How To Play Table Tennis – Reverse Pendulum Backspin Serve

How To Play Table Tennis – Reverse Pendulum Backspin Serve

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The reverse Pendulum serve is an excellent example of a serve which offers many opportunities to the server to produce different rotations It requires good control of the forearm hand and grip This tutorial is for left-handers for right-handers use the video as your mirror image Stand in the back-hand corner with your body position sideways to the table Throw the ball to the level of your head or slightly above Push your elbow back and elevate it to shoulder height. This will create room for forearm movement Your racket is first moving away from the body and then accelerating to the body. At the moment of contact move your forearm and hand forward towards the opponent. Keep the rest of your body moving Your upper body should follow your arm throughout the serve Contract your stomach muscles and make sure that your shoulders are finishing lower at the end of the serve Contact with the ball is made relatively close to the table For short serves, the first bounce is at the middle of your half the table. The second bounce is at the middle of your opponent’s half Make sure that you are mixing your short serves with long serves in order to keep things unpredictable for your opponent Long serves are normally very fast and speed is more important than rotation The first bounce for a long serve is close to the edge of the table on your side Aim to hit the far end of your opponent’s side of the table with your second bounce as close to the white line as possible Besides short and long versions of the serve, try to Master the skill of hitting the ball with different parts of the racket and at different stages of the movement This will result in completely different rotations, And it will make your opponent work hard to predict what you have just served Recover to a neutral grip as soon as you complete your serve.
Adjust your body position and distance from the table According to the type of return you expect from your opponent based on the serve you played If you master the reverse pendulum serve, it will give you a significant advantage at the initial stages of the Rally The key for success is your ability to generate a good spin and have several variations to your serve Surprise your opponent with the occasional fast long serve and give different spins by hitting balls at different stages for the short serve For more information check out our website. Thanks for watching and see you next time spins and skills upgrade your game

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