How To Jib On Skis

How To Jib On Skis

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Before getting into Jib tricks on your
Tramp Skis, it’s important to be comfortable on them. Make sure they are
tightly strapped, We don’t want any heels to slip out while popping. Get
comfortable by warming into the skis with nose presses, shifty’s and spinning
some 180s on the ground. Getting onto the Balance Bar requires a strong pop.
Practice getting pop by pushing off the floor and extending your legs to catch
some air. Try to keep your skis flat in the air so you’re not dragging your nose
or tail. Typically most rail slides on skis are done by jumping with the skis
across the feature. Position yourself to have the Balance Bar between your legs
length-wise. Look at the end of the rail and practice your pop to ensure you can
get high enough over. Start by trying one foot at a time, this will get you on the
Balance Bar to feel how to balance before having to land on it. Start with
your comfortable direction to spin on first. After you’re in the air over the
bar rotate a 90 degree spin to get your skis on. If you spin too soon you may
clip it, so be patient and rotate at the top of your jump. Once you’re on the jib
bar, stay balanced by having your legs shoulder-width apart
and bent. Keep your shoulders up to help with stability although it is alright to
stick your hips out and drop your shoulders to regain balance if you need
to. A huge benefit to using a Balance Bar is that you can practice with low
consequence, so don’t forget to practice your jibing both directions. Instead of
landing forward, try popping off so that you’re facing the other direction with
the Balance Bar still between your legs. This is a good intro to landing switch. With these basics, get creative and
combine them one after the other to create lines. Go back and forth as many times as
you can to get in those repetitions. Now that you’re comfortable on the Balance
Bar, you’re ready for more tricks I’m Dean Bercovitch from Ski Addiction,
Helping You Ski Better!

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  1. Thank you for sent of this video as I wanted learned Jib Bar on tramp ski! It's perfect! Keep it up make more video of Jib Bar on tramp ski. Soon I'll be waiting season for get better without falling down again!

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