How to Play Women’s Lacrosse : Defensive Strategies in Women’s Lacrosse

How to Play Women’s Lacrosse : Defensive Strategies in Women’s Lacrosse

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Alright, now I’m just going to talk a little
bit on defense. There’s two main defensive strategies that you can utilize for your team.
The first, of course, is man, which is kind of already drawn out here. Basically, what
it is, is the very beginning when you set up for the draw, you’re going to be paired
with a player from the opposite team and you just say that that’s your player for the rest
of the game that you’re marking, and it’s your goal, it’s your job to be on them and
to make sure that they’re not getting any passes, that if they get the ball, you’re
there defending them. And sometimes, you can do, kind of man where you’re communicating
with your other team. If you need to switch players, pick up another player’s man if they
went to a different player, because they were closer or whatever, that’s, that’s a different
way you can make that work. But some disadvantages to man defense is that it’s very tiring, that
sometimes it’s difficult to communicate with, because you, there are players that are closer
to the person who has the ball, but it’s your player so you have to run over there and get
it, and your other teammate doesn’t pick up the player. It can just be a little bit more
difficult to do. And definitely more energy is spent doing man defense. But the other
defense that you can do is zone defense, which is used a lot in basketball too, so it’s,
it’s a little bit, if you’ve played basketball, it’s a little bit easier to understand. But
basically what you do, defense, you know, when you’re around the goal you’re defending,
let’s say this is the red team’s goal they’re defending, so, right here, you as defenders,
you have a zone that’s yours, that you, whoever players from the opposite team that come in
there, you’re defending that zone. So normally you have the point and cover point by the
crease, and they normally try to stay pretty close to the crease so players can’t get between
them, between them and the goalie. That’s definitely as a defender, your main job as
far as body positioning is to try to keep yourself between the player with the ball
and the goalie, so that’s cutting off their lane to shoot. But you have cover point and
point, on the creases, and then you have your other defensive players picking up a zone
around the goal. And so basically, whatever players come into their zone, they’re guarding
them. So this makes a little bit more sense so, ’cause your defenders are a little bit
more stationary, they’re not running everywhere their player goes, they’re staying in their
specific area and just marking the players as they come in to their, to their zone. So
that’s a lot less energy expenditure and there’s, if you communicate well, it’s a better defense
because then it’s, it’s, you’re using teamwork instead of maybe just your individual efforts
to guard players. Everyone’s guarding the players. And you can also, you can blend the
two defenses together, sometimes you’ll have a star player on the opposite team that you
want to get someone to mark from your team all the time,that’s always with them, kind
of taking them out of the game, but the rest of the players play zone. You can, you can
blend it to different, different things. You’ll say that maybe one player from your defense
is always marking the person with the ball, and then the rest of the players do a zone
for the players that don’t have the ball. There’s different ways that you can blend
it. But that’s basically the two different types of defense you can do with women’s lacrosse.

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