How to Play Rugby: Advanced : Advanced Rugby Pop Passing

How to Play Rugby: Advanced : Advanced Rugby Pop Passing

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My name is Alex. This is Andy. This is Engine
Doug. We all play for the Missoula All-Maggots in Missoula, Montana. There are two types
of passes in the field, for the most part. First one is a long spiraling ball; mostly
for the backs, scrum up for the fly half, get some distance in the pass and still get
good accuracy. Second pass is a simple pop pass. That’s what we’re going to show
you right know. Two hands on the ball, fingers down towards the point. There should be no
rotation on this ball. It should be really easily run on to, usually caught, just like,
that’s all it is. Get a friend, a couple of feet apart, pass back and forth. It’s
not so much your elbows and your shoulders. It’s more your wrist and you’re popping
your fingers. When you’re better at that, put some distance between you. Try to keep
it without rotation just a flick of the wrists. That’s all it is.

14 thoughts on “How to Play Rugby: Advanced : Advanced Rugby Pop Passing”

  1. Most players in the US only start around 18 or so, I started first year of college. Some schools have high school (secondary school) teams also.

  2. id like 2 c u play agenst any england player if you just had speed power and stamina not skill. it takes skill to actually win, if you cant handle a ball well or get through tackles using skill your fkd in rugby

  3. for all the people who think that americans suck at rugby, our best high school teams are incredible. Gonzaga tours Europe every year and sticks with some of the best teams their age in Europe. As soon as we make the pre-high school programs really popular, fifteen years from then we could easily make far into the World Cup. We have the athletes, better than most countries. We just lack the instincts and knowledge.

  4. @Esotrepid lol rugby isn't even in the olympics anymore though?
    they have never been to far in the world cup.
    p.s i'm not hating, i made that last comment on a different account when i was young thought i was mad and shit 🙂

  5. @Samax13 i live by highland and united, the two best high school teams in the nation. neither of which would do well overseas at all. american rugby really isn't very good comparatively yet.

  6. @stroketheboat eating is advanced too. anything not to do with eating self prepared meals that aren't too hot is advanced.

  7. @DaBigCheeseLuigi Oh come on! that's highly normal!!! My 2 year nephew? He eats soil. literally. He craws to our flower pot and eats it like brownies… ;p

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