I Spent the Night on a Trampoline & It Didn’t Go as Planned (Sleep on a Trampoline Challenge)

I Spent the Night on a Trampoline & It Didn’t Go as Planned (Sleep on a Trampoline Challenge)

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(dramatic music) – So you guys have been
demanding this video for ages. I’m gonna spend the night on a trampoline. So I’ve been and bought
the trampoline already, and some reason it’s in three parts. Those three boxes are just one trampoline. And if I sound weird it’s
because I got a cold. I got manflu. (breathes heavily) I got headache. I’ve got blocked nose. (whimpers) Aw, this is not fun. If you didn’t see that last
video where I got in the shipping container and I went to Iceland, go watch it. But don’t leave just yet. There’s gonna be a link
to that right at the end. I’ve got a cold from that. It was so cold. (coughs) I’m sick. I’m sick. I’ve literally, I’ve just
got back from Iceland and I’m straight into this video
bein’ about the trampoline, and I’m ready to do this. So the sun is going down quick. It’s actually a gorgeous
day, but the sun is going down so quick. I’m still gonna build this thing. I looked to reviews for
this trampoline online and people were saying it took them like three hours to build it. It’s gonna be pitch black
by the time I’ve done this. I’ve gotta try and do it as quick as I can before the sun goes down. If you’re new here, I do
stupid stuff like this every two, three, four days, so
smash that subscribe button down below. And if you already subscribed,
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button, and you’ll be notified every time I upload. It’s as easy as that! (coughs) So me and my girlfriend
Moon, we’re gonna build this trampoline together now as fast as we can. Then we’re gonna go to
the shop, buy the supplies and then spend the
night on the trampoline. I hope it’s not cold today. (coughs) Not good. Come on, let’s do this! We’re going in circles! (rhythmic music) (shouts) – Everything has gone completely wrong. We’ve got five legs. There should be six. We’ve got half a ladder. We’ve got loads of extra pieces. We’ve got no springs. It’s all just a complete disaster. The shop shuts in like half an hour. I’m just gonna buy another
one real quick just so this video is online in time. Get the pieces we need out
of it, return the other one another day and we’ll just. (moans) Come on, let’s go! Complete disaster! I can’t believe this. Everything I buy, seriously. It’s like I’ve got a curse. Everything I buy is either
broken or damaged, got something missing. There’s something not right
about it, all the time! (mumbles) It’s almost dark! We’re gonna be puttin’ it up in the dark. I’ve got a cold still. I feel bad! – We’re checkin’ we’ve got
it all before we leave. We’ve got springs. That’s a good sign! This one’s actually got a net as well! I think we’ve got everything. I’m gonna put it in the
car and let’s go and finish building, it’s already pitch black out. – There’s you. (rhythmic music) – Done! (both laugh) (belches) – It took six hours, but we did it! (laughing) I physically laughed when
I read the review that it took someone three hours. I actually laughed, I’m
thinkin’ like, where were you messin’ at? Did you go and have some
food in-between or something? (Moon laughs) It took six hours! Obviously it was messed around. Had to drive half an hour,
buy another one, come back half an hour, messin’ around
and all that stuff for six hours is just insane. Done! Done! – Done! Let’s go buy supplies. – So in my last video, I
overspent my budget by loads. That video cost me 1,000. So today, we’re on a
little bit of a budget. A tight budget. Also, I’ve been eatin’ loads
of unhealthy food recently, so I’ve gotta get something
a little bit more healthy. So I think the first thing
we’re gonna buy is a pillow and a quilt cover thing, a duvet. It’s gonna be freezing. – Duvet. Especially with this flu thing I’ve got. (coughs) – So we’re gonna get
like a real healthy soup. What’s more healthy than soup? What shall we get? – It’s called Cullen Skink. It sounds like stink. (both laugh) – Gluten, wheat and milk
free digestive biscuits. (both laugh) – So we’ve got organic, refreshing
infusion tea, with brown rice organic, gluten-free milk. – Come on. – Why? – Crisps and chocolate. – Baked pea snacks, made from peas. – It is high in fibre. Funny you ask. It’s also a source of protein,
gluten-free, it’s vegetarian, and vegan. (Moon giggles) – Can I have Coca-Cola? – Well what can I have? – I get some bananas. Why is everything organic? What’s the thing about? Alright, so I think that’s everything. Moon’s fully stocked me up
