How to Play Lacrosse : Shooting Goals in Lacrosse

How to Play Lacrosse : Shooting Goals in Lacrosse

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Hi! This is Tamir Elterman on behalf of
In this clip I am going to be talking about shooting. First what you need in an outside
shooting is your positioning. You need to have your shoulders perpendicular to the goal
and your feet parallel to the front of the goal. If you are shooting right handed, you
are going to have your left foot closest to the goal. When you are shooting left handed
you are going to have your right foot closest to the goal. Next thing you need is to have
your hands positioned correctly and you have your bottom hand on the very bottom of the
stick and your top hand lower than throwing or catching so as to really get that leverage
to get a good powerful shot. The next thing you need to do is get your arms really far
out away from your body extended and get your hands really far back to wind up kind of like
a baseball swing. You want your top hand about six inches away from your shoulder. You can
really wind up and go through with that shot. The most important part to getting power is
the trunk rotation, that is kind of like also in a baseball swing where you are back here
and you come through with your hips to get a good shot. You also going to want to shift
your weight from your back foot to your front foot as you do in the trunk rotation. So it
is going to look something like a baseball swing in where coming back your hands far
back and you are transferring that weight. Now I am going to show you the full shooting
motion incorporating some of the things that we talked about. When aiming to shoot, you
are going to want to shoot at either one of the four corners or you are going to want
to shoot in front of the goalie on the ground, so that it bounces past them. Those are usually
harder for goalies to track. Also when people are winding up to shoot they tend to look
at the goalie instead of the wide parts of the goal and if you look at the goalie you
are more likely to just shoot into their stick. So you want to do a nice hard shot at the
goal either bounce shot or a straight shot.

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  1. shooting is kinda a thing ya gotta learn on ur own cuz each stick is different cuz theres multiple ways people have their shotting strings done but ok vid

  2. if this video is instructional he shud really be stressing the overhand shot. beginners shudnt be shooting side or 3/4 arm. bad habit.

  3. you would never shoot like that in a game, if you did it would be stopped with a simple poke check to the bottom hand, or the defender would just run at the shot, forcing the player to shoot wide, or away from the goal.

    Most college-level lacroose shots are taken down the alley
    Teach that, because anyone can do this, and anyone can also defend it easily

  4. just keep practicing with them on. try never to take them off and eventually u will break them in (if they are new) and it wil be easier. just practice with them on

  5. under your pads anything over your pads i mean if you dont haev the gay flappy shoulder pads you dont have to wear a jersey either its what ever feels comfortable

  6. what no underhand tips, gah these tips are for like picking up the stick for the first time, ive been playin for only 2 months and im way past these lessons, no offence, but i wanted some pointers on more difficult forms of shooting, elevators, underhand, side arm, ect…

  7. yeah,i tried that too with a shadow ,and does help a lot,i dont want to break anything in the house,jajaja

  8. if thats the caliber of player that plays at oregon then my high school team could beat oregon. not only are his mechanics poor, but he doesnt understand the fundamentals behind what hes trying to say. very NOT expert advice

  9. if youve only been playing for two months then the only thing you should be focusing on is shooting overhand. not only do you probably not understand what your doing, you probably have no idea why sidearm and underhand shots are a bad decision in almost any situation

  10. im inclined to ask y? because in a game situation, i have never been presented with a clear oppurtunity to shoot a straight over handed shot, i am always being pushed or shoved during the release causing me to release at an angle, which messes with my accuracy, but gives the goalie a different looking shot, so it is harder to save
    i always have aimed low for bounce shots, and side arm is particularly good for this, at least in my accounts
    so why is it never a good idea?

  11. fundamentally there are some similarities between a lacrosse shot and a baseball swing yes, but to legitimately try to compare the two as a testament to his lack of knowledge, and yours, if you really knew about lacrosse, youd knowthat

  12. because overhand shots are the most difficult shots for a goalie to save. its easier to hide the head of your stick and harder for the goalie to judge where your shooting. sidearm shots are a lot easier for goalies to read. if you ask a lot of goalies what are the hardest shots to save your going to hear the same answer over and over, overhand, overhand high to low, overhand high to low on the run

  13. and kids that tend to shoot sidearm and arent correct by their coaches to shoot overhand and more often than not than not kids who end up sucking. and if you are a goalie and you think that a kid has a better chance putting the ball anywhere they want sidearm is just ignorant, and a very poor job on your part in trying to learn what a shooter does and how to beat him

  14. yea i screwed that first bit up, all im sayin is kids who focus on being fundamentally sound, i.e. shooting overhand ect…, tend to progress farther and faster than kids who try to look cool and shoot sidearm.i am not a goalie by trade, though i have gotten in net to find out how the other half lives. i have coached in college and high school, and i do not know one respectable coach, D1, 2, 3, or high school who teaches and preaches to their players to shoot sidearm

  15. totally agree! his shot isn't that great and don't keep comparing it to a baseball swing because it's nothing like that imo.

