I Learned To Juggle A Soccer Ball

I Learned To Juggle A Soccer Ball

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this is extremely hard I’m God yet the Lord a master soccer player actually never played soccer today i’ma try to learn how to juggle a soccer ball 20 times this is gonna be super hard I won’t be honest I’m not gonna lie to myself but you know what I’m gonna do my best if I’m a better get this imagine what you could do with your life Sonny I’m saying all this then I’m gonna suck okay all right that did not work as I just learned and figure it out this is gonna take all day these guys go no you know what this I have one sighs god damn I should’ve wore shorts there’s my pants my pants a little tight one I got this watch [Music] no sufen it bounced up I got hit it long enough took a bow up I have to hear a little bit more force oh oh test counts that’s 300 it’s for one – what about bouncing off the wall is that possible what – no that’s a bad idea 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 son – wait if I hit it more in the bottom to come more my way you know what okay okay ha is that a lot higher than a thousand I am so out of breath but I feel like I could probably get it oh wait wait okay okay you shouldn’t hit it with your toes what if I just go like this okay okay okay okay okay maybe I need to relax nope go up up yeah that was four but I need help I’m gonna go glue this hold the ball straight out in front of you so that it is at the height of your test I did not do that I just threw that in low drop it and let it bounce as it begins to descend after this bounce kick it back into the air okay so I gotta kick it back up so I could go up to my test again try to kick the ball with your foot angle slightly upward make sure to kick the ball with your laces I did say no toes keep your ankle lock so that it stays angle and strong a wobbly ankle leads to a wobbly kick try to keep the ball on the control focus on juggling on one foot until you feel confident so do one and then after that if you could do one well try to do two then try to do three all right I’m gonna try this biggest takeaway keep it simple and try it once at a time to have it come back up to your Chester stomach try to catch it each time and then try to increase the number and a tie my shoelaces okay okay I’m increase it to two wait wait nope this pissing me off okay we got to get control of the two first yeah oh just my toes ain’t gonna lie try the other foot it’s even worse they say it’s mind over matter booth alright y’all go to this tent go in this tent better be calm hit it too hard hit it too hard come on mind-body connection come on ball I apologize because I yelled at you do this together you can do this then teach me you basically got what you know what you learned down you know you keep out you got to keep your foot kind of angle towards you I’m afraid of the hit in my toes you want to hit like the meat right here you’re hitting here it’s gonna go that somewhere else it’s the most important thing is if they hit it like that it’s like almost dancing with someone try to keep your composure try to keep your balance you know do you never want to dance yeah foot and move with the ball move to the ball take that you keep your balance you know it’s it’s hard like be on your toes [Music] are you thinking about afterwards where the ball is gonna go no are you thinking that I like improv improvisation when you’re doing improv you just got to be in the zone this is your improvisation partner you don’t know what they’re gonna see you go with the flow yeah so I got a little toe injury so I’m gonna try with my left foot this time but what he was saying is let the football fall down and let it meet your foot okay okay timing is key don’t panic this is really hard this is extremely hard oh five is the goal five is the goal one two three I am so close come back to me now it’s 4:00 ah oh you can’t use your hand who came up with these rules never give up what about this shorter bumps not so hard [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] out of here I got five Chinese competing 20 no I don’t remember that was five five I remember earlier replayed I said five huh you guys came here to see me do 20 so we’re gonna edit it so you could see me do 20 I’m a brush that dust off my shoulder you saw that easy day

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  1. Real football is a sport of extreme skill. I know people in the states have their own sports that only they care about, but there is a reason why this is the sport the entire world plays. Just skills no body type required, unlike other sports where you have to be a giant to be a pro.

  2. Is this really the quality of videos you are proud to put out? Look up Mike Boyd YouTube he does great videos on learning new skills.

    – Why not practice a little each day and work up to your goal.
    – If you can only film one day for a couple hours you may need to set more realistic goals. You can create a goal by trying it first and seeing how long it takes you to progress.
    – Teach the audience what you are learning along the way.
    – Include footage on how you set your goal based on the time you have allotted and your rate of improvement in testing.
    – Set a solid introduction and conclusion on what you learned from the internet and people you work with or contacted to help you learn the skill.
    – Maybe include some analysis of your past tries
    – It is Probably better if you can to do multiple days and maybe less time each day.

    Just some thoughts and constructive criticism. I don't mean any ill will.

  3. should really learn or study the proper technique first before attempting, if not you will just end up practicing and getting used to doing it the wrong way which will never get you anywhere whatever sport you do

  4. Watching Gadiel trying to juggle this soccer ball is like watching that "You gotta be quicker than that" commercial.

  5. One reason why you Americans sucks at football it's because you Americans call it soccer
    Congratulations on the 5 🤣

  6. It took me a few days to really get the hang of it but I've been doing it for a while now. My juggling record is booty at 306 though lol

  7. Why dont you use both feet. keep it low, use your laces and move with the ball.Keep your foot more flat at like a 20 degree angle

  8. Tips. Relax you body. If you use just your feet use your laces. Don’t try to kick the ball up with your legs. . It’s small movements with you ankle. Just small flicks. Get back spin on the ball and it will be easier. Also it’s easier to use two feet. Once you can balance and it’s easier to control

  9. If you can't hit the ball up yourself, send the ball to the god damned wall and use the momentum of the bounce-back to hit it up.

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