with all my healthy foods. I’ve got a couple other
things as well that I’m not showing you. I’m not showing you ’til we get back home. We’ve gotta go. It’s gettin’ late. Let’s do this. (metallic clanking) – You comin’? It’s really fun. – Pass my stuff through then. – Ah, my duvet. – Ah, this is gonna be fun. – Ah! – Manflu. – My mum gave it to me. To help with my flu. – I do, I’m not well. – No, and if it was up to
me, I wouldn’t have these safety nets around here,
but my mum made me have it. Even at 27 years old, my mum makes me put the safety nets on. (chuckles) Bye Moon! Moon is girlfriend, mum is mother. – Bye! Alright so, as you’ve seen
I’ve got like a bag full of food and stuff. I’ve also got some other
things in there what I’ve not shown you yet. I want my duvet, my pillow. I’ve also got, walkie talkie. And Moon has also got a
walkie-talkie in the house. So when I need things like
the soup or a cup of tea or things, you know, things that
need a microwave or a kettle and things, I’ll get on the
walkie-talkie, tell Moon what I want, and then
she’s gonna bring it to me. I’ve also bought this light. This huge light. So we’ve got some good
lighting in here, too. So if you’re new to these
videos, I do these I spend the night videos. There’s like always a set of rules. the rules today are that I’m
not allowed to leave this tent. That’s like number one rule. I’ve gotta stay in here. Otherwise it’s not a challenge, you know. So, number one rule, can’t leave here. And I can contact Moon to bring
me stuff whenever she wants. That’s pretty much it. I mean, I said there’s a set of rules. There’s one rule. (chuckles) I’ve also got my mobile phone for like entertainment and stuff. I’ve got some stuff in this
bag, that I’m gonna do a little later for a bit of fun, but
other than that, this is it! So I’m gonna get nice and
cosy soon ’cause I mean it’s already cold in here. It’s already freezing. Can you just kinda see my hand
in-between these two houses? There’s a gap right there. In-between those two houses
like a breeze is comin’ through there and it’s freezin’. Air’s comin’ through the bottom
here, like, comin’ up at me. It’s just so cold. There’s woods behind the house
and a big old field there. Just like wind and breeze
comin’ in from all directions. Yeah. That is awesome! Let’s try a different colour. Blue, ah yeah! (laughs) That is awesome! I just need my quilt cover out, my pillow, get nice and warm. This is gonna be a awesome night. Pillows always remind me
when I were like 10 year old, and I always used to do
wrestling moves on my pillows. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Moon, I need you. It’s an emergency. Over. – Will you come out here, please? Quick Moon, I just need you to
hold this camera real quick. (cheering) Yes! Yeah! I won! (Moon giggles) Okay, yeah, you can go now. Thank you. – That was awesome. – Everyone knows there’s only
one true way to wrap yourself up into a duvet. I’m a poet and I did not know it! (laughs) So what you’ve gotta do is
you’ve gotta open the duvet up perfect like this, put your
pillow one end like this, and then, this is gonna
be difficult to film (grunts) Like the human burrito. (chuckles) I really need a drink right now. Aw, now I’m gonna have to
un-burrito, get it, and then burrito back up. It smells like nothin’. Aw, it just must be water. I do not like bein’ healthy. This bein’ healthy stuff is rubbish. Moon, I need you, it’s an emergency. – Yes, please. I’ve had a banana and I don’t
know where to put the skin. (Moon laughs) Will you take it, please? – Yes, please. (Thomas laughs) – I think she gettin’ a bit angry with me. (laughs) (snorts) I’m sorry Moon, if you’re watching this. So one of the things I bought
earlier that I said I wasn’t gonna tell you about, I’ll show you now. It’s so cool. I’ve been playing with it for hours. I got this little birdie. Look. I called him Petey. – So what you do is you get
your little bird, Petey, you get your key. – No. No. No! Petey! You said you’d keep our secret! Delete that footage, quick. So I’m gonna try these baked pea snacks. Tastes like peas. Honestly tastes like weird peas. (fast electronic music) (heavy metal music) Moon, it’s an emergency. (beeps) Moon, it’s an emergency. Soup. – That smells so bad. I didn’t wanna hurt Moon’s
feeling when she said it smells nice. This, this is disgustin’. (wretches) I’ve, will you come and take this please? I’m done. – I wasn’t really that hungry after all. – Thank You. So one of the other things
