How to throw a Cross in boxing (A step by step guide for Beginners)


Hi there, I’m Mike Gales for Everlast
Nutrition. Welcome to our little video series on proper boxing technique.
In this video we’re going to show you how to properly throw your cross.
Let’s get to it. How to properly throw your cross. First off, what is a cross? The
cross is a power punch that is thrown from your rear hand. It travels across
your body. Hence the name cross. The cross is the hardest punch that you can throw.
That is because it has enough distance between your hand and the
target, to properly accelerate and deliver force. When your elbow is
kept straight, it is the punch that has the most body weight behind it.
Remember to have your lead shoulder angled towards the center of your
opponent. Keep your hands up. Keep those shoulders up. Remember to keep your chin down but have your eyes up and looking at your opponent. Keep your feet diagonally apart with the rear heel up. Let’s take a look at what your hand position is
going to be for the cross. The punch is thrown from the rear hand which is
always kept high to protect your face. Like the jab, the cross is a
straight punch. Notice how the elbow is kept in. It doesn’t flare out to the side. The lead hand is also kept high to
properly defend your head. Lets look at your shoulder position. I’m
going to slow this one down because this point is crucial. Notice when the punch
is thrown that the shoulder comes high up to protect the chin. The head goes
down a little bit and the shoulder comes up so the chin is always protected.
Novices will usually throw a punch and leave the chin totally exposed. Let’s take a look at your foot
position. Notice that you’re still in your boxing stance. This is where having
your rear heel up is going to pay dividends. Push off the floor of that rear foot. Rotate your hips and transfer your
weight and drive all of your weight forward behind that punch. The faster
that you are able to push off the floor to swivel your hips and accelerate your
core, the harder you’re going to punch. Let’s take a look at a cross thrown to the body. Just like throwing the jab to the body, you want to switch levels. You don’t
want to be reaching down leaving your face exposed. Switch levels to throw
a cross to the body. Either to the body or to the face, all of the power of your
cross comes from the rotation of your hips and your core. The drawback to the
cross is that because it’s further away from your target, it’s a harder punch to
land. Your opponent can usually see it coming. Therefore it’s usually a wise
idea to set up a cross with your jab. The jab doesn’t have to be hard. Just
throw it light because you’re about to hurt him with a cross.
A quick recap. The cross is thrown from the rear hand. It is going straight across
your body using the rotation of your hips. Keep your elbow in. Keep your
arm straight. The Cross is the most powerful punch that you can throw. Notice that the rear heel is up. Push off the floor with your rear foot to cause
rotation of your hips. That will transfer the weight forward and give you
a more powerful punch. Because it is further from the target,
set the cross by first throwing your jab. Keep your eyes on that target and
protect yourself at all times. This has been Mike Gales for Everlast
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thanks for tuning in.

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