How to Play Women’s Lacrosse : Cradling Overhead in Women’s Lacrosse

How to Play Women’s Lacrosse : Cradling Overhead in Women’s Lacrosse

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Alright now the basic cradle is very useful
but you have got to learn how to cradle through defenders and still be able to protect the
ball so you do not lose it. And one of those ways is to practice cradling over your head.
Cradling over your head kind of gives you a way to move through people without hitting
them and without having the stick so easy to be checked. So it is going to look like
this. Your lower arm, the arm holding the bottom of your stick normally stays a bit
more stationary then with the basic cradle, and your top hand is moving more. Now you
want to be conscious of the fact that you have about a twelve inch imaginary sphere
around your head that you cannot cradle in. I cannot cradle like this. Because if someone
were to legally check my stick that would be very dangerous because it would be close
to my face. And so that is a rule, if you cradle in your sphere the referees will call
that and turn over the ball to the other team. So when you cradle over your head you want
to make sure that you are at least a foot away from your head and sometimes it helps
to practice doing that in front of a mirror, so that you can get your bearings about how
far you are from your head, but just make sure that you are not in your sphere. And
you can use this to cradle through players so that it is a little bit more difficult
for them to get the ball.

8 thoughts on “How to Play Women’s Lacrosse : Cradling Overhead in Women’s Lacrosse”

  1. From the Lax rule book:

    Field players may pass, catch or run with the ball in their crosse. … A player may not protect the ball in her crosse by cradling so close to her body or face so as to make a legal, safe check impossible for the opponent.

    So the poster of the video has it right.

  2. True enough, I looked at the woman's lacrosse rules. But assuming the girl's lacrosse rules are written that way, it seems foolish as it increases the chance that someone will be tempted to check while a stick is heading towards that 5 inch sphere and you could get more head hits.

  3. ok girls lax is gay just put on a helmet and u can cradle where ever u want 2

  4. You should never cradle over your head,they will call that.I know protecting your stick from being checked,i mean i really don't get checked its really how your cradle and your stick skills are and how you can move the stick,TRY MOVING YOUR TOP HAND A LITTLE DOWN WHEN CRADLING.

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