How to Play Cricket : How to Bowl an Inswinger in Cricket

How to Play Cricket : How to Bowl an Inswinger in Cricket

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Hi this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I’m going to tell you how to bowl an in-swinger delivery. Let’s begin.
An in-swinger delivery is the one which after being bowled comes towards the batsman. So
you bowl this delivery, for example, if I am a right hand bowler, and I bowl this, this
delivery after being bowled slowly gets in towards the batsman. Now how to bowl this
in-swinger, you would actually notice that most of the bowlers keep one side of the ball
properly shined and the other side is usually dull. The reason they do is to get a swing
either in or out when they bowl. Typically for the in-swinger, you have to ensure that
when you’re holding this you use your index finger here and your middle finger like this.
Now this side, and if I’m a right hand bowler, this side which is on the right is the one
that’s shining. So this is how I hold, my thumb comes here, and I use principally these
three fingers, two fingers and a thumb to bowl this, and as I said, the part which is
shining is on the right. So when I come, I bowl this and then this, because of the shine,
the ball is taken towards into the batsman. And this is how you bowl an in-swinger. Let’s
see an example here. You would need a decent run up to bowl this delivery.

33 thoughts on “How to Play Cricket : How to Bowl an Inswinger in Cricket”

  1. This guy is completely wrong. There is a reason they did not show the ball trajectory at the end. This guy couldnt swing a ball if his life depended on it.

    What he is talking about is reverse swing. But for that you need to be able to bowl at 80+ mph.

    For conventional swing, the shiny will be away from the direction of swing. See the you tube video "science of sport: cricket" (part 3) or "wasim akram explains swing bowling". I dont know where expert village got this clown from.

  2. @karimshaban What i mean by "away from the direction of swing" is that if you want to bowl inswing to a right hander, the shiny side should be towards the batsman's offside (and the ball will swing to the dull side). THIS GUY HAD IT BACKWARDS!! The science of swing video has a good animation around the 1:45 mark in the video.

  3. dude your our future dumb ass cricket player for smal kids..wait a minute..your not even fit for bowling lol…

  4. when u dont know how to inswing…u should not teach or give wrong advise…..dude learn some basics of inswing first before even holding ball.

  5. Hahaha Funny lol ,,,, Watch the Videos of great Waseem Akram and Waqar Younis and learn how to swing and than give teaching lesson to others u jocker

  6. hahaha, where did this dude play cricket, to inswing with a semi or new ball the roughside has to be in, the ball will swing towards the rough side and not shiny, only when the bowl is old it will swing towards the shiny side and thats something called reverse swing.

  7. let me clarify u.
    with proper action and grip,
    (1) NEW BALL moves towards rough side,
    (a) So if Rough side is on the right side of bowler and seam slight angled at leg slip results into INSWING for right handed batsman.
    (b) if Rough side is on the left side of bowler and seam slightly angled at first slips when bowled results into OUTSWING.
    (2) OLD BALL moves towards heavy Shiny side.
    so with above (a),(b) descibed grips
    (a)-results into OUTSWING,
    (b)-results into INSWING.

  8. If you all heard it well.. not just do exactly opposite to what he said and you will be able to bowl inswinger! where do these guys get picked from??? sheesh

  9. He is teaching reverse swing where the balls swings towards the shiny side as opposed to conventional swing where the ball swings away from the shiny side.He should really have made that clear in his presentation.Not the best demo

  10. before you teach people the wrong info watch the correct way to bowl in swing and out swing: Wasim Akram Teaching About Seam and swing Bowling

  11. Exper Village, What you are teaching is a reverse swing. Conventional IN swing takes place towards the rough side with seam pointed to leg slip.
    For Reverse swing it wont matter much where the seam is pointed to, the ball will swing towards the shiny side (Precondition the ball is more damaged/ tampered 😉 on the rough side 🙂 ).

  12. No need to bash the man so hard, yes, he has made some mistakes. The physics behind it is that ball will swing towards the rough side, since the air passing over this side moves slower than over the shiny side, therefore there is greater pressure pulling on the rough side. Hence the ball moves to the rough side.

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