How to Play Rugby: Advanced : Advanced Rugby Ruck & Tackle Drill

How to Play Rugby: Advanced : Advanced Rugby Ruck & Tackle Drill

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This is Pat Ryerson with Missoula All-Maggots. This
is Andy Smith. He is going to be holding rucking bag. This is Alex Baer and he is going to
be holding the tackling dummy. We are going to be doing the “Gordo Drill”. What it
is, is practicing our rucking skills on this pad right here. So I come in. I’ll be coming
in on this side and I’ll hit him, grab a leg, and push him over a ruck. Then I come
up to this one and this is a tackle. That’s the basic function, you run down and back.
That’s the basic function of a ruck being established and also a tackle. Visit the Maggots
at Now I’ll demonstrate the drill.

100 thoughts on “How to Play Rugby: Advanced : Advanced Rugby Ruck & Tackle Drill”

  1. wtf does the first man with pad want a broken arm

    don't ever hold the pad that way, you're asking to have it snapped

  2. Yeah thats pretty bad. First of all the guy holding the pad has a ball drop that and is offering no real resistance at ruck time…secondly the dude hitting it is coming from to far back. If your first to the breakdown and that far back…you deserve to lose it. If your not then you wont be clearing out. The tackle technique was bad and its not very realistic to a game situation. Its just a really bad drill

  3. that guy is trying to sow advance tips….. but his tackleing technic is crap! my 9yr old bro has a better technice than that guy!

  4. South Africa, New Zealand, Australia about 5 ๐Ÿ˜‰ but good luck guys, really enjoy watching you guys play sevens, maybe in the next 2-3 RWC's you'll make a mark ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Dont get rugby tips from a yank. When you hit the shield you have to make sure ur head is on the side otherwise you'll break your neck.

  6. If you get smacked in the teeth with a mouth piece (gum shield) all your teeth will get knocked out and they are meant to stop you from getting concusion

  7. they stop your teeth knocking together which causes the shock to pass through your head more easily,the mouthgaurds are basically a shock absorber to stop this happening and they stop you teeth from loosening by distributing the shock aroung your mouth and not on and individual teeth.

  8. terrible drilling…no leg drive in the tackle and no arms wrapped around when cleaning out at the ruck…stick to eating corn mate.

  9. #1 guys this vid is from expertvillage, some of their videos are done by complete noobs half the time
    #2 if you notice the guys technique, he is aiming down on the guy holding the mat's feet, obviously he cant use proper technique becuase the mat is bigger and flatter that the guys legs

  10. The real advanced tackling is to lie on the wrong side for as long as you can and make a mess out the opposition ball – until u get told off by the referee.

  11. @reclaimer468: Hey, if you don't like expertvillage videos, just make and post your pro ones, 'cause I just can't find any here, its being of help, so wtf? Should I sit here and wait for you pro quality vids or watch no vids while these are availabe?

  12. You are on Youtube.

    Type in 'rugby ruck' and watch the short clip from the New Zealand Rugby Academy for how to do it properly.

  13. nice one, the only sports you're better than us at are ones we dont play… any that england and america we're better at… does that not tell you something?

  14. this video is a joke!!! looking like a rugby player doesnt make you a rugby player… its true what they say, "those who cant, teach". and all this guy is teaching is bad habits. Come to New Zealand and try tackling like that and you'll quickly learn better technique hahahahahaha! gay video!

  15. He needs to get a lot lower on the tackle…and wrap up too. You can't just run the guy over you have to wrap up or he's allowed to get right back up and keep running.

  16. he put his head on the wrong side of every contact without fail… and he practically tackles with his head!?

    CHILDREN OF AMERICA ignore this video. the mans' an idiot. you're better off taking advice from a wrestling coach FFS.

  17. God. When it said leading experts at the start i was expecting the All Blacks or the fricken Wallabies at least. Not yanks ….

  18. As a rugby coach, I can definitely say this aligns roughly with where the rest of the rugby coaching world was about 30 years ago. Guys, check out a whole host of All Black/RSA clips, however in particular the London Irish training videos are superb for some advanced coaching techniques.

  19. @MrHumptynumpty Wow, you're definitely right there. Particularly the way his head was positioned in the last tackle. Everybody: If you want to break your neck playing rugby, this is how to do it.

  20. @MrHumptynumpty how to breeak your neck, advanced. I think the best guy for this job would be Bakkies Botha, the inforcer. Cause when he rucks he break there bones

  21. watta fucking idiot he does know that the mouth peice is so you dont get concussions right ? not your fucking teeth

  22. @customphoenixwings
    It's to protect the teeth. The protective helmet on his fucking head is to reduce the chance of a concussion.
    Having a mouth piece can stop concussions, but its main job is to protect damage to the teeth and the reduce injury to the upper jaw.
    And you say he's a fucking idiot? . . . Ironic.

  23. @customphoenixwings Can I ask, just out of curiosity, why you would happen to answer in such a retarded manner?


