How to Snow Ski : Hitting Snow Skiing Jumps

How to Snow Ski : Hitting Snow Skiing Jumps

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In this segment I’m going to be teaching you
how to hit a basic jump. When you’re first starting out, you’re going to make sure to
pick a smaller jump. One that you’re more comfortable with. You’re not going to want
to pick one that’s going to boost you off the front of it, getting a lot of air, you
just would really want to get comfortable with taking off and landing properly, so then
you could eventually move up to hitting the bigger jumps and doing some of the bigger
tricks. Now what you first would really want to focus on, like I mentioned before, is being
in the proper stance. You want your feet, shoulder width apart, allowing for you to
have the proper balance and you want your hands out in front. If your hands are back
here or if you’re leaning back, you’re going to take off the jump and it’s going to kick
you, in the back seat and you’re going to end up landing on your back or landing on
the backs of your skis and your skis are going to fall off. You also don’t want to be leaning
to far forward because then you’re going to end up doing the exact opposite and you’re
going to, eventually, come forward and you can smack the face and it’s just no fun and
then it helps prevent injuries, when you’re just in the proper stance. So with the proper
stance, with a little bit of pressure on the front of your boots, you’re going to go and
as you come up, to a lip, you’re going to pop, slightly. You’re not going to jump like
really high and hard because the lip of the jump will actually do that for you but you
want to pop with the jump. Then, when you’re in air, you want to suck your knees up, a
little bit and then when you’re coming back down, you want to keep your knees down and
bent a little bit but not super far, like this, because, if you do that then you’re
just going to compress and bounce off of it, so just leave them, a little bit up, so you
can take the landing. Then when you land, come back up, to your normal stance, and ski
away. So now I’m going to be giving you, a basic run through, on how to start off hitting
jumps. What you want to do, what you don’t want to do, pretty much the speed, the stance
and everything like that. So starting off, you want to make sure you’re still in your
stance, having your feet should width apart, hands out in front, I can’t stress that enough.
You don’t want to be back seat, you don’t want to be too far forward and when you’re
first starting out, you’re going to want to pick a smaller jump, just so you’ll feel more
comfortable doing it, you want to take baby steps, with learning how to do freestyle tricks.
You don’t want to jump up and just hit something that’s way to far, past your ability. So,
what I’m going to do now is just go off. I’m going to walk you through hitting the jump,
when you’re supposed to pop, when you’re supposed to land and everything like that. So now I’m
going to go and get a little bit of speed because this jump is not that big but you
want to go and don’t take off at an edge, pop a little bit and then land like that and
ride it out. Also, another thing that you don’t want to do is you don’t want to stop
too close, to the landing of the jump. You want to make sure that you clear out of the
way, just so people, who are hitting the jump behind you, can hit the jump without having
to worry about hitting you or landing on you and just to make it so it’s just safer and
more fun for everybody. And that’s how you go off and start hitting a jump.

100 thoughts on “How to Snow Ski : Hitting Snow Skiing Jumps”

  1. thank you for sharing these teaching……….freestyle is nice but some time is hard to learn things on your way when u are 40 years old like me 😛

  2. I like your effort on these vids. Good info for the younger folks. Us old guys used to do some of that stuff in the 70's and 80's with long skis. I liked your sound with wireless mic but a few suggestions next time use two cameras on both sides of the jump, show it in slow motion and wear different color pants that contrast from the color of the snow. Keep up the good work.

  3. @freeskipro30 ofc it is a shit jump ;s
    he is showing noobs hot to jump, he wont take the biggest jump to show how to jump

  4. why doesnt he put the knee brace under his pants? also this guy has no style and cant explain shit. how did he get this job?

  5. i can't do all the trickthis guy can do, but i can hit a pretty decent size jump straight on. i appreciate his skills and attempt to teach others, but he is pretty bad at explaining the motions.

  6. @PowerMetalGuitarz Hmm, last I checked, when you jump you leave the ground… he left he ground… so he jumped. Its a jump.

  7. haha id probly do sumthin stupid and just try jumping over the shadows of the lifts and fail and look really stupid lol

  8. If you lean forward or backwards, you're gonna have a bad time. If your hands are in front of you you're gonna have a bad time…

  9. when i first went skiing it just was too fast for me and it was really scary and my asshole friends made me go to the top of the mountain and it was soo fucking steep and horrible…but i know im getting twintips for christmas so i guess i have to learn now..

  10. i was looking for advice. i am a good skier and can hit anything on the mountain except for one jump. it is 30-35 feet in length and hass 15-20 verticle feet of air at the crest of ur flight. i have the distance and approach down but always end up with my legscompressed no matter wat i do. can someone give me any tips on how to avoid get my legs compressed cause when they do i cant get back to standing normal and then get thrown on a bumb cause im so far back

  11. so heres what I would try if I had that problem, lift your legs up closer to you chest and then extend them slowly on your way down, leaning just a tad forward, and/or just go at it with no fear of falling or anything convince yourself you can do this and it wont even hurt if i wall the snow is like a pillow. usually its the part that your not convinced that you can do it so you wont try 100% and usually thats y people are looking up how to for advice and it helps with the fear of messing up.

  12. im not scared doing it i hit it 100 percent its just the landing i cant get. i hit it five times and didnt get it and stopped after the second time i got up seeing blurry lol. but i will definetly try that

  13. I have recently started to do jumps. I am 51 years old. I landed 25 of 27 jumps this season. Towards the end they were getting bigger — the ramp was about 3 or 3 1/2 feet high. Yes, I was too far forward and did a face plant. That was not fun at all. Then they made the ramps too big where I ski, (About 5 feet high) so no more jumps this year. Yes, is is fun — it is cool being in the air.

  14. Also when you move on to a little larger jumps. If you go to slow you'll land to close to the ramp where it is flat and that will really fuck up your knees and back.

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  16. thanks for the info and where would i get a knee brace like the one in the video i have torn my acl and want to ski again

  17. If you get too far back you don't eject, if you have a reasonable DIN for jumping. You do what we call a plank, smack your skis down really hard and get a lot of boot bang…

  18. Cracks me up, "hey guys I'm only doing stupid vids cuz I blew my acl" hahaha knee brace shows how tiny your legs are, hit the gym

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