How to Play Women’s Lacrosse : Types of Catches in Women’s Lacrosse

How to Play Women’s Lacrosse : Types of Catches in Women’s Lacrosse

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Alright, now like I said, passing is a very
important part of the game, but with that you also have to be able to catch the ball.
So we’re going to talk a little bit about catching. Because on women’s lacrosse sticks
the pocket is so shallow, you have to really buffer the pass when you catch it, kind of
like you’re catching an egg or like a water balloon toss kind of thing. You’re really
trying to buffer the pass as you catch it so it doesn’t bounce right out of your stick.
So what you’re going to do is when you’re calling for the ball or saying like “Hey I’m
open” you’re going to have your stick ready out here. Point it out. Your bottom hand is
near the end of the stick. You’re kind of always gripping the butt of your stick so
you don’t have much area that can be checked by other players. And you’ve got your top
hand at just a comfortable position on the top of the stick, wherever it’s comfortable.
And you’re asking for the ball…”I’m open I’m open”…and the ball, they throw it, it’s
coming towards you, you’re watching it, watching it, you want the ball to make contact when
you’re about at this position with your net. So you need to time the pass so you bring
back your stick with the speed of the ball. But you want it to make contact about right
here at this position, then you give with the ball for the rest so it doesn’t bounce
out of your stick. So it’s going to be this motion, but when we do an example with the
ball it’ll make a little bit more sense. But because sometimes you’ve got a lot of players
around you and you’re trying to get the ball so you can do a shot or something like that,
you have to learn how to catch with both of your hands. So just learn how to do the reverse
with the other hand. But you also, you sometimes don’t have time to switch hands, so you catch
on your offside. So if I’m right-handed I’ve got my right hand at the top of the stick
and my left hand at the bottom in the basic cradling starting out position. I’m going
to go to the other side and I’m going to ask for the ball. Similar, my right arm is crossing
my body — this will be opposite if you’re left-handed of course — but I’m calling for
the ball like this, and when the ball comes I’m going to give more in like a circular
motion than going straight back when I’m on my offside, just because I can’t go straight
back like this; that’s uncomfortable and my arm gets into my face. But I’m giving like
this with the ball and then I can go right back into my cradle. So this is good for short,
little quick passes that you’re trying to make in front of the goal so you can score
a goal.

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  1. thank you!! I just started lacrosse and i noticed that whenever i catch the ball bounced out of my net so i had to catch it when it bounced off the ground!

    now i see what i've been doing wrong. thanks 😀

  2. As a lacrosse coach I can appreciate this video. It covers the basics. Basics can be a bit boring but until you understand and can properly execute the basics you will never become a better player. I give this video 5 stars.

  3. i am just starting lacrosse. are these good videos to teach me becuase i dont wanna get lessons but i want to play. but none of my friends play

  4. I apologize for not answering sooner. Yes, I think these videos are good. But, don't overwhelm yourself by trying to learn everything at once. Pick one video, and work on just that one topic for a day. Then pick another video and repeat. Rotate your videos so you don't get bored. One of the most important things you will need to learn is to cradle. Practice with both hands. Find a club or rec team to join. You'll make new LAX friends! And, most importantly, keep it fun! Good Luck!

  5. wow i never new there were so mant haters out there u ppl need to like stop comenting shit in mean ways if u dont like the video or dont like womens lax theen why watch the video at all she trying to help ppl not for ppl to leave nasty comments cuz they have no lfes so knock ur shit of haters

  6. Girl's lax is much more skill oriented, you pretty much have to have stick work perfection
    Men's lax is much more physical.
    I've played both men's and women's (school didn't have women's when i first joined), and I've found the men's to be more physically demanding, but women's more mentally demanding

  7. dont say "the 2009's" and actually think it makes sense.
    i see where you're coming from, but what you're doing is adding fuel to the fire. you're just as bad as the other ignorant, biased morons here when you make comments like that.

  8. I love lacrosse, i'm going into senior level next year and really looking forward to it. The game changes so much as you get older, awesome sport :). We're going on a tour to the USA which should be awesome 😀

  9. @xbabeepink I felt like you before. I was like "this is so stupid, i dont get it". But if you try out for the team, once people explain it a little it's really easy! Easiest sport I've played actually.

  10. @itunes272 Just get a cheap stick you dont need a great one if you're just starting. I play boys lax and thats what i did. After a few years start buying better sticks. The first one you get should last you a few years though my first stick recently broke after 7 years of using it.

  11. @MISSILY2010 Girls lax isn't more skilled than guys lax. Most college shots are shot around 90 to 100 mph. What takes more skill is getting hit in the stomach or hit in the head and still being able to hold the ball. I will admit that it seems to take more skill to use a girl stick but other than that boys lacrosse takes more skill in every way.

  12. @katiebearlax915
    Do you thing you can give me some instruction on how to catch, I play Lacrosse last year on the JV team and I learned well enough to play but I'm still not confident in my catching, passing and shooting. This year there are less girls playing so there is only a Varsity Team and I would love to start but I need more practice. If you can get back to me on this that would be great! Thanks

  13. Ur an expert and have been playing for 6 years wow amazing! I've played soccer for 10 years and I'm not considered an expert so please ur not an expert. And please stop hunching over! God your like the damn hunchback of notre dame!

  14. womens Lax is harder to get down because of the shallow pocket so craddeling doesn't feel natural but mens you have a deeper pocket its a bit more natural

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