How to Play Women’s Lacrosse : Basic Cradling in Women’s Lacrosse

How to Play Women’s Lacrosse : Basic Cradling in Women’s Lacrosse

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Alright, so when you’re playing lacrosse,
you’re generally running down the field and you’ve got the ball and so you don’t just
jar the ball right out of your stick when you’re running. We do something called “cradling”.
It’s basically, the point of cradling is to keep the ball in possession, to keep control
of the ball and also to be able to dodge players when they try to check the ball out of your
stick or hit the your stick with their stick and hit the ball out and get possession of
it. There’s different ways to do it, lots of different ways to cradle but the basic
cradle, you kind of put your elbow onto your side and you pretend like it’s glued there
and it acts like a hinge to the door. And you’re holding the top of your stick as well
and they kind of, your hands need to move in unison like you’re opening and closing
the door and your elbows would be like the hinge, to follow with that metaphor. With
the ball it looks something like this. Some points that you want to pay attention to:
players cannot check or hit your stick in between your hands, so the further you hold
them apart, the less area they have to check. So that’s a smart way to hold your stick so
you can’t get checked as easily. Like holding it here there’s a lot of area that players
can hit my stick to get the ball out. So you just do like this and this is the basic cradle.

50 thoughts on “How to Play Women’s Lacrosse : Basic Cradling in Women’s Lacrosse”

  1. Top hand should be below the plastic head about 6 inches. Keep the cradle up by your ear, then to your nose. Every other step you take, the cradle moves from ear to nose. That way you are always in "Triple Threat" and ready to shoot, pass, or cradle.

  2. if you would like to do this more efficiently hold the stick with your dominant hand sideways at the top of the stick and grab it with your other hand hold it vertically. let the stick stay loose and let it move easily in your hand while moving your wrist

  3. youu shouldnt put your top hand that high up bc its harder annd you could get bloody knuckles if someone hits it

  4. seriously, this is a basic way to learn how to cradle. its not like people dramatize it this much on a regular basis. You're doing great:)

  5. Personally, I didn't learn anything from this…… which isn't the best thing since I'm brand new to lacrosse and I have trouble cradling but you sound like a good teacher… I guess.

  6. Putting ur hand that high up makes you pass really bad and its unhelpful to hold it tht way… my coach wuld make me run if she saw me holding it like that.

  7. I was so confused! Haha but then I looked at the date and it explained everything. They've changed a lot since then.

  8. Swaggedbanana are you a failed comedian ? well seems to me that I don't get the Joke . Swag ???? xp

  9. Correction your Azz is Stupid -got your nerve posting a stupid comment on my page on one of my video's -and to think I would post it – Your Stupid !!!!

  10. I wanna play but I don't want to wear short shorts/ a skirt- are there any girls teams that get to wear the awesome stuff guys do?

  11. guys wear padding because guys lacrosse is violent. guys lacrosse is completely different from girls lacrosse. there is no need to wear all that padding in girls lacrosse and trust me, you don't want to be wearing all that while running in the heat.

  12. Thank you for the tutorial and it helped me a lot, but I could help but laugh every time you said "shtick"!!

  13. Is their checking in girls lacrosse can you push someone way if their trying to take the ball in front of you

  14. Thank you for the video. As a new coach to women's lacrosse, my first question is this:

    If Melissa, the offensive player, goes to one hand and somewhat of a crouching run to protect the ball, can I as a defender poke her stick (on either the shaft or head of the stick itself) to try to make her drop the ball, as long as I am not rough about it and avoid her head/sphere/face mask? Thanks. 

  15. @IWillBeMe4Life not arguing with you or anything, but i've gotten hit in the lacrosse many times, in the mouth, legs, and shoulders.

  16. Hey! Did you coach for a lacrosse camp over this summer. It was an overnight camp, but I'm pretty sure you were my coach!

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