How to Play Lacrosse : Scooping a Ground Ball

How to Play Lacrosse : Scooping a Ground Ball

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This is Tamir Elterman on behalf of expert and in this clip we will be talking about the ground ball. Once you reach the
ball several motions working in concert to complete the scoop. You bend at the knees
and move your mid section lower to the ground. You then extend the stick head toward the
ball aiming just behind the ball. Your bottom hand also lowers making the stick parallel
to the ground. Many players have difficulty with this movement because they keep the bottom
elbow too high and so the stick is more perpendicular to the ground and parallel. The finishing
motion is the scoop or shovel movement that moves the head of the stick through the ball
and brings the head of the stick up towards your eyes. This should be a fluid motion where
you begin with the head of the stick just behind the ball and continue until the ball
has settled into your pocket. Also the motion of bringing the head of the stick towards
your head allows for the best stick and ball protection and places the stick into the box
area for passing.

15 thoughts on “How to Play Lacrosse : Scooping a Ground Ball”

  1. This is easy. Juss scoop like our shoveling dirt, thats what I do and I've only been playing for one day.

    Need to learn much more though.

  2. @MrRCOLA ok so.. um what are the positions. all i know about lacrosse is you throw the ball in the the net so i have alot to learn.

  3. if you're stationary, don't use this pickup. instead, roll the head of your stick over the ball towards you, and then scoop it up. this creates a force that brings it into your head.

  4. @liannleigh

    If you are large or extremely well built or both, i would suggest playing defense.

    If you have good stamina and sprinting skills, i would suggest midfield

    attackmen are generally those with the best stick skills so if you go on an established team, youre not going to get much playing time as one

  5. hey question, do people normally try out for sports when they dont know how to play? because i have no idea what to do in lacrosse but i think it looks kewl.

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