How to Replace a Sliding Glass Door Track

How to Replace a Sliding Glass Door Track

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Today, we’re going to replace a worn down vinyl sliding door track with the SWISCO 80-106 6′ sliding glass door track. While we’ll be using the six foot track, please note. There’s also an 8 foot track available To remove the screen back off the rollers by turning the adjustment screws counterclockwise With the tension off the rollers you can [now] pry the screen door off We’re using a 90 degree angle pry Bar scraper Next remove the stationery glass door check to [see] if there are any clips or brackets securing the door in place With this door here We will need to remove the top [and] bottom sill Pocket fillers Next check the backside [of] the stationary door to see if [there’s] anything else securing it to the frame Oftentimes there are clips or screws holding it in place with all of the clips screws and brackets removed? Slide the stationary door and lift it off the track Lastly remove the sliding door just like with the screen door you will need to back off both the front and rear Rollers by turning the screws counterclockwise creating more space for removal Once the doors are removed mark the location of the old track rail at both ends Use a pry bar to remove the old track as you [can] see the old track is worn down which caused the door to stick Lay the new Track Alongside the old track mark the length of the old track then cut the new track with a hacksaw Next line up the new track with the markings you made for the old tracks rail Be sure to leave the same size gap at each end of the track which is important for water drainage Mark and drill the screw holes and install the securing screws in the track One screw at each end of the track should be fine for most Patio doors the weight of the Patio door will keep the track down If your original track had an elevated position you can use a strip of pressure treated wood to raise up the new track Take note with the sliding door removed. It may be a good time to replace the rollers if they’re worn down Take a look at our other video on replacing sliding glass door wheels With the [new] track secured in place. You can install the doors back onto the main frame of the track starting with the sliding door Reinstall the stationary door Fasten the set screws at the back of the stationary door then reinstall the pocket [pillars] being careful not to damage them Finally reinstall the screen door adjust the rollers on all doors making sure the doors slide close and lock properly

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  1. I assume you guys sell all this stuff I have to do this repair and probably rollers to but I live in Utah and it's winter with five dogs I am constantly opening and shutting that effing door

  2. Crappy plastic parts! I installed a cheap version of one of these doors and you CANNOT remove the doors, without cutting the frame apart, as the doors were put in and then the frame plastic welded around them, no header or footer to remove, period. The rollers are about 1/4 inch on two tracks, plastic welded to the door. The track is in one piece, with no removable part. Give me an old single pane aluminum framed one you can work on, any day! IF you have one of these cheap plastic doors, replace with aluminum, or if you really want to spend $3,000 on a better quality plastic one instead, be my guest, but you can find the old style aluminum for under $600, although they may be cheap double panes, instead of thick single pane.

  3. Mine isn't vinyl it's aluminum and.i have no idea where to get the track. I'll need the wheels too! Help!!!!! Please!

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