  16. yeah, i got what you meant and pride myself on using good technique in my game. also, sidearm shots aren't faster than an overhand shot. they are perceived to be faster but they aren't.

  17. nah, i mean that it feels kind of faster to the person throwing a sidearm shot but actually isn't (i know some people will not agree with this idea though)

  18. Here I'll give you a sticker, well lets see I have stars! You want stars? I got red stars, blue stars, gold stars, green stars, and any star that you want!
    Now let me place this star right on your cheek, just so you can brag to all the little 5th graders!
    Isn't that nice?

  19. why does a position matter? this is not like taking a penalty goal like a soccer..if you score, it doesnt matter if your left foot is front or something like that..who cares about the position??

  20. Hah yea actually and I've started over 2 returning goalies for JV
    but varsity I just sat the bench haha

  21. Nice try guys but I am a D pole and i played some goalie…
    attacks will almost never have that much time for that close of a shot…
    It depends on how well the defense plays…

    but then again this is just on techniques so anyway good job Tamir

  22. no side arm does have accurcy.. .. its like in between a under hand and over hand.. over hand is all about accury.. under is all power side arm incoperates both..

  23. hey im just starting lacrosse and i need to know if i need to buy elbow pads and all that arm guard shit for a high school team.

  24. guys this sounds good, but he is actually going side arm so if you are a beginner i wouldnt start off shooting like that

  25. @overdriveteam123 yah i tried shooting sidearm yesterday, messed up my shoulder so bad lmao, it still hurts a bit im getting better tho XD

  26. @5inchfootlong k well if the ball comes out behind you, you have it too far back closer to the ground… and the ball is supposed to stay in the pocket until you follow through..unless your saying that it's hitting the ground. if its hitting the ground when it comes out right away you have WAY too much whip. ask someone on your team to string it for you that knows how to do it WELL

  27. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport on EARTH! It is not the most popular by far. It is the national sport of Canada(not hockey), Denmark, and France. FTW for LAX!

  28. sooo im new to lax and idk if this guy is tht how ur supposd to shoot?? somebody tell me pleez thnx

  29. @fuckthesox1 I bet you haven't even picked up a stick.. Most people who haven't played will shoot and hit the ground because there is technique in everything you do. You can just swing your stick around a make a goal.. Let alone from getting the ball to the altitude you want, you also I have to deal with getting the ball in the direction you want to go. You have to be extremely, be able to be hit, have stick and foot skills. So STFU, I bet you have never touched a crosse.

  30. Always always always practice with gloves on. You'll never be in a game without gloves so always practice with them on.

  31. @fuckthesox1 your retarded you obviosly never played it or you did and you suck so stop complaining get off the computer and play a real sport like lacrosse

  32. this guy isnt totally sidearm though..its like a 45 degree angle. i want to practice that coz my overhead is alright, but sidearm just goes all over the shop and I dont have the balls to shoot side arm in a game. but this guys technique looks pretty cool

  33. Yeah that's totaly right u need to leave your stick high and far away from you so that when your about to shoot the defensemen can come and wack the shit out of your stick… Everything except that tip was good

  34. This is fuckin bullshit! I'm just starting lax, but everytime I try to fuckin shoot like this I throw it into the ground, wtf!!!

  35. lots of kids in my high school do both because as soon as lacrosse is over, baseball starts so it's possible.

  36. dont listen to this guy in the video you want your top hand in the middle of the stick not six inches over your shoulder and step in with your opposite foot and throw right over the shoulder and DO NOT ROTATE LIKE HE says over the shoulder not a baseball swing

  37. This is… not very good. for starters, ive never heard of this guy, maybe they should get an actual expert. second, he is shooting side arm, and mentions baseball so much, its confusing. this is bad for anyone trying to learn to shoot. one of the best methods is watching college lacrosse, and just trying on your own. awful…

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