all the
way down because the motion is high to low but you’re actually hitting the ball
up you’re hitting it up you’re going from a low position to a high position
so you have to let it drop all the way down. Wait longer yes alright there it is.
Okay now the legger is the same swing path as the behind the back you’re gonna
go high to low but you’re gonna hit it between the legs. Obviously you want to
give yourself a lot of room and then go the same type of way between
your legs but you have to do the same timing you have to let the ball drop
almost all the way down to the ground ready come on good try come again good
try okay you have just run really close to the ball okay you have to run really
close to the ball and then kind of let it get right underneath you like this so
ready close to the ball and let it get underneath you because you want to be
making contact exactly here see this right here this so you stay close to it
and as you’re about to hit it you get a little bit ahead of it okay come on that
would have been good see a lot of times you see the pros that do like they’re
almost like squeaking their shoes they’re doing adjustment steps so
obviously the closer you get to the ball the smaller the steps have to become and
you almost have to hit the brakes okay so you go really fast and then you kind
of see that you have to adjust because it’s very very precise and from where
you’re gonna be making contact okay it’s crucial that you stay close to the ball
and you have to make footwork adjustments okay come on good try okay
not bad do it again I like the footwear I like those small steps you keep doing
that okay come on almost got it there do it again that was
the best one so far you almost got it you have to remember that the racket has
to go up so when the if this the contact the strings have to face the sky on
the finish this is the movement look this is what’s gonna get that ball to go
up you have to remember to do this at the end and it might be a little bit of
a wrist movement involved. So look I’ll do a legger I’m gonna let it drop and I’m
doing this little it’s almost like a flick here do a couple of those on the
side remember it’s a like a little wrist flick look look here let’s do it
together you have to go from here look you have to go from here and then flick
up like that see that let the ball drop and then flick it up like that if you do
that on your legger you gonna start getting the ball over the net easily
okay this one you’re gonna get yeah almost that was the best one so far you
very close you’re starting to get a feel for it
okay right here come on you got this see that’s a beautiful it’s a beautiful
swing but it’s two bounces okay you’re so close keep going
almost it’s so close I’m telling you yes but unfortunately again I’m sorry to
tell you but it’s two bounces so close again it’s nice but it’s two
bounces let’s get it off of one bounce yes yes you got it. Okay Karla now
the next progression is I’m gonna feed you an actual lob. I’m gonna start off a
very shallow lobs and remember to stay close to the ball
you’re gonna go high to low. At contact you’re gonna flick the racket upwards
like this by using your wrist so go ahead and tap the net and now run back
come on

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