How to Play Lacrosse : Lacrosse Penalties Explained

How to Play Lacrosse : Lacrosse Penalties Explained

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Hi! this is Tamir Elterman on behalf of expert and in this clip we are going to talk about penalties. I am going to go
through the different penalties and show you what a referee might signal in order for you
to be able to easily recognize those when watching or playing a game. Various actions
on the lacrosse field that will result in a penalty and be deemed illegal. Some of the
most common ones are off sides, slashing, crosschecking and warding. Off sides is when
a defensive player crosses onto the other team’s offensive half or an offensive player
crosses onto their own team’s defensive half. These halves are marked by the mid line
on the field. There are certain ways to hitting lacrosse that are not legal in other ways
that are illegal. Illegal areas include below the waist, above the shoulders and in the
back. If you hit someone with the stick in one of these illegal places it will result
in a one minute technical slashing ?? (0100). Another illegal way to check somebody with
your stick is called the crosscheck. When you hit someone with your stick your hands
have to be together or practically together. You cannot have them apart and push your opponent
or that will result in a crosscheck penalty. You are cradling with one hand with the defender
on you, you cannot move the hand that is not on the stick. Even if he is hitting you with
his stick you cannot push off where it results in a change of possession warding call. These
were just some of the most basic rules in lacrosse and as you advance in your career
you will learn more about the more obscure ones.

25 thoughts on “How to Play Lacrosse : Lacrosse Penalties Explained”

  1. hey Delenahis, lacrosse is a mixture of hockey, soccer, basketball, and football.

    all those sports you play are enough for lacrosse, endurance wise.

    id practice for a season before actually playin so you no how to do everythin when you actually play

  2. What he is actually encouraging is aggressive play. Good, clean, play that is aggressive and does not quit or backdown will result in certain penalties occurring. This is especially true when official error is added in. Play hard – is his message. Take an intentional, stupid penalty that does not reflect good, aggressive, team oriented play, and your coach will care. And so will your teamates.

  3. how do u serve a penalty like i was playing and i barley slashed somone and i had to stand at the midfield line until my team crossed it so it would be nice if somenoe could explain how to serve a penalty in lacrosse

  4. no you cant use a sledge hammer motion. when you hit someone and your stick goes begind your shoulder its a slash

  5. So these are 'not' the obscure ones? Warding seems like a really stupid rule. So someone is hitting you and you just have to take it? Fuck that.

  6. I just want to know what hits I'm allowed to do and which ones I'm not allowed to, like ik cross-checking is illegal but can u shoulder bump them?

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