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Alright, some few things I wanna talk about really quick is A: I’m still recovering from a nasty stomach infection where it’s You don’t really know where it came from but that’s why I really haven’t been uploading for last the week– S- Sorry about that. Still feel kind of shit now probably pale. (Hope you get better! :D) I’M PALE ANYWAY!!1!1! NOMME ??? :^ B: The second thing is I want to give a kind of background to this video real quick and Uhhhhhhh… Just kinda explain what the hell you’re gonna watch so this whole video is basically around a sponsorship that I did with a Rugby club- that kind of just… Escalated out somewhere that I’d never really think was possible, but I reached out to this Rugby club, UH. It’s a local Rugby Club the I have been to for many many years played against many many times I asked if they needed any help so one of the guys just head up with the club used to be my-my manager, So he can I got me in touch with everybody. He was like; Yeah! Don’t Worry! I got you! 😀 This should be a lot of fun and he can escalate it from I want this to be a sponsorship to… What you’re about to see so I really didn’t be real quick, and I run the video And then I come to you guys they’ve ever answer to talk about everything going off, rightGUVJHBKFHDYGHBSD- He’s come a long way since arriving at City of Derry Rugby Club on the foil in Londonderry College School Bus. Craig Thompson’s rise in popularity has been eye catching over the last few years. The 22 year old; from Edmonton who’s a gamer and youtuber called Mini Ladd has more than four million subscribers. (Yay, free Shoutout! :D) *gibberish.* Sponsorship of City of Derry over the next 10 years is believed to be in the region of a quarter of a million Pounds. ($330,400.00 in U.S Dollars) I played seven years worth of Foil College rugby. It was in my First Three years and every single year I came to down here played in this pitch many many times I live not too far away from here myself, so I come down here at Boxing Day. I would come down And just chill so this is kind of like a second home for me That’s why I want to kind of give back to the local community for just kind of like all the years of joy this brought me really For City of Derry rugby club, it would make perfect sense to rename the stadium Well if somebody comes in and decides to sponsor you for 10 years and make sure that our Cross Community oftrue rugby bringing kids together Can be sustainable to the next 10 years, and he’s prepared to invest in it and we’re happy enough to do that it is a very special weekend for Craig Thompson as He visits the stadium now named after him to meet players and staff He has no intention of returning to the field of play He says he’s going to stick to doing what he does best. So I just realized, I haven’t actually introduced its blog yet. So welcome to this video (Glad to be here!) What’s goin on Ladd’s, It’s Mini here. Welcome to this random vlog as you can see it by the title this is Something very very strange and something very very different in my life. I’m gonna cut it here This is kind of like towards the end of the day of the very very important day We’re gonna cut back to the very start. I wanna see how this unfolds AWESOME MONTAGE SESSION!!!!! Can I have an Autograph? 😀 (WOOOO!!! CONGRATS MINI!!) Up close and personal AMIRITE? 😀 Shawn is here, If you give yourself plug I’ve known this man for about, God since help 3 to 3 years old I’m looking for a very very views the camera for the day close you know about Meet reason why I’m called main like the guy who lived up my street called Craig, and we started calling mini because our younger That’s brother, so shows. I’m like gonna come around for the day. How’s it going so far? Record this you guys this is the first time most you guys are gonna see this I’m the front to set right there the giant one up there. This is my day Pretty good The Big M on the side yeah over there You gotta have everywhere over there. I’ll tell you guys a proper tour everywhere. Yeah, you see the giant one on Ya the giant one on top Which just times where this is the manual yeah, I Would also like to welcome our new VN sponsor Craig Thompson Days between BBC and radio or memory you know Craig has made million hats on his as website YouTube Following story they are my prayer for meeting high Perspective I Just want to crack Sean Riggs have 900 million Nine hundred million, but you can 4.5 billion subscribers And you want to university for about three weeks was under so we just decided just to satisfy your dad It was great how such a success story from Louisville is McKagan home, and we’re delighted that you’re on board From the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much No exactly the best first match, but at the same time is just really cool seeing they lied Okay, so we’re chilling out for your arrest tonight. Sean is just Sean What do you think about the whole thing So that’s the thing that’s happened in my life That and then there’s just male ad kind of you can let the sign over there We’re sort of changing because they realize it wasn’t straight. Also if you guys want to get your murse today There’s a link in the description and there’s also a link right there in the Billboard male add three black.com Get your merch today. This is like litter on the blog I’m just going to record it now Because if you guys pulled me on Twitter and Instagram plays a guy you guys quite realized that oh I’m gonna die I’m gonna die. I’ll go over here and do it over here This is litter on in the vlog, but at the same time I kind of want to address it because it hasn’t really been a thing yet so filming on Twitter and Instagram and