How To Make A Slingshot Out Of An Old Ski  (Trick Shot Tuesday  Ep. 11)  DIY Slingshot

How To Make A Slingshot Out Of An Old Ski (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep. 11) DIY Slingshot

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84 thoughts on “How To Make A Slingshot Out Of An Old Ski (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep. 11) DIY Slingshot”

  1. I Love Slingshot shoting Flower 's May FEVORIT and inspiration from slingshot shoting … ps I Love your Chanel you're my darling I'm the biggest fan. Regards ????

  2. Idea don't know if anyone's ever done it but not a shepherd's staff sling but a walking stick slingshot rifle something that you could do a lot longer band and rest on your shoulder made out of a walking stick

  3. Have you ever thought about trying 3D printed slingshots I would find someone that has a 3D printer first I can't afford one either

  4. Wth. Just woke & see your last vid "Fowlers slingshot available now" is removed for violating yt guidelines! What happened!?

  5. Hey Fowler about ketogenic diet – i haven't managed to maintain keto for that long (3 months tops) but I've found mixing the carbs with exercise seems to help regulate it a bit

  6. I'm wondering if this video is a fake? I'm four and a half minutes into it and you haven't had any coffee yet!

  7. Lookin' sharp – well done man. And agreed – fiberglass cutting on a band saw can ruin a blade very quick if its not made to cut it. Also – well done edit.

  8. Hey thanx badass Youtube channel..
    Im going to order a slingshot from your site but i need some help to get the best slingshot and rubberband for me ?
    Do you want to help me ?

  9. I don't know man, but my childhood was amazing in Romania, Transilvania side, always when I made a slingshot my father broke it. I go out again on the street I find a " Y " peace of wood and I make again another one when he catch me again he slap me, I was like a box bag :)) Next day again I made 2 slingshot, but always I find the wood piece outside on the street, the lilac tree is the best 😀 And my neighbors always complaining because I brake the tiles on trhe house ! :)))) I'm sure when I go back there I will find my slingshots 😀 I;m in London at the moment so the life here is different :(.

    Good luck for you man, And I follow you with everything what you do! 😉

  10. How to make a slingshot out of old skis: make one then shoot hotwheel cars. One of the least informative videos you have made.

  11. bonsoir je t’intéresse tes videos Slingshot
    et j'ai bien fabrique mes news 4 Slingshot pour vous montrer mon video youtube merci
    je te respecte 😉

  12. salut
    je t'intéresse

    je te pose mon question :

    J'adore de me filmer pour mettre mes vidéos youtube
    c'est pour fabriquer à tous objets aussi tous mes idées ( Economique trop intéressant )
    Mais malheureux, je suis sourd depuis ma naissance c'est complique pour préparer mon studio vidéo
    alors je m 'essaye de mettre sous tirages pour s'expliquer à les entendants mondiale oha la la
    ton avis pour m'aider à cordialement

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