How to Play Women’s Lacrosse : Types of Shots in Women’s Lacrosse

How to Play Women’s Lacrosse : Types of Shots in Women’s Lacrosse

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Alright, now I’m just going to show you a
variety of different shots that you can utilize as an offender to score goals. The first one,
of course, is what I just showed you. It’s a straight on shot with your top hand as close
to the head of the stick as possible. It’s powerful and it’s strong, and it’s directing.
You’re trying to shoot at open parts of the net. Some techniques that you can use, of
course, is to always make sure that you’re looking at the open net and not at the goalie,
because sometimes, subconsciously, you’ll throw where you’re looking. So, make sure
you’re eyes are directed at the net or that you have a good idea of where you’re trying
to get the ball. Corners are always good areas to shoot at because it’s difficult for the
goalie to get to it. Another thing is if the goalie is holding the big stick like this,
if you shoot down here in this corner, where his feet are, that’s the furthest, hardest
place for him to get to. If you can get it in to that corner, you’ve normally got a goal.
Now, different shots you can do are also a bounce shot, which is a little bit more unpredictable,
it’s a little bit harder to aim with it, but it’s also difficult for the goalie to block
because they don’t know how the ball is going to bounce. So, you take the ball, and you’re
going to step, of course, like you are shooting, but you throw it at the goalies feet or maybe
2 or 3 feet in front of the goalies feet so that it bounces and hopefully goes in to the
goal somewhere. Another way that you can shoot is also, if there’s a crease that you’re running
around, you can actually take the ball and you can shovel it and back pass it in to the
goal. You just have to make sure that you have an eye looking at the goal, because one
of the rules is that you can’t shoot and not be looking where you’re shooting, because
it’s a dangerous shot. So, I’m going to give an example of that with Melissa. Alright,
first I’m going to show you the bounce shot. I’m holding my stick with my top hand near
the head of the stick. I’m going to step with my opposite foot, only I’m coming down and
I’m bouncing it. Hopefully the ground is a little bit harder when you play so the ball
bounces up, but definitely, that’s one of the shots that you can do. Another shot you
can do is the shovel shot. I’m going to come from this side and I’m cradling, and I’m looking
at the goalie like I’m going to shoot, but instead, I’m going to roll it down. Did you
get that? I’m going to do it one more time. I’m cradling like maybe I’m going to shoot,
but instead, I come down and I shovel it in to the goal. I make sure my vision is watching
the ball so that I’m not breaking a rule by doing a dangerous shot and not watching where
I’m shooting.

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  1. dis iz a joke lmaoo i feel bad for dis lady, SHES ANNOYING. she has no idea wat shes talkin bout 1:48 proves she dnt kno anything lol she cnt even pick up da ball. ill luv 2 cross check her in da mouth so she wnt b able 2 talk anymore. learn how to pick up da ball!!! lacrosse 101 nd shes tryna teach us sutin hahah yuhr a joke lady might as well put a blind person 2 show em how its done…

  2. thanks this is really helpful im thinking of trying out for the girl's jv lax team at my school the problem is ive never played lax before in my life so thanks this is really helpful!

  3. isn't her hands way to high? I thought your upper hand should be about 3/4 up the stick or so. I learned you don't have great control when your hand is high. (plus you will get easily hurt if you get checked)

  4. @laxitup09 yeah she does…its helpful to people who havent played before…maybe you shouldnt be watching beginner lax vids if you know so much about lacrosse

  5. @sesemist yeah ur hand is supposed to be half way on the stick cause it's not too powerful and it doesn't go far when ur hand all the way up

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