all okay So if you realize I should go to girlfriend recently So I feel like now it’s kind of a better time than ever to introduce her we’d like to come in Age sex location okay So this is Samantha or side a on twitch doesn’t do YouTube nor does she have any real plan of doing YouTube It’s not my thing oh, they’re all vicious Yeah, how do you feel what this whole thing it’s still pretty weird. I mean. It’s really cool that they’re giving you the recognition everything but Cuz the same time like you even said yourself many times like you just know me as Craig you kind of forget that many lot is also a thing so saying all of this you’re like ah Comment section take care of the small fold The focus wait wait oh yeah Queen so this has been the craziest of my day so far if you realize this is exactly the same spot where I started my intro so So what’s gonna happen now? We’re gonna. Go inside Ireland’s first South Africa is going on national. We’re gonna go a chillin Up Here a little bit until later on where I talk to you guys and just explain everything on Hope you guys we go in the plaza fine. I love you bad It’s the whole thing is select really overwhelming the whole thing really still doesn’t make sense. I can’t like walk Don’t you go on in the video a little bit life can be very doom and gloom a can be very down Depressing no matter. Where are you from and for me? I come from a very rural background to the point Where kind of growing up in and around there? There’s not much hope for? Anything really and so I don’t know one blow there can relate if you promise Small towns even bigger cities where it can be a very very overwhelming like coming to LA is extremely overwhelming so I can’t want to Give people that glimmer of hope and saying that it doesn’t matter where you’re from it doesn’t matter what your background is You can kind of do what you want cuz for me I never expected any of this to happen so with me even sponsoring this ropey Club. It can get a lot of the people who Maybe wouldn’t even try rugby before or who wouldn’t even try and sort of get out there a little bit more Because they’re too Frater to kind of like Closed off from everything like I was for a lot of my life to be honest with you because it doesn’t really matter what it Is whether it’s rugby? Whether it’s watching mini live videos or whatever because I know they love people as well who’s reached out to me saying Hey like I’ve met so my best friends because we all watch mail-out videos or my girlfriend or my wife or Crazy things like that so the one thing that I cannot thought about going forth is where we sponsorship it’s a because it’s really funny having it’s Taken after me and be Because it doesn’t really matter what it is as long as you have a common ground to get started with something Like with rugby for example if you like rugby then you already know everyone who’s there also like froakie so you already have that common garden to get going and make friendships make relationships make swear that make whatever with same thing with the whole mail-id thing is like even though my odd is me I understand that it can become like a bigger thing in the sense that people can come around and there’s a community and based in and Around my video so even if the common ground is people watching my videos I want to give people that little push to say like hey if you want to go out there you go do it Don’t let anybody hold you back. He’s even with me like I have no shame in admitting up old people many times I got straight bullied at school before doing YouTube But I still persevered and the funny thing in though is going back to those same people. And going fuck you sunshine I guess we’re going to leave this video. I think y’all so much for watching Moral the story if this entire video is don’t let anybody hold you back seriously no matter what it is I’ve talked about many videos before whether it is YouTube whether it is Music acting doing whatever you want even if it is going down to a pottery class But you know people to laugh at you for some weird reason just go out there, and do it enjoy life enjoy for everything It’s worth
There’s so many opportunities out there you just gonna reach out and take it don’t let anybody say otherwise Cuz otherwise the other ones gonna. Hold you back in there They’re from where you’re not gonna invite to anything themselves go prove them wrong not for me. Not for your family Not for anything that but for yourself enjoy life, so ladies you ever think y’all so much for watching appreciate y’all watch this video I still feel like absolute shit But if you did enjoy sir don’t forget to leave a like subscribe if you’re new and lads as always I subscribe stuff I’ll talk to you on the next one

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  1. you have been my inspiration since 2012 and you inspired me to start my own channel and is going well. Thank you for inspiring me and im proud of you for coming this far.

  2. I know I'm late but mini I get bullied while doing YouTube and it's been hard I'm glad you got through it and glad your still doing it

  3. They are playing rugby , in south Africa were i live , is our most popular sport like the springboks team

  4. How come jackseptic never gets these kind of praise! He is never mentioned in ireland news! Only on tv shows and etc

  5. you just got that out of the blue? hot damn dude you're either luckier than me in irl or just really good at this stuff but congrats thats just inpressive

  6. Random mom one: My son got into a high quality college!
    Random mom two: My son is the mayor of a town!
    Craig’s mom: My son Owns a Fecking Stadium! Get on my level!!

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