    You really should grow up. . . Maybe go and have a few beers, throw up all over yourself and then have a filthy little wank over a Wickenheiser. . . . That's what Canadians like to do right?

  24. @customphoenixwings Like the freak out videos. Where that guy goes fucking nuts over the smallest things. . .

    Yeah, thats pretty fun

  25. Ok i know this is tedious but here goes: if someone binds into the ruck at the back of his end, can he unbind and move into the scrumhalf position if his team has won the ball?

  26. @customphoenixwings Yeah it took you two months to reply, and all you can come up with is that.
    That says quite a lot really. . .

  27. @sXeLodge obviously this noob dosnt know the hakka, and im making cash moneys i have no time for lanky preteen fake rugby players who get hurt like soccer players

  28. @customphoenixwings Pre-teen? I'm fucking 21. . . Plus, I'm not lanky, I play Hooker – I'm small and muscular. I've been playing rugby all my life, and have played with dislocated shoulders in the past.

    Do you know how retarded you look right now? Stick to hockey, and wearing padding.

  29. @customphoenixwings If you had a torn achilles or broken knee cap you wouldn't be walking, let alone playing rugby. You're full of shit, I bet you don't even play for a team, you just sit in pubs and watch it on tv. If you had a torn achillies you would be having physio and rehab sessions, not rugby matches.

    You're a joke, you really are.

  30. @customphoenixwings If you broke your knee cap, you wouldn't even be able to bend your knee, let alone run with it.
    Achillies tendon tears need at minimum 4 weeks rehab, and you wouldn't be physically take the hits or make tackles with broken ribs. You could get away with a broken jaw with pain killers, but you'd have to be stupid. . . which you are, so that makes sense.

  31. @customphoenixwings So you didn't actually play with a broken knee cap cause it took 4 months to heal?
    Also, you don't need 3 weeks of surgery, you need 1 session of surgery, and then at least 4 weeks of rehab.

    As for growing some balls, you want me to grow some more? So I would have 4 balls?
    Maybe you should grow some balls and stop bullshitting. As for "try soccer" – lets not forget you wear padding in American Football and Ice Hockey. . . "try soccer" from you is quite ironic.

  32. @sXeLodge yeah right bitch im canadian, stick to cod kid, you have a long life to live. pftt 21 and has less balls then me. its sad to say tht you attemtped rugby

  33. @customphoenixwings Well that's the difference between you and me, you show off your injuries, but then, I don't get injured.

    Do yourself a favor – stop the bullshitting, and do something constructive. Nobody can actually believe you play the sport, because you tried to make out you played with a broken knee cap – even though you wouldn't be able to bend your knee, let alone run or play rugby.
    You're an embarrassment. Stick to playing waterboy, and let the real men play the game.

  34. @sXeLodge hahah a bench warmers words exzactly, how r u supposed to get hurt if u dont play? I dont show off my injuries i live by them, 2 months while healing from my knee cap i went back into the game i treat as war. Pussies cant play this game, consider your self lucky you play left out

  35. @customphoenixwings Yeah, you wouldn't be able to play after just 2 months. You'd be in cast for 8 weeks at the very least. You just keep bullshitting more and more.

    And the reason I don't get injured is because I'm still in good physical shape. I starred in every single game last season. 25 starts in 40 league games. . . is that being left out? Doesn't sound that way.
    You say pussies can't play this game – but you do. That's contradictive right there.

  36. @customphoenixwings I don't even know how to respond to this amount of bullshit. You're pretty funny though I'll give you that.

  37. @customphoenixwings Not really, cause you basically sat there and chatted bullshit.
    If you want to class that as a win go ahead, but anybody who reads your comments will just see that you're a spaz and that you're full of shit.

    Have fun bullshitting people and trying to make yourself look cool. I don't think it'll get you anywhere.

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  40. @customphoenixwings I agree with you completely, I tore my ac joint in my shoulder and missed an entire season with three months of physiotherapy and I couldn't even practice tackling drills or passing. A knee injury takes at least three months to properly heal, and it took me a year for my shoulder to get back to normal condition so I could move it without any pain. This kid is a load of shit and is not a true rugby player.

  41. if youre gunna demonstrate, at least get someone not american and someone that can actually play rugby….so someone not american

  42. @MegaBluntsmoka step over and get your body as low as possible and hold onto the jersey of the dud your rucking over on

  43. If your in a defensive ruck all you do is get your shoulder and head under the person rucking over (for the opposing team)and push as hard as you can

  44. im 13 and i play rugby and even i know your doing it was hitting the bag to high and your head was on the wrong side,when hitting the pad.

  45. No quality control on YouTube for sure. "And remember kids, wear our gum shield so you don't lose a tooth." Last I heard, those were to reduce risk of concussion – you're still going to lose a tooth is you take a blow at the right angle and force.

  46. Tackle the tackle bag low and put your arms round the contact bag, that is all wrong a referee could penalize you if u don't tackle low and clear a ruck correctly

  47. Not even trying to talk shit, these guys other videos are decent, but that lock demonstrating is clearly terrible, scrum cap for pad work? really?

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