I’ve actually bought today for the entertainment in
this video, is a new car. I bought one. I haven’t just rented it or
anything, it’s actually mine. I bought it. Lamborghini, as well. I bought my own Lamborghini. I’m gonna have a little play with it, and it’s gonna be real fun. (laughs) (whirring) Ah, this is awesome. Oop, oh no. That’s actually so much fun! It’s cool AF it’s like,
on the trampoline surface it does skids and everything. That’s so much fun. (laughing) Can I have that tea, please? – Yes. – Oh God. – You had to bring it in that mug. (giggling) Eh, what color’s that? Thanks, bye. (slurps) – Even the tea is not nice. I mean I should love tea. Lemme dip a biscuit in. No. Oh, God. I’m so hungry right now. Literally I’ve tried everything we bought, and there’s nothin’ I like. I could really do with a
Chinese right now or something. That would like really hit the spot. – [Petey] Kill’em, order Chinese. – But I can’t. Moon’s gonna go crazy at me. – [Petey] Are you really hungry? – If I order it, she’ll know
because they’re gonna knock on the door. – [Petey] Tell them to
deliver the Chinese to the back garden instead. – Okay. For you Petey, I’ll do anything. Lemme call them. – [Petey] And order me
some spring rolls, too. – Hello, can I order takeaway, please? Can I have a plain chow
mein, some szechuan sauce and a large bottle of Pepsi. Ah yeah, that’s everything, thank you. Oh, oh, will you ah deliver
it round here to the back garden instead of instead
of front door, please? Thank you. (giggling) That’s gonna be awesome. Awh. My nose is running. Moon, it’s an emergency. – Will you bring me some tissues, please? (blowing) There’s a car pulling up. I think my Chinese is here. Sounds like he just pulled away. He didn’t come ’round back. – What? – No. – I didn’t order it. – I didn’t order one. – Well can I still have it, though? – Okay, I’ve got the Chinese. Moon really was not happy. She made me stop filmin’ and everything. Now I just feel so bad. I really don’t know if I can eat it now. I’m all burritoed up. It’s freezin’ out there. It’s nice and cosy in here, though. It’s like, it’s getting quite late now. So I might have a bit of a nap or a sleep. So I’ve actually done all my entertainment things I’ve brought. I’ve been playin’ on my phone,
playin’ some games and stuff. Watching some YouTube. I’ve tried all the food. I’ve eaten my Chinese. Moon has told me that I’m
really only allowed to contact her via walkie-talkie if
it’s an actual emergency now. She was not happy about the Chinese. (laughs) I mean I’m just gonna
go to sleep for a while. An hour or two. It’s probably light in about
three or four hours, so I’m gonna turn all my lights
off, have a good sleep. I mean why did you all want
me to sleep in a trampoline? I mean it’s just like a tent, I guess? But it’s not got a roof. It’s just literally the sky is up there. And the walls are see-through. I don’t know. But anyway, thank you all. It’s just so comfortable. This has actually been so much fun. No joke. I’ve really enjoyed this. The WWE part was just the best. I’m definitely not gonna
be doin’ that again after this video. ‘Cause I’m 27 and I
shouldn’t be doing that. I’m definitely doing that stuff later. (laughs) So I’m gonna turn my light off now. (coughs) ‘Cause I’m actually, really tired. It will help me pass some time ’cause I’ve got nothing to do, so. (moans) (grunts) – What were that? (grunts) I mentioned earlier that I
live right next to the woods. It’s like a public forest,
like anyone can go there. But also there’s a lot of
animals that live around here. It’s just an animal. It’s just an animal. Come on now. Goin’ back to sleep. I mean come on, no
animals can get in here. I’ve got these big
walls in here and stuff. What could possibly get in here? (whimpering) (chirping) What time is it? Oh God. It’s nine a.m. What? That’s how comfortable this thing is. It’s actually nine a.m. Good morning, birds. (coughs) Mornin’! (chirping) Morning Petey! Oh, Chinese is there. (grunts) Moon. Moon, I got an emergency. Moon, I’ve got an emergency. Moon! Moon! Will you bring me some breakfast, please? (rhythmic music)

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  1. I've done this before, it's pretty easy, but LOTS of condensation forms on you and the tramp, making you slightly wet and disoriented when you wake.

  2. Killem I have great respect for you and what you do for your channel but the epilepsy warning could have really hurt somebody, I just wish you hadn’t done it

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